Chapter 129 Mysterious Mineral

Chapter 129 Mysterious Mineral

Time passed in the intense study of Lu Xuyang. Soon, Lu Xuyang ushered in the first exam in the highest school.

Other students are in the classroom, but Lu Xuyang was called to the office of the principal of Tsinghua University alone, as well as the principal of Peking University. He brought Lu Xuyang's Peking University test papers.

Lu Xuyang, who got the paper, wrote his book. His test paper was a double portion of others, and he had to speed up.


Lu Xuyang, who finished the exam, finally relieved.In the stressful study these days, his super intelligent brain almost couldn't stand it.Fortunately, it's finally over.

Soon, the results came out.

On this day, Lu Xuyang was called together by the two principals.They held the test papers made by Lu Xuyang respectively.

Actually, do n’t see Lu Xuyang knowing, it ’s sure that he is good, and he is confident in himself.Sure enough ...

"I have to say, you are a genius!" At this time, the president of Peking University spoke, and his words confirmed Lu Xuyang's conjecture.

"Yes, you are indeed a genius! You get the opportunity to learn in two schools at the same time." At this time, the principal of Tsinghua also said.

"Yes!" The president of Peking University nodded.

Loving from the two principals, Lu Xuyang was relieved. Although he was confident in himself, he could inevitably be a little nervous when he did not come out.However, these tensions soon inherited the promises of the two principals disappeared.

At this moment, the president of Peking University opened again: "Do you know why we want to fight?"

Lu Xuyang was stunned for a while, wasn't it the score of his college entrance examination?

It seems that the principal who knows Lu Xuyang's doubt continues: "Tsinghua. Beida is a higher education institution. Even if the grades are good, it is just a data. There is no need to become the reason for our two schools.The reason why you fight for you is because there is a gambling contract between the two of us. "

" Yes! "At this time, the principal of Tsinghua also said:" Speaking of this gambling contract, then we must say one to say one.It is related to the major affairs of our country. "

Tsinghua President then explained the matter to Lu Xuyang one by one.Discover a rare mine.At the same time, there were nine other nine countries.In order to decide the issue of belonging, my country has made a secret agreement with other nine nations:

Each country recommends that one of its own countries believes that the best talents will be compared.Do not violate it, the offenders will be compared with other countries.

This comparison test once a year. The content of the comparison includes astronomy, geography, martial arts.Music, art, literature, etc., as long as you can think of, which aspects can be.There are only three questions each time, and the project cannot be repeated.And the topic must be completed by the country, otherwise it will be abandoned.

Among these three topics.Two of them are in turn, and the other question is jointly discussed by the ten countries.This year, it happened to be our country's turn.

The place where the comparison trial is not far from the mine, a base built by the ten countries.The winner can have the mining right to mining for one year until the test of the second year.

After doing this agreed, the ten kingdoms sent the army to wait there, and will only recover the army after the resolution is determined.

After that, countries began to discover the talents of their own countries. In our country, because Tsinghua University is the highest school, the country has given this heavy responsibility to the two principals.Ordered them to find the best talents in our country to come up with this task.]

Hearing the principal's explanation, Lu Xuyang suddenly realized that there was such a reason.But what does these have to do with them?

Seeing the doubtful Lu Xuyang, the president of Peking University explained: "Actually, we have participated in several competitions before and lost several times in a row. It also caused a lot of pressure on the two of us.And this year, it was just that it was our turn to make a question, and we gambled to see who can cultivate the so -called country's best person. Because you are the highest grades over the years.两校争生的事情。”

这时清华校长接道:“其实,我们现在更高兴,没想到你比我们想象的更加优秀。正好今年的比试交给你我也就放心I hope you can help the country to win the mining right of the mine! "

" Yes. Even if we can only have two questions, as long as we win the two questions that we have, the mining mining powerIt is also in our hands. So, I really hope you can succeed! "The president of Peking University also said the same.

After listening to the words of the two principals, Lu Xuton finally understood the purpose they called him.At the same time, I couldn't help but feel sinking, Yali Mountain is big!

However, since it is for the country, this matter is still helpful. Although he can't fight like a soldier, he doesn't mind trying to help in the field of force.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang rushed to the two principals and said, "I will work hard!" Then he left.He needs to prepare for the future.Especially the thing similar to the ‘Flying Faculty’, the rune cannot be made, but the spiritual rune still has a certain chance.

After thinking that he had the consent of the two schools, he could do his own affairs with confidence.But I didn't expect to come again.And he had to help.

For this incident, Lu Xuyang had to frequently use the yin and yang mirror, and saw what to practice, I just hope to get a few more good things.

Fortunately, since the last upgrade, the number of yang and yang mirrors has not been limited, but it has requirements for energy, and it takes a certain amount of energy to consume a certain amount of energy.Although the energy is not too high, it is not limited to three times a day.

I do n’t know if I can find the medicine that supplements the character?IntersectionIt would be great if you could find it.Lu Xuyang thought.However, it is difficult to find this matter.Let's talk about the items he upgraded these days.Don't say, he is so chaotic.I really let him toss a few good things.

When he went to the roadside night market, a priest stopped him with a piece of yellow paper that was stuffed to him with cinnabar paint on it.EssenceAs a result, he accidentally upgraded it with this symbol to become a "amulet".

The amulets of blood refined for ten minutes, exempt any damage, can still be superimposed.And this rune paper also gave Lu Xuyang a lot of inspiration, which gave him a sense of direction without any goal.

This is not the place where he is forced by the Taoist priest.Really, I saw that Taoist priest again.This time, he walked directly without waiting for the Taoist priest to find him.