Chapter 120 Money Money Plan

Chapter 120 Money Money Plan

After taking the silver 'watches' on my hand and turned into the style of the original notebook, Lu Xuyang picked it up on the net.There was also a good game under Li Huaishan before. It is estimated that the guy was definitely not small, so he was good. Before he could finish it, he left his computer and left.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang smiled.Pull the attention to the computer in front of you.

Lu Xuyang operated the mouse everywhere, and didn't feel that there was anything different.It is estimated that it can't be discovered at once.Fortunately, I didn't find it, but played the game downloaded by Li Huaishan.

The more Lu Xuyang, the worse, the worse! These games are too burnt, not to say, it is not interesting.If there is a game that does not burn money and fun.Lu Xuyang thought.

Looking at such a bad game in front of you, I wonder if you can make a game by yourself?Lu Xuyang continued to think.

Ding ~~~

With the ringtone of the school ringtone, the school becomes lively.

With a touch, the door of the dormitory where Lu Xuyang was located was pushed away.

"Yeah, who are you?" Seeing Lu Xuyang, the man asked and asked.

"Buddy, have you gone the wrong dormitory?" Another person also came in and asked.

Lu Xuyang stood up calmly and laughed at the two: "Hello, I just came to report today, my name is Lu Xuyang!"
"Ah? Lu Xuyang? You are the one that is the oneThe demon? "The classmate who asked him was surprised.


Lu Xuyang is a cold sweat again ...

Fortunately, another person responded faster. He stepped forward and introduced Lu Xuyang: "Hello, My name is Wang Tian. His name is Liao Tianming, and there is also a named Chen Zhong, but he can't live in our dormitory. He all leases himself with his girlfriend. "
" Yeah, Lu ... Demon, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youWhy is the computer so clear, can I play it? "Liao Tianding, who had returned to God at this time, asked the computer where Lu Xuyang placed on the table.

Lu Xuyang nodded bitterly.He couldn't wave his hand.In Tsinghua University, it was still called a demon.Liao Tianming, who was agreed with Lu Xuyang, didn't care about Lu Xuyang's thoughts. He sat happily in front of the computer.

It is indeed the Tsinghua Computer Department.At a glance, the computer was different, none of the three roommates of Peking University found it.Lu Xuyang thought, didn't he want to play games, someone happened to help.If you can't get it well, you can play the entire game company.But I'm not in a hurry, I have to buy a house recently, let's talk about the house.Just during this time, you can make the teacher's character.Lu Xuyang thought about lying on the bed.

The quilt on the bed was newly bought.Before the level, Lu Xuyang sat up again.

Soon, Lu Xuyang made two quilts with attributes in silence.Compared with the previous set of Peking University, this upgrade is a bit different.

There is an ‘spiritual 0.01%'in the refining attribute, and the spirituality in the blood refining has increased the spirituality to 0.1%.

The so -called spirituality, Lu Xuyang failed to think about it for a long time.But that can change him to guessing, probably the binding items can be turned into non -binding! If you can really turn the binding things into non -binding things.That's so cool.Lu Xu crooked into the dreamland.


Tsinghua's days are similar to the University of Peking University, Lu Xuyang has no time to feel good.On this day, Chen Zhong, who never came to the dormitory, came to the dormitory without taking off his clothes, and fell directly to the bed he had prepared.

"Zongzi, what? Is this?" Liao Tianming asked.

"Oh ~~" Chen Zhongchang sighed: "甭 <..."

"What is mentioning? What happened?" At this time, Wang Tian also came inHe heard Chen Zhong's sigh, and he asked curiously.

Lu Xuyang stared at him curiously.

I saw Chen Zhong sitting slowly from the bed.He said: "Buddy, I will stay in the dormitory in the future."

"Why? Aren't you getting along well with your girlfriend?" Wang Tian asked.

Chen Zhong waved his hand: "Don't mention her with me, that 婊 'son. I will get angry when I mention her. I have a lot of money on my head!"It came out.

He never expected that his girlfriend, who had been with him for five years, had always used him to help her tuition.

He heard some words before, saying that she was not very checked.But he just discredited her not attentive.It's been five years since he has been together. Du Zhong thinks that his friend's personality will not be touched, but at least he knows seven or eight points.So he has always been more assured.

But who knows, because of an forgotten notebook the day before yesterday, Du Zhongzhong returned to the dormitory.What shocked him was that Xiamulu, who had been with him for five years, was his girlfriend who actually did something in the rent with another man.He was crazy.Grab the emperor's mop and beat the man out.

Afterwards, he still hopes that they can live the same life as before, but Xia Milu's sentence uses his tuition to hit him into the ground.Let his heart feel cool.And from Xia Milu’s mouth, he knew that the man he watched that day was actually his death in the game. They have been together for two years, and the valuable things that have been lost in the Duzhong game account actually actuallyIt was Milu transferred to that man.

Du Zhong was so distressed when he heard it. This is the good girlfriend who has been in love for five years.

He calculated the time carefully, probably when Du Zhong hadn't turned Xianxia, his girlfriend had already been with the man. No wonder the man was always right with him.When turning to play the same game with Milu, Xiamulu will oppose it like that.Before Xia Milu's unnatural and mysterious, Du Zhong thought one by one, but suddenly realized that his so -called happiness had deceived him for five years.

Du Zhong was disappointed and could not help but kill Xia Mi, throwing away all his things in the dormitory, and returned to the school dormitory.

Hearing Du Zhong's explanation, the dormitory was sympathetic.

Du Zhong likes to play games, the whole dormitory knows.I used to play 'Xianxian'. Since knowing her girlfriend, his girlfriend told him to play with him a recent new game ‘Xian Xia’, but he did n’t think about it.

The encounters of Du Zhong have strengthened Lu Xuyang's determination to make a good game.He also hated his number.His game account was stolen several before.There are also those who are open -hanging, and they have worked hard to spend time to practice. They just need to drink tea and drink tea.It's not fair.

Perhaps, you can start from playing games and try to make money.Lu Xuyang thought.