Chapter 144

The whole Yang Longyue and Yang Xue stunned.I laughed at a glance.I think too.This girl is obviously just a little girl who follows her.And it will definitely not be sent by Wang Yifu to harm them.So whether she really knows them or not.This set is indeed that there is no need to wear it anymore.So they reached out.Take down all your heads.

"Okay. Now we are like you. Take down the hood." Jiyang Longyue told the girl."Should you talk about you too."

"Hum." I didn't think the girl was humming.Hate."I want to see Wang Yanyao."

"What is your relationship with Wang Yiyao?" He was not surprised by her answer.Because she is only MI.

"Don't take care of it. Please get more and faster." The girl glared at him with hatred.

"Damn. It's you in my hands now. It's not me in your hands." Zhenyang Longyue was quite dissatisfied with her attitude.I can't help but have some fire avenue.

"Little sister. What is the relationship between you and Wang Yaoyao?" Yang Xue glared at him.Then turned to laugh at the girl with a smile.

"I don't say. You are all bad guys." I didn't expect this girl to say very much.

"Little sister. You are wrong. He is a bad guy. I am not a bad guy." Yang Xue couldn't help but smile.He said that this little girl was simply fighting with Lin Miaoyue."You tell your sister. Sister will not let him bully you."

The girl stared at her coldly, "Come on. More and faster chapters. I want to lie to me. What about children. "

Yang Xue couldn't help but raise his lips.He said that you are still an adult.But this cannot be said.She said with a smile to the girl, "Little sister. How old this year."

"Sixteen." The little girl said proudly.

"It's great. It's sixteen." Heyang Longyue skimmed her at a good development but not a big breast.

"You are a bad guy. Who talked to you." The girl shouted angrily.

Heyang Longyue poured his lips.I closed my mouth with interest.He knew that she had a great opinion on herself now.She would definitely not hear what he said.Instead, it will be reversed.But he also knows.Please get more and faster.This is also because I did do a little too much.Good hair.Why did she cut her?He didn't know what magic he had just now.I feel regretful when I think about it.

"Yes. Don't talk to him." Yang Xue took her smile and said."Say it to my sister."

"I want to see Wang Yaoyao." But the girl said coldly without buying her face.

Yang Xue's lips.A little angry.But she still controlled.Leng Ran said: "You don't explain the relationship with her. We won't take you over."

The girl stunned.Slightly thought about it.Said: "Then I'll call her a head office."

Yang Xue thought about it.He nodded and said, "Okay."

"Let me release it. Please get more and faster." A surprise in the girl's eyes said.

"Who said you want to release you." Yang Xue stared at.

"How do I call me?" The girl immediately said angrily."How can you speak or not."

"I'll fight you. You can say it." Yang Xue said with a cold glance.

The girl leaned her lips.I didn't say anything.Instead, she used her chin to signal her bag.

Yang Xue took the bag.Take out her mobile phone from the inside.Question: "Do you have her number in the mobile phone?"

The girl didn't speak.But nodded.

Yang Xue leaned his lips a little uncomfortably.But after a long time, I couldn't find it.She looked up at her a little bit.Suspecting whether she was playing herself.

"Stupid." Seeing her doubtful eyes looked at her girl suddenly said.

"What do you say." Yang Xue said angrily.

"I said stupid." The girl stunned slightly but still said.

"I warn you. If you dare to speak again, don't blame me." Yang Xue was almost furious.

"Oh. Hehe again." Heyang Longyue said with a smile.

"Who is a child." But the girl was also furious.Roar at him.

"Okay. Okay. Okay. I don't speak. The head office." Jianyang Longyue said.In fact, he also wanted to please the girl.Because he suddenly felt something misunderstanding during this period.If she really knows Wang Yiyao.Then his knife cut her hair.I'm afraid it's not good to end well.But I did not expect that this was not shot on the donkey hoof.

"Less nonsense. I ask you. Are there any calls for Wang Yiyao here?" It seems that Yang Xue is really angry.

"Didn't you tell you? Stupid." Unexpectedly, the girl said angrily.

Yang Xue took a deep breath.Suppressing her anger.But I still hate: "Okay. This is what you asked for."

Said that he grabbed her hair and pulled down.Update the paratrooper knife as soon as possible, and brushed the girl's head for a while.Suddenly the green silk was flying in the sky.

