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> Liu Ziguang stroked Xiao Arthur's head and said, "Children, only the peace in exchange for blood is the longest for a long time."

"I have died a lot of people last time, why is there no peace."

"last time is the primitive struggle and accumulation of the total outbreak of national contradictions for many years. Now it is facing revolution. Revolution, you know, that is, a class carried out violent activity to overthrow another class."

> Little Arthur seems to understand: "What kind of class is my class?"

"You are the ruling class spokesperson of the proletariat."

"Oh ..."

BR> When the grandfather talked, the servant official Fidel stood quietly not far away, listening to his ears without a word, and after Liu Ziguang and Xiao Arthur got up to get up the restaurant, he came out.In the lobby, he handed over the class in the attendant room, took off the white uniform with a ribbon, took off the saber, put on the casual clothes, and drove home with his own car.

He Sai's home is located in the wealthy area in the west of San Juan City. It covers thousands of square meters. It has a swimming pool and tennis court. The interior decoration is full of exotic style.In one piece, his mansion also became a salon at the party of Sadamaria.

Here is not only a strong Asian style, but also delicious Chinese food and enthusiastic hostess. Mr. Jose has the title of deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.It is the king's servant military officer. His beautiful daughter is a diplomat. Such a family naturally quickly became the core of the San Hu'an social circle.

After the news of the super iron mine found that the news of the super iron ore was made public, many European diasporas who left during the Holocaust returned to this country again.Dedicated to the reconstruction of education, medical care, journalism, law and other industries, they often gather in Jose's house to talk about the future of Sada Maruma.As a rich man, Jose Shunshun established the Sada Mama Liberty Democratic Party.

The addition of a large number of highly educated, high -quality overseas tourists, so that the talents of the Liberal Democratic Party of Hesse are prosperous, as if there is a trend of astrology.In the face of the domestic chaos, Prime Minister Martin was helpless, and the cabinet had been crumbling, so he had to accept the election.

Fidel parked the car into the garage, came to his living room, and found that his father was meeting two Chinese guests. He Sa greeted his son to come and introduced the guests: "This is my son Fidel.His Majesty of the King. "

Two Chinese guests have a big belly, a young and capable, the leaders of China Construction Corporation and the political commissar of the Red Star Security Company.At the beginning, this is a banquet that integrates the characteristics of China and West Africa. It can be described as rich. Especially for people in a foreign country, it is a surprising thing to eat the nearly authentic Beijing roast duck.

"This is the Quanjude roast duck from Beijing." Mr. Jose introduced enthusiastically. In fact, this is just some finished roast ducks bought in Beijing supermarkets.Those who have never been to China.

Of course, the polite Chinese guests will not break the fact. After the banquet, the servant cleaned up the disabled, and Jose took out cigar smoke to entertain everyone. After a discussion, the two guests got up.

The guests were sent away, and the father and son had a dialogue. Fidel introduced the situation of Liu Ziguang in detail, and said that he had sent someone to monitor his every move.

"The election is right, and you must never have a foreign branch at a critical moment, and you will rely on you over the palace." He Sa patted his son's shoulder and said with a long voice.

Fedel nodded seriously and asked: "What are the two Chinese guests today?"

Here said: "The Chinese government has always pursued policies that do not interfere with other domestic affairs.But non -interference does not mean that you do n’t understand. As soon as the election is, I cannot invite Mr. Ambassador to talk. I can only meet the person in charge of these Chinese -funded institutions and convey my meaning to the Chinese government through them. "

Fidel said, "Can they replace the ambassador?"

He Sa said: "I have stayed in China for so many years, and the leaders of large state -owned enterprises are all levels, like this visiting todayThe leader is the cadre of the department -level. He can be transferred to the government department at any time to serve as an official. The level of the level is not lower than the ambassador. The political commissar of the Red Star Company used to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The status of the Ma family, today I will talk to their talks to the ears of heavyweight people, which is good for us. "

Just likeAs He Sai said, after the two guests went back, they reported to the country in their own way.

In Beijing, Ma Jingsheng and Ye Junsheng are talking about the international situation together.

"Sadhama, it seems that Ho Sa is superior." Ma Jingsheng said.

