, Get the beautiful wife and beautiful dependents!

Daqing Yinlong Author: Xinjing

History crossing 610748 words serialized 230,000 readers

Black -belly small white -collar workers crossed the Qing Dynasty, relying on the ideals in their hearts, pointing Jiangshan,Take the dynasty to get out of a way to rise completely!

Last Demon King Author: Yi Kemeng

Evolution and mutation 458663 serials 1.18 million readers

In the last days full of killing and blood, they started a fieldExplore, break the catastrophe again and again, and become the last king.(www.mianhuatang.la marshmallow novel network)

Extreme martial arts author: Ouyang Hou

Oriental Fantasy 1052248 Series Serials 260,000 readers
Cultivation, the teenagers are hardworking, the adventure, the strange flowers help him cultivate, and see his double cultivation into a god!

Non -extinguishing martial arts author: Jiang Yu

Oriental fantasy

Ye Feng's soul wears the Shenwu continent.The road of martial arts.

Supreme control Author: Feng Zenzi

Oriental Fantasy 1270730 words serialized 350,000 readers

Young Wilin Dezulong's blood inheritance, gaining the supreme opportunity, set foot on the king, set foot on the kingThe path of the thorns is the strongest and the strongest!

Wu Bao Qiankun Author: Forgotten Supreme

Server 1448319 characters serialized 790,000 readers

The teenager accidentally crossed, possessing heavenly talent, holding one by oneFurnace, cast a period of immortality!

Miao Hand Shengyi Author: Gordon

Urban Life 1454435 words serialized 4.41 million readers

Don't want to die?Change your most precious things!money?Beauty?Ronghua wealth?Let's look at a generation of holy doctors to play with the city.

Personal Soldier King Author: Xiaoxiao Xing'er

Urban life 1217470 words serialized 7.62 million readers

The lowest -key mercenary king returns to fulfill the marriage contract, and the bustling city is formulated.Your own rules!

Super repairing bodyguard Author: Smoke Gun

Those who are urban capacity 130021

I was abandoned by the family ten years ago.Beauty president, bring the beautiful city!-By: Daliineda | 8344882078206608785 | 838->