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Zhao Huili ignored him and continued to talk to Liu Ziguang with a smile. Liu Ziguang was also a full -careed expression. He knew that the capital was Zhao Hui's site, not to mention the police were present. This shelf couldn't fight.

The criminal police officer came forward and pulled the sunglasses man whispered a few words. The sunglasses man yelled: "What happened to the troops, who scared the troops, hey, I said you fucking in the endWhich one is from? "

The policeman did not dare to say anything with a smile on his face. He looked at the mysterious man in the back seat and smiled bitterly, looking at Zhao Hui again, shook his head helplessly.

The sunglasses man came to Zhao Hui, looked up and down, and spit out the gum and asked, "My fucking, what about you, are you deaf?"

Zhao Hui to seeHe, scolded: "You eat a few garlic, his mouth is so smelly, when Ma Zai doesn't match to talk to me, tell your boss to come here."

Men mirror man said, "Boss Qiu is also youCan you see? Boy, do you do, wait, don't go. "

Zhao Hui said:" I don't go, depending on what you can, you can still smash my car? "

The sunglasses man scolded and returned to the side of the Mai, gently winding the window, the window dropped a seam, and a face of the nourishment of the face was calm, and he asked calmly: "What's going on?"

"Brother Qiu, it's a bit interesting. What is the general officer, the road is very wild, the police helped him speak, and people are crazy. I want to let you speak."Well, it's easy to handle, deduct his officer's certificate, look back at the leaders of the Military Affairs Office, let him be convinced, don't move, the car is smashed, let him have a little memory, don't mess with it.The Lord is called the board. "After finishing the mysterious man, he raised the window and signaled that the driver could leave.

The sunglasses man patted the slap and took a dozen thugs in the sports car. In fact, it was a group of brocade and jade sons.According to Zhao Hui's Audi windshield glass, it is a ax. Blid -proof glass is not so easy to break, but cracks also appear. The car alarm immediately twitched. Liu Ziguang glanced at Zhao Hui and found that he was a malicious smile.number.

Others also waved their weapons for a while. Poorly this Audi A8 was immediately threatened, and the alarm kept sounding.

Zhao Hui did not shot, holding his arms to watch the fun, Liu Ziguang also watched it coldly. There were only three policemen on the scene.

The mysterious man in Mayi saw this scene from the back window, smiled with satisfaction, took out a cigar from the sandbox and just ignited it. Suddenly, a familiar car on the opposite lane drove it.Come over, the car is not very high -end, ordinary Audi A6, but the license plate is very eye -catching, the Beijing AG6 leads the number, the number in the back is only an inconspicuous certificate under the windshield.There are no more than two hundred license plates. It is mainly used by leaders at or above the CPPCC's deputy national level. The distribution system is extremely strict. It is definitely not possible to do it.

Is it ... an ominous premonition floats the minds of a mysterious man.

"Go back!" He immediately patted the driver's shoulder.


When the Audi car drove over, several police officers present were stunned, and the waist rods couldn't help stand upright.The meaning of this license plate number, if the Beijing A8 is the relative of the emperor, Gegebel and the red -top businessman, then the Beijing AG6 is the authentic iron hat king!The country is also a character who can excrete so small. Such people move their mouths, and the land in Beijing must shake.

Audi is slowly stopped. The driver is a very capable middle -aged man in his forties. He pretended to be sharp -looking. At first glance, he knew that he was a full -time driver who had been driving for many years.After walking, I shouted by Zhao Hui, "Xiao Ming, what's the matter with me so anxious to find me?"

Zhao Hui said that he said that he was being smashed and said, "Isn't this bullied?Finding Fengzi, come to help me get a matter of peace. "

Brother Feng's pretending to be indignant:" It's over the sky, there are people who dare to bully the four youngsters in Beijing, is there a king? "

Zhao Hui said, "Take a break, which year is the old yellow calendar? We are almost the four stories of the capital in Beijing. People are the four youngsters of the Beijing City.BR>
At this time, the young people who smashed the car also noticed that the opponent had reached the reorganization, and it was just an inconspicuous Audi A6. Suddenly, he came up with an iron rod.

"What is it, even my car will be smashed?" The man, known as Feng, laughed and ignited a cigarette and said, "Xiao Ming, how did this grandson come out?"

Zhao Hui said:" You ask me, I still ask you, I remember that a kid had a while three years ago with you for a while, and later played well.Yes, what's the name? "

Brother Feng scratched his head and said," There are more people who mix with me, who knows which fucking is, but you said that the nightclubOne, it seems that Qiu came, and the day before yesterday, I asked the stone to help me help me, and wanted to fish back his business license. "

Zhao Hui asked," What is the stone now? "
"The King of the Earth, only took 30 billion yuan last month to take a piece of land."

The awareness of the bepers could not help but be furious.Boss Qiu stopped drinking.

"Stop your hand!" Brother Qiu pushed the door and jumped down without waiting for the car to stop.Usually, I have a good place with Shi Brother and Xiaodong. They often play golfes one by one. "

, , , , , , , ,:" It seems a bit impressive.It's you who are busy and busy behind. "

" Yes, yes, it's me, brother, you remembered. "Boss Qiu sweat excitedly, a dog faceSeeing the expression of the owner, if he has a tail, the frequency of shaking at this time will definitely be very high.

"Oh, okay, the stones are also out, everyone under the hand dares to move our Ming brother, interesting, Ming brother, do you know?" The stone Xiaodong is playing with him. "Slender said.