"This person is a hero, it is worth paying attention to. The current Prime Minister playing his wrist is not his opponent at all. Do you know how he said?"Several people of Chinese -funded institutions talked about a few things to do after the election. We will not say that those old talk about it. I think it is interesting that he said that he would buy several J -8 II for the Air Force. "

BR> Ma Jingsheng also laughed: "His relationship with Shen Fei is very good? Let's not buy it with the dragon."

Ye Junsheng said, "So this person is very city, he is the Prime Minister, in line with it, in line withOur interests. "

Ma Jingsheng said:" We do not interfere with the greatest help to him.
Ye Junsheng said: "It is smooth, and the other party seems to hear the sound of the wind. It has made considerable concessions on some issues.Controlling.

"Great, this is a great victory." Ma Jingsheng praised.

But Ye Junsheng's face did not feel proud, but he was worried: "The other party promised too fast, I was afraid that there was a trap in it. This acquisition case was approved by the government.It will be very long. "

Ma Jingsheng laughed:" Don't worry, the little beast of my family, the negotiation is not as good as your family, and the ability to attract relationships to eat, drink, and fun.It's almost the same. It is estimated that at the end of this month, um, that is, it will be approved in a few days. At that time, our brother will have to drink another glass. "

Ye Junsheng was slightly surprised, this information was that he did not haveI was mastered, I thought that my junior was out of the horse, and the negotiation of the knife was cut off, and it was reduced from 18%to 4%.Essence

"Haha, yeah, the juniors have a good way, let's rest assured." Ye Junsheng laughed.

At the same time, on the famous Bondi Beach in Australia, Ma Fengfeng was lying under the umbrella, covered with sand, and a Chinese girl wearing a large sunglasses was holding a small shovel to scatter him on him.If there are fellows who like to watch TV, maybe this girl will be a popular actress in China.

Ma Fengfeng came meritoriously, but he did not expect that the blind cat encountered a great contribution. Supu was forced by Ye Han and secretly came to Ma Fengfeng to express that he would have to be a little bit of the equity of Wood Iron Mine.After completing the transaction as soon as possible, of course, this guy will not be willing to suffer, raising the price by $ 2. billion.

Under the mediation of Ma Fengfeng, Ye Han also made a concession. In the end, the two parties reached a acquisition agreement. Although the total price was slightly higher than the price talked about by Ma Fengfeng, in general, the negotiation was victory.Essence

In order to thank Ma Fengfeng, Supu sold another face for him, promising to persuade those members and bureaucrats in the shortest time and let them approve the acquisition case.

In fact, the forces behind Supu and him are already doing this. Previously, a reporter from a daily telecommunications newspaper wrote in the newspaper calling on everyone to resist the acquisition of the Chinese.The squid was fired, but several other newspapers began to exploit the benefits of the acquisition cases to the Australians, such as solving the unemployment rate, driving the local economic development, etc. In additionIn the honeymoon period, if no accident, this acquisition will be completed by unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Ma Fengfeng is proud of the spring breeze, picks up the little actress he raised from the country, and is happy in Australia. He has not forgotten Zou Wenzhong he has received on his behalf.Essence

At this time, Zou Wenzhong was lying on a lounge chair next to Ma Fengfeng, wearing sunglasses, wearing beach pants, and looking at the swimwear on the beach.

"Old Zou, why don't I arrange a big horse riding for you?" Ma Fengfeng said with a joke.

"Don't dare." Zou Wen laughed. He was born in a poor, and he could rely on the power of his wife's house. He was a famous bronchitis, even if people were abroad.

"In your business, my dad has a few in their hearts. When the limelight passes, you will arrange a new position for you. The level is unchanged and the treatment is unchanged." Ma Fengfeng said.

"Fengzi, thanks, this time it depends on you, and I will turn the tide to pull back a game."

Ma Fengfeng laughed: "That's it, to be honest, this price is compared toThe one we talked about was fucking outrageous. West Africa's equity is virtual. The dollars taken out of the pocket are real gold and silver. They all say that Ye Han has a level.He is a pseudo gentleman, I am a traitor, he is a politician. "

Little actress Jiao Didi asked:" Brother Feng, what do you talk about, I can't understand. "

Ma FengfengPut your hand out of the sand pile, pinch on the buttocks of the actress, "Just don't understand it. We are talking about national events. This cannon business is negotiated. Go back and buy you Maserati."

"Oh! Really, I want white, like Guo Meimei." The actress smiled immediately.