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The container truck in the front of the red wax angle airport supply center suddenly braked the tail suddenly, across the road, blocked the road tightly, and followed several cars behind the cars behind them. Stepping on the brakes, a harsh brake sound and the screams of the drivers were out of the bridge deck. Three or four cars collided together. : "Fighting the street, you do it!"

How do you know that the window of the truck's cab is dropped and stretched out a black hole barrel. With the sound of pulling the wooden carving, a bullet wiped the private person The owner's head flew over, scared him to lie on the spot on the spot, and never dared to speak again.

The bullet shot into a black box -type station wagon behind him. The 12th unique bomb hit the windshield, and only a cracking trace was hit, which was bulletproof glass!

The box -type station wagon issued a roar, quickly reversing and trying to escape. The truck driver wearing a facade mask jumped out of the car and continued to shoot. This time, the car tire was aimed at. The direction was out of control and hit the isolation zone. The two back doors opened at the same time. From the car, four of the security guards wearing a bullet -proof vest, wearing the Kefura bullet -proof helmets, and picked up the Leiming Donald shotgun and the robbers to shoot.

All these only happened in a few seconds. The car on the scene stopped and eightly stopped. Originally, the owners who wanted to get out of the car and asked the car owners will become a turtle at this moment. Dare to come out, the gunfire outside made them creepy and terrified, many people were secretly dialinging 999.

Chen Xuanwu is also among the blocked vehicles. Mu Lianheng helped him settle a flight to Singapore today. There are also Mu Lianheng and a female assistant, but did not bring bodyguards.

When the truck was suddenly in trouble, Chen Xuanwu was frightened. He thought it was Liu Ziguang against himself, but he quickly understood that someone was robbing. A certain value.

"" Direction! "Chen Xuanwu lying on the bottom of the carriage and shouted, now it is not when he is capable. In case a streaming bomb comes, it is not fragrant to eat.

The driver is a native of Hong Kong. For the first time, Shaodong, who came to the Mainland, drove the car. Si was also reversing, and the two cars hit together.

At this critical moment, no one will get out of the car to check the loss. The drivers on both sides quickly adjust the direction and reverse again. On the road, all the retreat was sealed, followed by a few loud noises, and it was clear that there was a dodge of vehicles hitting the truck.

Liu Ziguang took the taxi to take the taxi. The driver was an experienced veteran, so when he hit the tail, when the gun sounded, the driver yelled: "I encountered a robbery." He was lying on the seat and never moved again.

Liu Ziguang on the back seat pressed Wei Ziyu's head for the first time. The gunfire was dense, and the bomb was not good. Listening on the side of the ears, and muttering in my mouth: "It is five consecutive hair, at least five guns, this row is big enough."

The voice has just fallen, and there are new gunmen who joined the battle. In the group, two masked robbers jumped off the truck with the retreat, holding a pistol and a pledged transporter continued to pull the trigger. On the spot, two escortors unexpectedly fell to the ground and lost their resistance.

The scene was very critical, the scene was chaotic, the crying sound and gunfire were mixed, and the innocent car owners were frightened. They climbed out of the car and hid under the isolation pier. The cover tools of the gunfights were beaten and dazzling.

When the situation was tilting towards the robbers, he suddenly got out of the silver -gray Rolls -Royis Rolls -Royis Rolls Rolls, Rolls Rolls, Rolls Rolls, Rolls -Royssi, and the clear black trousers with leather shoes. The vest, the word CID is printed on it. The police quickly pulled out the GLO9 automatic pistol around the waist, and continued to launch towards the robbers. , Enough to suppress the semi -automatic shotgun.

The addition of criminal police officers has made dramatic changes in the war situation. The gangsters who were still arrogant suddenly stunned and dared not to take the lead in a messy car. The citizen evacuated the car, returned to the safe position, and shouted to the robbers: "We are the police, you have been surrounded, and immediately put down the weapon to surrender!"

At this time, a police flute sounded, and The motorcycle police took the lead, and the two red and white Dama Honda Motorcycles flashed the police lanterns from the direction of Tsing Yi, which means that the remaining reinforcements will also arrive at the scene in a few minutes.

The police's morale and began to cross the car and approached the robbers. The leading person was agile, and the tactical actions were quite standard. Liu Ziguang in the taxi saw his healthy side shadow, and he couldn't help but evoke a radian to come to the corner of the mouth. Isn't this the inspector of Liang Xiao in the West Kowloon Criminal Case Team? No wonder there is no time to drink tea together. It turned out to be staring at this group of robbers.

There are as many as five policemen on the scene, coupled with four armed escort, the gun far exceeds the number of robbers. The three robbers are suppressed on both sides of the road. Dare to show up, on the Qingma Bridge, you have nowhere to escape. These stupid thieves do not know to choose a good place.

A rare applause sounded, and the citizens who shrinking near the isolated pier finally realized that it was an anti -ambush operation arranged by the police, and could not help but applaud the brave Hong Kong police.

Where do they know, the gangsters are squatting behind the car at this time, and they are equipped with bullets for shotguns. Too strong.

Chen Xuanwu also wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He loosened his tie and said to Mu Lianheng: "It's a good hanging, but it is not bad to see a real police bandit movie with a real thing."

Just after speaking, a dull and powerful motor sound from far to near, drove a black highway motorcycle from the reverse lane on the isolated pier. The helmet looks like an alien warrior. There is also a person who is also dressed in the back seat. There is a long canvas travel bag on his back. The racer picked up the MP2000 submachine gun hanging on the chest with one hand.

