Chapter 133 Reappell

"This is ~ ?!"

The battlefield suddenly disappeared from the original "Fan in the Fan

"Keke ~! Brother Hongze's field was broken ~? How can this be?!"

Seven or eight, obvious gas, less gas.At this time, his extremely pale face was full of incredible.

"Since you are unwilling to enter my paradise, then make your will into a 'combat angel'. It can not beted this excellent material ~!" And for this situation, God seems to be surprised at all., Speak down the God of God under the feet slightly, the peaceful color, said.

"Sure enough, it is indeed a friend of Minghe!" After saying a wordlessly, Tian Juefu turned directly to God.And the Supreme Supreme, who has been fighting with the sky, disappeared without a trace.

"Oh,‘ material ’is collected?” God swept a little and asked softly.

"I know your paradise lacks that kind of thing, I just erase his consciousness, and leave it to you when I go back ~!" Tian never said indifferently.

"Is Brother Wuji who lost?" Shen Tian Supreme listened to the dialogue between the two, but his body trembled slightly.

"For the gods of God, let alone‘ Wuji ’, he is‘ You Ji ’and only have the end of the defeat."

God laughed and said.Later, he no longer ignored this guy who was not far from his death and directly included it into the kingdom of God, and after returning, he was in the "slicing research".

"The two

"The two bastards of you are really too strong. It is indeed a person who attaches great importance to even the guy of Minghe.The results of the battle are given to God, when I quit the reason ~! "

Luo Yan is also full of blood, but at this time, he loudly scolded God who was whispering.

"Oh, this is really good. Then give it to me next ~!" God smiled slightly, the wings of the thirty -six -wing angels spread directly behind him, blooming a gorgeous white light, instantlyIt has already appeared in front of the Supreme Supreme.


Jiuxian Supreme Obviously, he has not returned from the defeat of several brothers of his own, and one after another puts him in place.The sudden appearance of God also made Jiuxian Supreme Come back to God, but unfortunately it was a little late.

"The purification of the angel"

God directly shot the Thunder, pressed on the chest of Jiuxian Supreme.A touch of white feathers slowly bloomed from the body of the nine immortals.

"Body ~! Can't move?! Lian Xiu followed ~ ... disappear?" Jiuxian Supreme had a somewhat wrong face, and it had been shocked at this time.The opponent's shot was too fast. It was almost so hasty that he had to avoid time, and he couldn't move him in a move. What is this ability?

"After the fight -ending, you can come in, the more more the more, the better the better ~!"The unparalleled nine immortal supreme pulls close to its own kingdom of heaven.

"You actually won so easy, this made the old man ..." Luo Yan looked at the defeated God, and then stunned his body with blood, and there was a desolate feeling for a while.Essence

"Okay, since everyone is safe, then it means that the friends of the Hades are about to come out ~ ..."


Before the day is finished, a large space storm in the dark space has been stuck in the whole dark space.The three of God flew back millions of feet directly, and this can be able to escape the chaos of the horror explosion just now.

"Give you it ~!"

After the entire horrible space storm completely faded, the indifferent body of the Minghe has appeared in front of everyone's eyes. At this time, he still stayed in his hands.The Supreme Hongze Supreme is like a dead dog.With a light dump, he threw it directly into a dark corner not far away.

"My precious‘ material ’~, it’ s a pity! ”The three of God also flew back again. His face was regretful and looked at the supreme body of the Hongze.

"I didn't expect that the friends of Minghe Taoist could do that!"

Outstanding, in the dark corner of the original empty person, a slightly cold words sounded.

The three vague figures have gradually appeared. The head of the simple gray coat is the Yang Mei Dao people who have a simple gray coat.After getting up, he followed a man, one woman, and two Taoist. The male was handsome, elegant, and the woman was elegant, and he was full of vulgarity.

The two stood behind Yang Mei quietly, but attracted everyone's attention.

"I think Yang Mei Daoyou also came early, just like this field, it is impossible to force it from the outside, so I have watched a big show ~!"He said lightly, but his eyes kept on the man and woman, and the two people felt like there was something lacking.

A kind of extremely uncoordinated illusion made Minghe slightly frown, and the coercion brought by the man and woman was extremely powerful, not much weaker than the four supreme respect.


The three of Yang Mei did not answer. Although the field of Hongze Supreme has caused certain restrictions on Minghe and other people, it also hinders them to save people.Even Yangmei is unlikely to crush that field in a short time, and crushing from the outside will cause great harm to the Supreme of Hongze.

"By the way, I didn't find the two small

"By the way, I didn't find the two small bastards for a long time. In other words, it was obviously included in the folding fan, but I couldn't find any figure at all, even if I was punished torture tortureAfter a while, Hongze Taoist, but he still didn't miss anything, it was a pity. So, trouble, can you hand over the two small mixed eggs? "

Minghe asked with a smile.

"The people in the underworld, don't bully people too ~" A man and woman who had been standing behind Yang Mei also frowned at this time, remindingly reminded.

"Hehe, isn't it possible ~?" Minghe narrowed his eyes slightly and replied with a smile.

"Yes." Yang Mei glanced at the Minghe lightly, and then shook his head at the two Taoists behind him.With one hand with one hand, the surrounding space was twisted for a while. After a while, the figure of the desire and Hongxian had already appeared in front of everyone.

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