The whole Yang Yueben wants to stop.But when Yang Xue was already angry.He opened his mouth and gave up.

"Ah ..." The girl screamed crazy."Let me go."

I was cut twice for a while.No one can stand it.Besides, it's still a girl.

Yang Xue pulled her up to half a fierce push.Very relieved that he threatened his clothes and said, "Call you mad. Cut your head again."

"Ah ... 唔 ..." The girl couldn't help but be wronged again. It is painful.

"Don't cry. Cry and cut your hair again. Update the first time" Yang Xue threatened coldly."Cut me into a bald head."

"Ah ... 唔 ..." But the girl was crying even more.

Yang Xue was really angry.Seeing her crying, she really wanted to clean up the girl again.

"A Xue." He Yang Long Yue saw her in a hurry to stop her.

"What are you doing?" Unexpectedly, Yang Xue stared at him very uncomfortably."What's wrong. It's distressed. The heart of love is flooding again."

"Axue. You misunderstood." The total of the Yangyang Longyue said with some crying and laughing."She said that she was not you."

"Who is that? It means you. Or she said herself." Yang Xue stared at his eyes and said angrily."You should be a child like her. When you look at people, you can say it. I'm sorry."

If it weren't for the car, I really wanted to go up and hit her.What do you follow?

"What's wrong. I was thinking about the center. It's ashamed." Yang Xue saw that he didn't speak his eyes.But it was even more angry.

"She is talking about Yao Yao. That stupidity should be the name of the Yao Yao in her power."Hurry up and tell his understanding of the girl's words directly.

Then he turned his head flatter.It confirmed to the girl: "I'm right."

But the girl glared at her hate.I cried even more.

Yang Xue stunned.Please get more and faster.A red face was red.Hurry up and check the phone.Sure enough, there was a stupid name.

She called the phone.While stealing the girl with a good look at the girl.He murmured in his mouth: "Who told her not to say clearly."

.Do you say you explain to others?He has always wondered when Yang Xue became so violent.Is it related to her training at the base.There are still many violence ever experienced these days.Affected.But anyway.She changed.It becomes like a soldier's temper.More and more angry.But think again.This girl is the same.You say you save such a name for Wang Yiyao for stupid Fei Yao.It seems that this is also doomed in God's destiny.Should she receive this today.

"Hey. Fifi." The phone was connected.Wang Yiyao's voice came from the phone.The comprehensive Yangyue and Yang Xue looked at it.I couldn't help shaking.It feels a bit cold.And Yang Xue looked at the mobile phone in his hand.Look at this again by Wang Yiyao as Fifi.However, he and Heyang Longyue made a long and waist -shaped hair growing like a lunatic girl.I didn't know if it was time to hand her the phone.

"Sister ..." Fifi heard Wu Yaoyao's voice.Suddenly yelled and cried even more.

"Fifi. What's going on." Wang Yaoyao over there was anxious when he heard Feifei's heartbreaking crying crying."Where are you now?"

"Sister ..." Fifi cried more happily after hearing her."Sister. They are bullying me."

"Who. Who bullied you." Wang Yaoyao asked even more anxiously."Where are you now. I told my dad to call Dad to bring someone to pass."

"Ah." He heard from Yangyang Longyue.Stretch your phone and grab the phone.But Yang Xue also heard this.Hang the phone with a slap.The whole Yang Yue wanted to explain a few words after receiving the phone.Let's talk about it.But Yang Xue talked about the girl Feifei.It's hard to explain.It's better to go home first.Face -to -face explanations will be better.

"Don't cry. I will take you to see your sister." Zongyang Longyue saw that the mobile phone had hung up.Simply throw the phone.He shouted impatiently to Fifi, who was crying.This is big.He thought so.Because he heard it clearly.She called sister Wang Yaoyao.And Wang Yaoyao told her to tell dad.Then the meaning is obvious.They are sisters.He scolded in his heart.He said that the more he was worried about the more he was.But the more it comes, the more it comes.

Yang Xue looked at him.A sigh in my heart.I also understand that this is a bit troublesome.It seems that after going back for a while.I'm afraid there must be explanations.

"The blood is like the red sun ..." At this time, the mobile phone of Jiyang Longyue rang again.He picked up his mobile phone and looked at the call.His face suddenly changed.

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