di yi zhang bei xi ren sheng

This time he was going to Beijing to meet an old expert in the collection industry, Dong Lao.Dong Lao is a Taishan Beidou -style figure in the collection industry, senior consultant experts of the Palace Museum, Honorary President of the Chinese Collector Association, famous archaeologists, with a lot of titles, and Zhang Chen's father.

According to the seniority, Zhang Chen wants to call Teacher Dong, Dong Lao and Zhang Chen's parents, and his other two uncle. Five people grew up from the orphanage. When they were young, they worshiped a master., Credit by the brothers.And because several people are orphans without father and mother, they get along very well, and they cherish the feelings between the brothers.Among the five brothers Zhang's brothers, the three have learned the history of history, namely his master Dong Lao, Zhang Baichuan (Zhang Baichuan), and the uncle Li Tianping.Chen Wenlin, the youngest sister of the brothers (two sisters worshiped Chen Zhihong, a master of Chinese studies, as the righteous father, and the name of the righteous father Chen, the name was given by the righteous father.) Zhang's father was the second brother, a school -style person, San JinDirector of the Department of History and Doctoral Student in the Department of History; Chen Wenshan, the third sister, is a professor at the Sanjin Medical University and a neurological expert at the Affiliated Hospital of Sanjin Medical University.; Xiao Shimei Chen Wenlin is a professor at the Capital Medical University and a surgeon expert at the Capital Medical University Affiliated Hospital; the five brothers are also famous.Zhang's father and Zhang Mother Zhang was the lover of the bamboo horse.The elder brother and the four siblings like the younger sister, but the little sister is married to a soldier. Although the brothers were avoiding a person's sadness, both of them let go of the love of men and women, and they did not get married for life.The man of the sister He Xiaomei died in the counterattack against Yue's self -defense, and Xiao Shimei didn't want to choose one of them, so she was alone.

Zhang Chen is not born. Zhang Chen's adoptive mother could not conceive for life because of childhood injuries, but she wanted a child and adopted Zhang Chen from an orphanage.When Zhang Chen was hugged into the orphanage, he called Zhang Chen's name, and his adoptive father was also surnamed Zhang, and he met Zhang Chen very well.Zhang Chen is also more confused. It is cute and lovely, and there is a cleverness in his eyes. Zhang's father liked it at first glance.The name did not change, so it was Zhang Chen.There are five brothers. Only Zhang Chen, his father, and Zhang Chen, who raised Zhang Chen. Five people looked at Zhang Chen as if they were out of their own.Therefore, Zhang Chen had no longer suffering from suffering since he came to this family since he came to this family since he came to this family since he was nine years old.Zhang Chen has been smart since childhood, and has both academic and excellent academic learning, which has also made several elders very happy.

But in the third grade of Zhang Chen University, Zhang Chen was killed in a traffic accident, and Zhang Chen became an orphan again.In the car accident, Zhang Chen was also seriously injured. After being taken to the hospital, he had surgery for more than ten minutes and was told that he might become a vegetative.Zhang Chen was asleep for a week. In this week, he had the same dream seven times.The illusory shadow in the dream said that he and Zhang Chen had the good destiny of 1981. It is now 82nd.EssenceZhang Chen saved him for eighty -one times before, so that he could finally cultivate the positive fruit.As a return to Zhang Chen, he taught Zhang Chen a superpowers to see through the idea of all things in the world, and this ideological power also has the function of repairing all things in the world. It can also control the substance without vitality to a certain extent.Of course, this ability is not omnipotent. First of all, it is necessary to continuously absorb aura evolution, and there are limits.In addition, he was given to Zhang Chenyi that he only had to be a ring, but this ring could not be given to him now. He wanted Zhang Chen to get it himself. If you have a chance, there will be a prompt.

The shadow said that he had reached another time and space, and it was incompatible with Zhang Chen's time and space, but because Zhang Chen had helped him get a hundred million years of the best treasure in a certain life, Zhang ChenAnd he has a chance to use this Zhibao coincidence, so he can have the opportunity to come to this space through a dream, and there is this opportunity to repay the grace, but there is only one time.That ring is also another time and space. It is used in cooperation with Zhang Chen's masterpiece. Others cannot use it. The pattern is added when Zhang Chen was born.Inheritance.