The first thing to suffer was the two motorcycle police officers who had just arrived. The motorcycle wiped a bunch of sparks on the ground and hit the bearing pier. Rolling all the way, the last one leaned on the road was lying on the road, and the pistol on the waist had no time to pull out.

The CID of the plain clothes on the scene immediately took off their bodies, and the pour -like bullets were sprinkled in the next second. Drilling dense eyes on the thin car iron skin, fortunately it was just the nine millimeter pistol fired in submachine guns. Bullets and insufficient penetration. If you change the automatic rifle, I am afraid that the scene will have flowed into the river.

The burst of bean -like guns stimulate everyone's eardrums. The gangsters are extremely mad. Relying on the four rows of large magazines for fifty -rounds, the police officers present at all, and they go. In the middle of the road, the bullets were splashed. The associates who had been suppressed by the police also appeared. They took out the tied rope from the car and threw it from the bridge. Liang Xiao, who was hiding behind the mask, found them. This move suddenly exclaimed: "Not good, they are going to escape!"

A charge of the siren blends from the direction of Lantau, and the bandits found the police car. The canvas tube took out the military green US -made M72 rocket launcher from the inside. After pulling it, it was aimed at the launch. The rocket bounced in the middle of the charge.

The smell of burning smoke and rubber tires coming up, and the black smoke rises high on the green horse bridge. Several innocent citizens were hit by the bomb, and the two policemen were also suffered by gunshot injury and lost their combat effectiveness.

Liang Xiao called for support with a hurry to talk. This operation was completed by him and his group alone. There was no cooperation between other units. Police force was attracted to the past, and traffic accidents occurred five minutes ago. The roads from the east to the west were blocked. Except for air police forces, the support of other units was difficult to reach here.

Time means life. When the headquarters sent helicopters and the Flying Tigers, I am afraid only help the corpse to collect the corpse. When encountering the robbers holding heavy weapons, only the pistol police officer is passively beaten passively. , No ability to fight back.

Just as Liang Xiao raised the exhibition, a calm voice sounded in the distance: "A Xiao, gun!"

Then Liang Xiao saw the familiar face, he Suddenly, he was overjoyed. He took a Glo9 pistol from the injured guy and lost it along the ground.

The pistol slipped quickly to the taxi, and a powerful hand held the handle. Liu Ziguang, who had been observing for a long time, resolutely shot. , Decisive, a bullet hit the gangster's ankle, and immediately turned it down. Liu Ziguang did not hesitate, and continued to send three shots in a row, bounce the flesh, and the unlucky gangsters' head trunk and waist were shot separately, and died on the spot. Essence

The rest of the gangsters were shocked, and the firepower suddenly had a small interval. Liu Ziguang jumped on the hood of a car in front of him. The head and ** of the gangsters holding the assault rifle in the bullet. In order to ensure the enemy's ability to lose resistance, actual shooting usually requires that the shooter will send two shots, but some elite agents and special soldiers often send three shots to shoot the enemy’s The head, heart, and neck, even if the other party wore a bullet -proof coat, it is difficult to save their lives.

The shed's body fell to the ground with a heavy body. The eyebrows were eye -catching, the neck was burned, and the clothes in the heart were burned. A deformation warhead was embedded on it. It is blocked outside, but the bulletproof jacket can only block one bullet. He still died. He was lying on the asphalt road of the Qingma Bridge, looking at the blue sky with his eyes open, and still remained surprised before death. look.

Liu Ziguang's violent appearance immediately attracted all the firepower to himself, but under the panic, the opponent fell sharply, the bullets knocked on the car shell, and the glass crushed the tire burst. , But Liu Ziguang was unscathed.

He still squats steadily on the hood to ensure that his unemployment is open, the shooting world is clear, and his hands are holding his pistol firmly. The trigger was very calm.

I saw Glo9's sleeves quickly recovered. A yellow orange shell shell jumped out of the throwing mouth with a hot temperature, fell to the ground and played. After living on the robbers, they were hidden behind the mask, and their heads were not exposed. They raised their guns and shot randomly to cover their associates withdrawing.

"Bullet!" Liu Ziguang jumped out of the car with a roller, and rushed to Liang Xiao. Suddenly, the two bullets were thrown over, Liu Ziguang continued to move in his hand. He stared at a gangster hiding In the location, he sent two shots to penetrate the thin iron skin of the car down. When he walked around, he found that the gangster was dying. Liu Ziguang raised his gun to see him for a second. The shotgun kicked aside.

There are two robbers left. They lost heavy fire support and they had to leave the injured companion with their retreat. , A shot of his hand will send him to the sea.

Only one gangster is left. This is a guy dressed in a truck driver with a mask on his face, wearing a flower shirt and jeans. The woman came and held her head with a gun. The woman was so scared that she couldn't move, her eyes were sluggish, and her hands and feet trembled.

After Liu Ziguang broke up, the police also launched a counterattack. At this time, the gangsters had surrounded the gangsters. Liang Xiao saw him abducting his hostages and quickly motioned to stop his movements. , Everything to discuss. "

At this time, the gangsters had fallen into a mad desperate situation. With one sound, the gun fell, and the last robbers bounced in the neck. The nerve center and the cervical spine were cut at the same time. The died on the spot, the hostage was safe and sound, but the hysterical screaming.