Boss Qiu's sweat was stingy and helpless, pretending to be calm: "Misunderstandings are all their own people."

Brother Feng pointed at the smashed Audi car and said, "The cars are smashingIt ’s useless to do it. What should I do? You can do it yourself. I do n’t say anything. You know the style of the Stone Xiaodong."

Boss Qiu's faceThey all turned into pork liver, and their teeth became awkward. Zhao Hui smiled slightly: "Fengzi, don't scare people."

Pulling Zhao Hui got on his A6, and looked at Liu Ziguang and asked, "Your friend?"

"Colleagues, a company." Zhao Hui said.

"Oh, that's my buddy, get on the car."

The three people got on the car.And a group of silly Ma Zi dazed in place.

The young man hanging from the two necks, and the young man with gypsum on his arms drilled out of the car, and asked with his head stunned: "Brother, don't smash."

Brother Qiu turned backWithout blinking the eyes, raising his hand directly "three guests have to be given

"Fighting you is for you! In the future, you can remember, don't be called a board with the people who can't afford it, it's so fucking! When you meet your two unlucky brothers!"After drilling into Mai, the luxury car turned away smoothly. The boss Qiu in the car took out the PDA and retrieved the phone number of powerful people.Being able to talk to others to see if you can turn this evil into evil into each other, even if you spend millions, you can make friends.


The driver of the deputy national leader is just an ordinary Audi A6, and the displacement is only 2.8, but it feels very different. First, the quality of the driver is very high in quality.The middle -aged driver raised the body, the speed of the vehicle was moderate, and the rigids were strictly observed. There was no such car certificate under the windshield.The Zhongnanhai entry and exit certificate is the real Niubi.

"What kind of stuff? He also told me to call my brother and brother, and he also matched it! Isn't there a elder at home to the deputy ministerial level? Si Mao is really true.I think the price is so fucking, how can the field be swept away? In the final analysis, it ’s still a fake beef, Xiaoming, you can see it. This time I do n’t let him bleed.

"You let him lose me a new A8. This time this time was soaked in water in Guangdong, some electronic devices were not very good. I was trying to hit a new one.Well. Well, I will introduce you, Liu Ziguang, Ma Fengfeng, Ma Fengfeng, Liu Ziguang. "Zhao Hui interrupted Brother Feng's words to introduce them.

"Just call me the wind." Ma Fengfeng reached out and held Liu Ziguang. Although he was very polite, it could be seen that it was just Zhao Hui's face. In fact, Liu Ziguang was not taken seriously.

"Fengzi, how about your old lady's body?" Zhao Hui asked.

"OK, the doctor's medicine was hung up, but it should be almost 301, and then Babaoshan, alas, no matter how big the official is, it will inevitably take this way." Ma Fengfeng's eyes in your eyesFlashing a trace.

"Your family should also plan earlier. The old lady's big banner falls, and it is difficult to protect the tea."

"Don't say it, but now there are people who don't give it to give it.Our family is face. Last time, I made the Hong Kong Customs deducting it. It is difficult to find the special capital. "

" You rest, Hong Kong is a legal society.I also want me to teach you, the red descendants who have lost you. "

" Well, I knew that I had been a soldier with you at the beginning, and we also got a shoulder card to resist.At least a major general's five ... By the way, what do you find me, you won't really find me to help you, Qiu Xiaoqiang's level of mixing, your two fingers are pinched to death. "

Zhao Hui punch a punch on Fengzi's shoulder: "Little fucking raises me, I find you, and use you to make me a two days."

Fengzi was frightenedAh: "Brother, have you been forgive me? Is it easy for me to set up the industry? I also said last time. As a result, my brand new Bombardier let you go directly to the sea.Borrowed. "

Zhao Hui cursed:" Isn't my fucking losing you a new one later? It is not cheaper than your price. "

The wind is fast.Crying: "Brother, what are you sending me, MiG 29 fighter, I dare to fly, which airport dares to let me fall."
"Then I don't care, next week,I have an urgent need to use the plane. You have to agree to it, and you have to agree without promise. "

" Xiaoming, you bluff me less, I really don't eat you, you stillWhat countermeasures can be available? "

" Let me see, whom we have spent the weekend of last weekend, as if I have played a certain one of "Return to Pearls"The female star, the two linger in the nightclub, and then went to Shangri to open the room. You said that if your old man knows that you are doing it outside, do you have to interrupt your legs? "Listening to this, I immediately raised my hand to surrender: "Brother Ming, can you take it for you? You can use the means of dealing with class enemies to deal with revolutionary comrades, so fucking black!"

"Come lessYou promise earlier, you will be over. This time, my brother promise not to give you not to plant the sea, what, what, the ship that you seized by your Hong Kong Customs, I will help you back.I laughed at my brother, hey, this is right, Master Zhang, stop at the next intersection. "

Audi stopped at the intersection steadily, Zhao Hui took Liu Ziguang out of the car and rushed in the car, andMa Fengfeng, who was crying, waved his hand and turned his face away.

On the streets of the capital, people come and go. The expression of the laughes and scolding of the game on Zhao Hui's face faded at this moment.Important officials are given to you. This task is quite arduous. You have to prepare for thought. It is best to explain anything at home. "

" Go far? "Liu Ziguang asked.

"Yes, go to Africa, so I find Fengzi borrowing a plane." Zhao Hui replied.