Chapter 160

Is this medicine spray?Lu Xuyang watched the shape of the bottle in his hand.

If you can spray it best, so, he doesn't have to wait for someone to eat so rigidly.

Thinking of this Lu Xuyang began to get into someone's place.Drag a person at will, Lu Xuyang sprayed it at him, and then slowly let go of his hand covering his mouth.Then I felt the man slowly slipped to the ground.

I saw that the person's eyes widened, and his mouth was one by one. It should be wanting to call someone. Lu Xuyang was in a hurry. How could he neglect? People have no strength and their mouths.

This time, Lu Xuyang thought!Turn around and run outside the courtyard.

The twists and turns all the way to this yard, it was no longer the one that Lu Xuyang had discovered before.Running outside the courtyard, Lu Xuyang didn't rush to leave, but pinched a few stealth symbols and hid there.

Originally, he estimated that he should soon be chased out, but after waiting for a long time, he was still so quiet. He didn't feel anyone chased out.Essence

When he ran to the place where the man was paralyzed, the man was still paralyzed there, and he looked the same as before.After seeing Lu Xuyang who was folded back, the man's eyes were obviously scared, and his mouth was one by one. He saw that he used it, but he didn't make a little sound.

Lu Xuyang is happy, it is worthy of yin and yang mirror, and the refined things are different.This strength disappears is really thorough, and even the strength of speaking is gone!This time I can finally be rescued boldly, haha ~~

Lu Xuyang began to shuttle between the guardians quickly. Before he didn't pay attention, he found out that he found that the cartilage was very good.The scent of smell.Fortunately, he has already been poisoned and not immersed, otherwise the enemy is not in trouble.

After the person who was paralyzed by the night outside the inspection, Lu Xuyang began to find the people in the room.However, this is night after all, and there are still walls, letting him touch them one by one, and he will be found if he doesn't get it well.Even if he was not found, such a large number of courtyards would probably be on when he finished finding.

Lu Xuyang thought about it, and then recruited the beast, fox cat.Anyway, it is a beast. Who should be looking for someone should be very simple?

That's it. One person and one beast cooperate with each other to find everyone. People who are convenient for the toilet are not let go.

At this time, the black man who followed Lu Xuyang's feet actually found here, and was too quiet along the way.Make him feel a little puzzled.Seeing someone in front.He immediately rushed over.

Lu Xuyang did not expect that there was a fish that missed the net.Anyway, people were put down, and he was too lazy to use the medicine for the last person. Since he was going to fight, he would accompany him to fight. He has been practicing yin and yang for so long.The number of shots can be counted in one hand, and it is itchy.

Seeing that the man was about to kick, Lu Xuyang put away the fox cat and greeted him.

N be!This is Lu Xuyang's first feeling.

To be in real speaking, this should be regarded as the first time Yin and Yangquan entered the third floor.However, I did not expect that the last person in this came was so difficult to get.go out.

Just as Lu Xuyang was shocked.The man's heart was also surprised.

Before he found that this was a nest of the child trafficking, he observed for several days, and finally determined that he was doing it today. However, there was no such powerful person in it. Fortunately, there is only one of him at present.EssenceIf there are a few more, he will finish playing.

When he went down the mountain, his master said that his kung fu was already small. Do n’t use his work with ordinary people.What practice is to strengthen the body, not to fight.But what's the situation now, he has used ten successful skills, but the other party does not feel the feeling of falling in the wind.

"Really damn, you are so high to harm people!"

Lu Xuyang is the first time that he encountered such a capable.I heard the other person talking.

But his words did not understand it for a while.When did he harm people? Obviously he was saving people, right?It's him ...

Well, no ...

Is it ...

"Are you here to save people?" Lu Xuyang asked the other party.

"Hmm ??? What do you mean? Are you here to save people?" The man asked.The action in his hand began to slow down.

Looking at the man stopped, Lu Xuyang also closed his hand.

"Nonsense, if I have not come to save people, do you think you can get in this way so easily?" Lu Xuyang was not good at it.

"Uh ... what is so fragrant?" The man obviously felt that he had misunderstood Lu Xuyang, a little embarrassed, and wanted to transfer the topic.

Lu Xuyang was strange when he heard his question.

"Why are you okay?"

When he heard Lu Xuyang's question, the man asked in doubt: "What am I okay? Should I have something?"

"In other words, this fragrance is really good, it smells good, I like it ... "The man went on to say.After finishing, I took a few sips.

The man's approach made Lu Xuyang stunned. Before, he still felt that the medicine was good. However, he did not expect to meet such a strange baby who was not afraid of poison.If those who trafficking the children also have him like this ...

He can't help but be grateful for a while, but fortunately the medicine will take effect, otherwise even if you just run away, how many children will be killed in the future.Woolen cloth!

"Okay, don't smell it, let's go!" Lu Xuyang shouted when he saw the man's movement.

"Where?" The man stunned.

"Aren't you here to save people? Now people haven't found it yet, wouldn't you think it was over?" Lu Xuyang explained at him and walked to the back house.Direct direction for him.Seeing Lu Xuyang's leave, the man quickly followed.

In Lidu, Lu Xuyang searched carefully, and finally, when he knocked on the middle wall, he obviously heard the sound of solidity different from the wall.At this time, that person also found something like he stepped on there, and then a cellar -like entrance appeared in front of the two of them. The two looked at each other and walked in one after another.

Dirty, dirty, and smell is difficult to smell.Many children are locked in this place. Some are fat and thin, but they have one thing in common. There is no good spirit, and every sleeping child's face is so unstable.

The boy that Lu Xuyang saw before was also inside. Although his face was a little frightened and uneasy, the overall was still good. It seems that those people did not punish them to sell a good price.

Lu Xuyang did not wake them up, but slowly dialed the police station.