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You are to prevent you from contacting other strong groups...COM

London is a free and open city, and the paradise of politicians. The president of Xiaye, the lost general, and the overturned kings have gathered here. London is also international arms transactions and defense.In the center of consulting services, spies, separators, and messy people in various countries travel through different politics-seeers traveling through the mist of London, just like the Thames salmon.

When he first arrived in London, there was a secretary, two male servants, and chef drivers, but all dismissed by His Royal Highness.The guard soldiers, but it didn't take long for these two people to be seriously injured in the bar and the people's conflict, so now there is only a male servant Xiao Arthur who does not have to pay for salary.I do n’t know why, His Royal Highness has a wonderful feeling about this little boy, and always feels like he has known each other but has not been seen.

Now the safety of His Royal Highness of Crown Sadoa is responsible for Mr. Thomas. The two white bodyguards of the two plows are inseparable from it. Of course, the expensive cost is paid by Mr. Sop.A five -star hotel named Bamuni, the price of luxury suite is 500 pounds per day. It is very close to Hyde Park and Kenston Palace, but His Royal Highness is not satisfied.In it, a prince should not live in the hotel, but should live in the palace inside the outskirts of London, with horses and swimming pools, and a British pure breed.

But Mr. Supu obviously does not want to spend more money on His Royal Highness. In addition to the cost of eating and living a bodyguard, he only gives Bobo 50,000 pounds every month.It seems that it can only be equivalent to pocket money.

Bobby, who was angry and had to succumb to reality, thought of the nephew Martin who fought in the African jungle. This guy once studied in China and met some enthusiastic friends. Even with their help, he pulled up and pulled up.After a army, Bobbi had high hopes to Martin's army at the beginning, but later in Thomas's words, he doubted his nephew. In addition, Mr. Supu had hired the name of London's mercenary industry name at that time.Colonel Fakkina, who was heard, went to Africa, so Bobby pushed the boat in the water and sent a letter to relieve Martin's command.

But afterwards, the more he thought about the more incorrectly, and the series of Sop's series made him feel deeply disturbed, so he thought of Martin again, carrying Thomas in the hotel's room to the nephew in Africa in Africa,After calling and learning that Ximin Jie was about to get a large number of weapons and ammunition support, Bobby was very excited and immediately ordered the secretary, that is, Thomas sent a letter to appoint Martin as the commander of the Royal Army's Second Brigade.

This is a step of Bobby's proud step. Martin's second brigade can make him a prince's hand, at least you can restrain the mercenaries of Sop, but what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, it is not expected that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect is that, what I did not expect was that it was not expected that.Shortly after the appointment, the Royal Second Brigade was destroyed.

After talking about this incident, Thomas did not frown. It seemed that it was only a few ants who died, not the loyal subjects.Come to the Royal Shakespeare Theater to enjoy dance.


Rolls -Royce gradually disappeared in the corner of the smoke and rain. After a few minutes, two Asian guys in two ski shirts and dill hats laughed in Cantonese and walked in.After the hotel lobby, they are Hong Kong guests who have just entered the hotel. They are humble and gentle, polite, just like most Chinese living in London, they do not like to cause raw and wrong.

After the two of them entered the door, they found that the door of the elevator was about to close, and hurriedly shouted, "Wait a minute." But the people in the elevator were not moved, and they still moved the door key.The young man stepped forward and took the elevator door and shouted, "Come on, take it down."

Liu Ziguang, who was dressed in a casual dress, came to the door of the elevator and was seeing four standing inside.Indian -Pakistanic people, one of them is slightly older, wearing suits and glasses, pale hair, and the other three are sturdy young guys, with air head wheat, and a small badge on the suit collar.Vaguely visible black gun.

"You take the next trip." One of the young people said hard, his English has a strong foreign flavor.

"Let them come in." Middle -aged people said with a smile, preventing their attempts to rush people out.

The elevator door is slowly closed. Six people look at each other in the small elevator space. The three bodyguards dress seem nervous, but middle -aged people are easy and casual, and they actively and Liu Ziguang.Take a word: "Chinese?"

"Yes, we are from Hong Kong, China." Liu Ziguang replied politely.

"China is a great country. The Chinese nation is a hard -working and brave nation. If you have a chance, I want to go to Beijing and Shanghai again." Middle -aged people sincerely said, and their true feelings were revealed.

"Thank you, Pakistan is also a great country."

