di yi zhang xie hou jiu di du

The sky is gloomy. The densely parked on the front door railway station is full of human vehicles and carriages.The residual snow on the side of the road is still there, and the Arrow Tower of Zhengyang Gate in the distance stands towering, showing the style and withered of the old emperor's capital.

Entering the train from Fengtian.Below the huge locomotive, the steel crankshaft and connecting rods are rhythmic, driving the red wheels slowly, the steam of the large group is emitted, and the white mist on the platform is hazy.The door of the third -class car was opened. The trainer wearing a golden hoe jumped down with a small flag, and then the passengers carrying the bloated winter clothes carried a big bag.

Chen Zizhen jumped off the train with his paving rolling. He didn't rush to get out of the station. He walked to the front of the train first, and carefully looked at the rough and evil steel meals.

"Damn a Ba Zi, why is this big iron so big?" He took off the dog skin hat and scratched the fluffy hair, and sent a sincere amazing.

A five or six -year -old boy ran over and stood next to the locomotive. He screamed with Wu Nong softly, and the pink little blushing fluttering on the pink head hat, his mouth, mouthHe shouted, "Sister Ah, so white!" He just looked back and yelled, and he didn't notice that he had reached the edge of the platform. Suddenly, his feet were empty, and his arms had been firmly grasped by a strong pair of big hands.

"Pay attention!" Seeing that the little boy was about to fall down the platform, Chen Zizhen grabbed him.

The little boy's sister hurriedly chased.This is a petite round -faced girl. At the age of 16, she is a long snow -white wool scarf around her neck, covering her mouth and nose, only a pair of glittering eyes, only a pair of glittering eyes.The bend seemed to laugh.

How can I see such slender and dexterous girls in the snowfields of the long mountains and forests, Chen Zizhen's eyes immediately solidified.

"Thank you." The girl's voice was soft and waxy, and the sound of the sound.

Chen Ziyu in the idiot scratching his head stupidly, he couldn't speak, and watched the girl pulling the little boy away, the blue figure was a small willow tree.

"Damn a Ba Zi, everyone said thank you, I do n’t know two polite words.

The parents of the sisters and brothers in the distance are bargaining with the servants who move their luggage with the station. There are two large rattan boxes and a few suitcases, cloth baggage on the ground.The fur, the tall cheekbones, the lips, the charm still exists, and there is also a thick old mother followed.

Seeing a pair of children returning, the wife scolded the girl: "Let Nong Xiaori, what did you do?
The girl lowered her head and twisted her clothes and didn't speak.At this time, Mr. and the servant talked about the price, and said gentlely, "Okay, okay, Mr. Chen is still waiting for us, let's go."

The family walked towards the exit station. No one pays attentionA few feet behind him sneaked in a guy with a dog -wrapped dog skin hat on his back.

A lot of people are bustling out of the exit station. The girl's family is being blocked at the door at this time.It seemed very unhappy. When the gentleman was so hot, when he was picked up and wiped it, a white -faced man wearing a hat -ha hat screamed: "Don't squeeze, don't squeeze," but he kept walking, and he hit Mr..The hat hat was polite: "I can't hold you." The authentic Jingshi accent.

"Not hindered." Mr. Mandarin's Mandarin has obvious southern flavor.

The white -faced man turned his head and walked away. The associates in the dark smiled proudly. Suddenly a iron tong -like hand grabbed his neck, and wanted to go back and couldn't return. He watched the other.Just put in his arms and pulled out the fiber clip that had just been covered.

The hand was loosened, and the white -faced man turned his head and looked at it.Qianglong didn't overwhelm the snake. He couldn't swallow this tone. He was about to have trouble. Suddenly, he saw a soldier wearing a blue -gray military uniform behind him.The police station had never dealt with, so he hurriedly stunned and said, "You have a kind of boy

The girl's family came out of the station. A man in a woolen coat greeted and laughed: "Brother, you finally arrived, I hope to wear Qiu Shui."

Mr.Tao: "Brother Zhongfu is not coming. I think you are still the style, this is cheap, and a pair of my children."

I introduced to my wife again: "This is what I often follow you with youMr. Chen Duxiu, the director of the Literature and Sciences of Peking University. "

Mrs. Mrs. Seeing the comer was an individual professor, the troubles were swept away, and tenderly laughed:" Professor Chen is good, our old forest often mentions you, listen to itMature people, Wen Jing, Wenlong, called people. "

" Uncle Chen is good. "A pair of children shouted and cleverly shouted.

Chen Duxiu laughed heartily, and Mr. Lin also laughed. Suddenly, he saw the servants who helped them move their luggage and smiled humblely.Reaching out to his arms and pulled out, where there is a shadow of a wallet.

"Oh, there is a letter of appointment of the Ministry of Education in the leather clip, and 200 yuan banknotes. How can this be good?" Mr. Lin's urgent sweat came down.

"How can you be unwilling!" The wife Liu Mei was erected, soaring on the spot.

"Sir, your pupple is dropped." He came over to a man with a bearded face and handed his wallet over.Mr. Lin hurriedly picked up: "Thank you." Two one -dollar ticket issued by the Bank of Communications from the fiber clip and handed it over.

The man did not look at the banknote, and said, "Be careful next time."

Mrs. Mrs. Lin held the banknote's hand and changed the smile: "Thank you Nong ah ah. "

The girl and the little boy also taught followed:" Thank you Uncle. "

Chen Zizheng's proud heart seemed to be splashed with cold water, uncle, uncle,Am I so old?He stroked his beard and was sad. He had forgotten all the preparations, and had to hold his face with a face, so he left.

Mr. Lin looked at his back and praised: "The trip to education also, build the first good, start from Beijing. Beijing is really the first place of good."

Chen Duxiu said:"The foundation of the Chinese brother is so deep, it is better to come to our Peking University as a professor."

"Brother Zhongfu is here, how dare I have a good official in the Ministry of Education." Mr. LinLaugh.

"Don't delay, let's go back, the house is ready, just behind Shima Street Hutong ..." Chen Duxiu helped raise a leather box and beckoned three manpower cars.

Chen Zizhen, who was filled with the paved, silently remembered this address in his heart.