Everything in the world is always sad and happy.Just as Xiao Zhang woke up, his initial idea found that his girlfriend was kissing another man inside the ward.The plot of dog blood is not much. In short, Zhang Zhang continued to pretend to be coma. When his girlfriend (uh, it should be his ex -girlfriend) sent her boyfriend, Zhang Chen woke up and let the woman go back to rest.Then he was discharged by himself.

Several uncle Bo received Zhang Chen's call to Longcheng, holding his father and Zhang Mu's body, crying and crying, tears.Zhang Chen took care of his parents' funeral with the help of the three. He did not go to Shanghai or Beijing according to Shi Bo's intention. He still stayed in Longcheng to continue his studies. After the school was completed, he went to Beijing and Shanghai.In fact, Zhang Chen insisted on staying in Longcheng because of that dream.When he woke up, his thoughts could really penetrate the wall and see the outer house.All this made him unacceptable for the time being.This matter is too shocking and cannot be told to the uncle.If you want to figure out, you have to study it slowly.There is also a matter of the ring that takes time to wait.

The three uncle uncle lived in Longcheng for another week. He explained that Zhang Chen should not be immersed in sadness, strive to complete his studies as soon as possible, and go to Beijing and Shanghai to develop.Uncle Wushu has to mobilize his work to Longcheng and take care of Zhang Chen's life. Zhang Chen said that he will go to Beijing and Shanghai in the future. In just two years, he can take care of himself.Uncle Si left Zhang Chen's three million bank cards. He was afraid that the nephew had broken off.Zhang Chen said that he was a student, and the money left by his parents was enough to be enough. Uncle Four said that my industry is not all of you in the future. As my son of Li Tianping, he must never have money at hand.Although Zhang Chen is the son of Zhang Baichuan, other brothers are made by Zhang Chen's parents.

Zhang Chen is his father's business. He reads the history of Sanjin University. In the future, he will inherit the mantle of Zhang's father and Dong Lao.Zhang Father and Dong Lao are very relieved. Dong Lao is the Thai Dou in the domestic collection industry. Although Zhang Father has only taught in college, he also has good skills in antiques appraisal.EssenceAs early as Zhang Chen primary school, he began to be instilled in the collection and appraisal of Shi Bo and his father. He has not interrupted over the years. This is why Zhang Chen chose to read the history department.

Sending three uncle uncle away, Zhang Chen returned home and watched the statue of the adoptive parents.Thinking of a lonely abandonment, just like a duckweed without root, I do n’t even know wherever I am, and I dare not think how happy I will be.It was the adoptive parents gave him a new life. Over the years, the parents loved him all over the years. The scenes have emerged in front of the scene like a movie. They have not had the opportunity to repay their parents' great kindness.The world made people, lying on the sofa, crying and letting go.

It was already more than nine o'clock in the evening when he woke up. Zhang Chen ate something casually and sorted out the family.I haven't arrived in school for a month, and I have dropped a lot of schoolwork. After taking a bath, I went to the study to read a book.

Opening the "Introduction to Chinese History Geography". After reading a few pages, I suddenly thought of that magical idea. Except for the inexplicable discovery of the situation outside the ward when I woke up, I had no chance to try it.Now that you can penetrate the wall of the ward, it should not be a problem to penetrate a few pieces of paper.According to the real power in the dream, the magical scene happened again. The book on the table had previously flipped to 132 pages, and now there are less one by one, and the speed is getting faster and faster.The text in the book can be read clearly at the beginning, and it is already vague after half a minute.Zhang Chen just looked at the table of viewing on the table, and wanted to see the text that had been merged into a piece of text.My feet.Then there was a picture that made Zhang Chen vomiting. He actually saw the intracranial scene of the man downstairs, the hemispherical brain, the dense blood vessels ... the idea did not continue to penetrate, and the picture stopped here.Although Zhang Chen didn't feel very disgusting, no one would like this picture. After a little bit of God, he immediately recovered his mind.As the shadow in the dream, it seems that this intention is really not infinite.