During the speaking, the elevator stopped, the middle -aged people nodded their heads, and went out under the guard's guard.The door slowly overlapped, continued to rise, and the genuine Hong Kong crow blocked his eyes and asked, "What is the old man, the aura is so strong?"

"This is called strong?He had long been shocked by his overflowing Wangba Qi. "Liu Ziguang paused and said," He is the former President of Pakistan, Chief of Staff of the Army, General of the Army, General Musharaf. "

The crow spit out his tongue and made a shocking expression: "London is really a Tibetan dragon and a criminal, you can meet a president king or something."

"Of course, of course, we have to visit, not also the visit.Is it king? "As his words just fell, the elevator arrived at the floor where His Royal Highness lived. Their booking room happened to be next to Bobby. Bamney Hotel was a five -storey Gothic building.The window distance is very close, you can easily climb to the next room.

After entering the house, they quickly checked it. There was a green grass outside the window.Outside the workers, there are no tourists empty.

Liu Ziguang quickly replaced a blue conjoined canvas clothes similar to the hotel's hydropower work clothes, tied up a seat belt on the waist, climbed out of the window, took a few steps along the window sill, and it was easy to make it easyThe windows of His Royal Highness His Royal Highness, unbuttoned the seat belt and slipped in, and then carefully closed the window Bobby's room. It was a luxury suite.Fax machine, Liu Ziguang put on plastic gloves, opened the desk drawer with a needle, started to read the file, and opened the computer at the same time, and found a large-capacity plate from his arms., Use a digital camera to shoot paper files ...

After the performance is over, Bobby sends Thomas to invite a young dancer named Barbara to have dinnerI despised the African crown prince, but had to squeeze the nose to take care of it. Five minutes later, he easily returned. He said to Bobby in the box: "His Royal Highness, unfortunately, Miss Barbara already had a date

"Did you not tell her, do you?" Bobby was a little angry and unheard of. Now even asking a dancer to have dinner for dinner is so difficult.

"Said, but unfortunately, Miss Barbara had applied for people. I heard that he was a prince from the United Arab Emirates." Thomas was so angry that he was happy to see it.This eaten expression.

Xiao Arthur took a look at His Royal Highness for a while, and after a while to look at the scourge Thomas, the black eyes flickered, and he dared not speak aside, because he knew that His Royal Highness was always angry.Take yourself as an air cylinder.

Bobby walked out of the theater angrily, drilled into the Rolls -Royce car provided by the hotel, and said, "Drive!"

"Sorry, Mr. Thomas also alsoNo. "The driver said in a stunned. Although His Royal Highness usually tipped the tip, it was always generous, but the driver could still tell who was the real boss.

"His Royal Highness, your trench coat." The subsequent Thomas opened the door, handed it in Bobby's trench coat, and wrote it lightly, "I still have something, I am afraid I can't accompany you tomorrow.">
"You are busy, I'm going to stay alone." Bobe said angrily, and little Arthur did not dare to get out of the car with the two bodyguards. Thomas closed the door.Rolls -Royce was on the way to the drizzle.

Suddenly, Bobby saw a familiar figure through the window. It was his long -awaited Barbara. At this time, the beautiful dancer was sitting in a latest car.Asked this must be the car of the Prince of Arabia. The chiefs of these petroleum countries have made money like soil, but it is not comparable to the poverty -stricken African crown prince.

His Royal Highness, who was deeply stimulated, secretly tightened his fist and glared at Little Arthur fiercely. Little Arthur immediately shivered and curled up on his seat.

But Bobe would not beat him immediately, because the two white bodyguards were still in the car. Bobe didn't want to be a Thames because he was beaten, and Britain was a rule of law.He went to jail, so he always hit Drops in the restaurant's room to soothe his pressure and anger.

In the room, Liu Ziguang has taken all the files, and the documents in the computer are briefly read, but the most critical document is still found, that is, the signing of His Royal Highness and the master behind the scenes.The contract, it seems that Bobby is also a cautious person. I understand that this kind of secret document cannot be released around, but where will the contract be put?Reliable friends' homes or bank insurance counter, these two possibilities are very low. Thinking about it, Liu Ziguang finally thought of the safe provided by the hotel in the room.

He soon found the safe behind a oil painting, but at this time Bobbi's car had stopped at the door of the hotel. The door child stepped forward and opened the door.Drill it out first, and then the unhappy crown prince and trembling little Arthur.

"Swallow returns to the nest, Mali." A guest sitting in the lobby of the hotel and drinking coffee bowed his head down and gently said to his neckline.