Zhang Chen recalled all kinds of pictures after the release of his mind just now. It feels like he is not controlled by himself, not as knowing in the dream.However, with this practice, it still proves that the idea is not your own illusion. I believe that as long as you are familiar with, you can be able to be free and send.Zhang Chen carefully remembered the feeling in the dream, and once again expanded his mind, and controlled his mind slowly. This time, it was much better.

Two hours later, Zhang Chen was basically able to control it.This time, Zhang Chen's intention began, released to the bookcase, and then slowly wrapped the entire bookcase with his mind, and penetrated little by little.The idea of mind slowly passed through the surface lacquer of the bookcase, the wooden layer of the bookcase was exposed, and then the inside continued to penetrate. The internal structure of the wood was also displayed.I thought to penetrate the bookcase and enter the inside of the bookcase. The rows of books in rows of books are like hanging in the air. These have lost their father's collection of books.Essence

Huh?Zhang Chen was shocked, a yellowish book on the third layer of the bookcase exudes a green and quiet light, accompanied by a simple atmosphere.Zhang Chen took his mind and took the book before the bookcase. This was a line -up book. The paper pages were yellow. You can see at a glance that it is an old object.The paper surface is slightly smaller than sixteen, and the thickness of about two centimeters is turned to the front. The four -character cursive "stone man hand" on the book. The brushwork is strong and powerful.Shi Ren was the alias of Fu Shan, a well -known person in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Fu Shanzi Qingzhu, later changed the owner, as well as the alias such as Zhenshan, Mud Weng, Shiren, and Gong.The names of literary scholars, thinkers, calligraphers, painters, medicalists, medicalists, religious scholars, etc. are one of them. Because they resist the Qing court, they would rather go to jail and do not do the officials of the Qing Dynasty.Since the end of the Ming Dynasty, the most bone literati in the past four hundred years.

Fu Shan's calligraphy collection has a number of directors.The theory of Four is extremely enlightened, which is enough to affect the field of Chinese books, which has a universal significance and far -reaching impact on the entire art category.

This "Stone Man's Hand" is Fu Shan's experience and notes in various aspects of literature, calligraphy, painting, medicine, and religion. Its academic value far exceeds the collection value.Zhang Baichuan loves Fu Shan's calligraphy, saying that his calligraphy is outstanding and strong, but it is to praise Fu Shan's style of the wind and bone festival. He often teaches Zhang Chen's truth.

Zhang Chen once again expanded his ideas on this hand. The handwriting body exudes the green and quiet light, like the essence of the same layer of flow.Under careful observation, there are four layers of green light under this green light, but the more green the inside is, the lighter, and the inner layer is just a little green.In the green light, with a simple and vicissitudes of vicissitudes, it seems to be telling something.Zhang Chen secretly thought: There are five layers of green light on the surface of this hand, and when you just start on the bookcase, you can't see the green light. Could this green light only appear on the old objects?

With this discovery, Zhang Chen also found a lot of things from all his age, and observed with his mind.After observing more than 30 new and old objects, combined with Zhang Chen's real age, it was considered a preliminary conclusion: it is true that there will be that strange light appearing on the old objects.Sixty years are a Jiazi, and things within a Jiazi will not have light. The longer the light of the surface, the deeper and righteous.Every ten layers of the light, the light will change color, that is, every ten armor will change color once.Unfortunately, Zhang Baichuan is not a collector. The objects in the family cannot include all ages, and they cannot understand the changes in various colors. When you go to the museum to see it day, you should be able to figure out.This is definitely a great thing for Zhang Chen. Zhang Chen wants to inherit the mantle of his father and master, that is, to develop in terms of collection. With this intention, you can get the most accurate conclusion.Things will never happen in Zhang Chen.Thinking of this, Zhang Chen couldn't help but secretly happy.

After finishing this set, it has been more than a little bit. The long -term use of the intention also makes Zhang Chen a little tired. After cleaning up the study room, I am incense to my parents, and I will wash it onto.What about rare things.