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Hu Rong came to the door of the house, just took out the key, and the door opened, and the aunt milk said with a screebling and said, "Rong Rong is back, fast enters the house, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, riceThey are all done. "

Hu Rong entered the entrance hall and changed his slippers, and found that a lot of gift boxes were placed in the corner of the corner, and he complained:" Grandma, you have received gifts again. "

Grandma, Grandma, said, "Rong Rong, Grandma's heart, what can be collected, and what cannot be collected. These are the festivals sent by your father's old friends and old comrades. This face always gives people."

"Where's my dad?"

"When we meet at the city government, let's wait for him, eat first."

The meals are ready, a few exquisite home cooked dishes, a pot of millet porridge, a pot of millet porridge,The meal at home was fragrant. Grandma looked at Hu Rong with a large bowl of porridge, and suddenly asked with a smile: "Rong Rong, when to take the boyfriend home and let the grandma look at it."

Hu Rong put down the bowl, wiped the Xiaomi Mi of the corner of his mouth and said, "Grandma, what are you talking about, how can you?"

Grandma, "Rong Rong, you are not too small, in the countryside and in the countryside,You are almost a baby, you are all born, you are not in a hurry. Grandma is anxious to hug the grandson. Hurry up and bring him your father to see it. By the way, let your grandma help you see each other. "
Hu Rong pretended to be angry: "Grandma, if you are in this way, I won't eat anymore."

Grandma laughed: "Okay, grandma doesn't say it."

"In our countryside, the Mid -Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the son -in -law will hold eight to see the old man, eight chickens, eight fish, eight pork pork, eight bottles of wine, eight cigarettes ..."

" Oh my god, if the living chicken lives, isn't it troublesome? "Hu Rong heard interesting and asked.

"Isn't it a living chicken, how can you do it? The most important thing for our Chinese people is these two festivals. The Mid -Autumn Festival and Spring Festival.>
"Oh" Hu Rong held his cheeks and fell into contemplation. He suddenly kicked up and ran upstairs, changed his clothes, and picked a few gifts in the foam. He shouted, "Grandma,I went out and went to visit friends. "

Grandma chased out and shouted," Girl, I haven't finished eating it yet. "
" No, leave. "The gift box was thrown into the back seat, and when she got on the car, she stepped on, and the aunt stood at the door and waved, and suddenly realized: "This girl starts to post it before going out."

>>>.Liu Ziguang's house, on the dining table, my mother chatted eavesdropping: "Xiaoguang, you are also the boss, and you don't know what to do outside all day. Our house also has it.Grandson, you are not in a hurry. I can't wait to wait with your dad. I can still move while our old arms and legs. Some children can help you look at it. By the way, is there any news about Xiao Fang? "

Liu Ziguang dinner: "Mom, don't worry about it, it's not easy to find daughter -in -law. This is not in a hurry. You have to get water."

Mom said, "You are thirty, you are all thirty,Can you not worry, you can see your classmates, children go to kindergarten, just you are still holding a bachelor. Anyway, you can get a quasi -daughter -in -law into the door and let us see it. "

The doorbell rang, my mother stood up and said, "Some guests come, it may be the neighborhood sister Zhang."

I went to open the door and opened the door to see, but saw a face that had known each other.The girl is very young, her little blushing, pink shirt and woolen skirt wearing lace, small suede boots, look youthful, lively and cute, more importantly, she holds a lot of in her handGifts are high -end supplements such as ginseng bird's nest.

"Child, are you going wrong?" Mom asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I'm Hu Rong, hello aunt, you don't know anymore." The girl was polite and generous, and her mother's eyes immediately laughed into crescents.

"Oh, child, how can you say you, I can't recognize it, come in and come in, how can I get things, and I will sit on the outside. Sitting, I will pour you tea to cut fruits, Xiaoguang, Your friend is here, come out soon. "

Liu Ziguang took a half buns out of the restaurant with half a bun. At first glance, the girl sitting on the sofa turned out to be Hu Rong, and the heroine of the heroic posture made such a ladylike dress,It really made him shock: "Hu Rong, why are you here?"

"Why, I can't come?" Hu Rong said with a grin, a proud look.

My mother came out with the tea tray and said, "Xiaohu drinks tea, eats fruit."

Hu Rong replied well: "Thank you Auntie."

> Liu Ziguang said: "Hu Rong, I believe this time, the technology of your makeup and investigation is indeed first -rate. Today, you are not like you in normal state."

Hu Rong smiled and didn't answer him.But I talked to my mother: "Auntie, how is your body? Do you still go to work?"

Mom answered with a smile, but put Liu Ziguang aside and talked for a while. The mother suddenly seemed to want to wantI asked what I asked: "Xiao Hu, how long has you met with our family Xiaoguang."

Hu Rong said, "Early, I met Liu Ziguang when I was in an internship at the police station before, and I got toIt's almost two years now. "

My mother said," It's been two years since Xiaoguang, Xiao Hu, your dad seems to be the leader of the Public Security Bureau. "

Hu Rong"My dad will no longer preside over the daily work of the Public Security Bureau after entering the Political and Legal Committee. Now the main work is in the city. I have just returned all day. I just came back.Let's go to Hong Kong to perform the task, and we cooperate with it. By the way, you do n’t know, Auntie, Liu Ziguang was transferred to the Public Security Bureau to work, just in the second brigade of the Interpol.> "Really." My mother said, glared at Liu Ziguang, and had a big blame. How could such a big thing not tell the house.

Liu Ziguang's anger, Hu Rong ran his mouth to run the train, but he couldn't refute her, so he had to perfunctory: "What is it, it's just a temporary help."

The sound of the key unlocking, followed by a bold laugh: "Xunzi, see what I brought to you."

Dad returned with Lu Tianming, and the head of the land factory stillsWith two big fish, my mother hurriedly took it to the kitchen to send it, and complained: "Come and buy things."

Lu Tianming laughed: "It's not what I bought, but in theJiangli fishing. "

Liu Ziguang said:" Uncle Ming is very leisure recently? Actually fishing on the river. "

Lu Tianming said:" This is also a job, look back, alas, alas,This little girl is very facing, yes ... "

Hu Rong stood up and said," Uncle, uncle, my name is Hu Rong, my friend of Liu Ziguang. "Turn his face to Liu Ziguang again: "Liu Ziguang, you haven't taken me to visit your room yet."

Liu Ziguang had to lead Hu Rong to his own room. As soon as they left, a theft immediately came in the living room: "Who is this girl?

"What are you remembering the old man? This is Xiaohu of the police station."
"Ah, it is Police Officer Hu, she dare not recognize, she is here?"

"Ask your son to go."

Lu Tianming intervened: "Hu Rong of the Second Criminal Police Brigade of the Municipal Bureau?"

What are the two brigades in? "

Lu Tianming said:" This girl is not easy. It is a well -known iron -blooded goddess in our city. Although her father is the deputy mayor, the child is the slightest.Without the arrogance of Gao Qian's children, I often rush on the front line of the case. "

My mother was stunned:" The front line? Isn't that time to take care of the family? "

Lu Tianming said: "Of course, when the criminal policeman is the hardest, he runs outside for 300 days a year, and it is dangerous to deal with criminals all day."

Suddenly asked, "Tianming, did you have an echo that the baby baby introduced to Xiaoguang last time?"

Lu Tianming said, "They knew it, I just take a bridge, what age is now, now what age is nowOnce, the young people feel that they are together, how can we worry about it? "

As you say, the doorbell is rang again, the mother opened the door and saw that Li Yan and Wei Ziyi held upA bunch of gifts come to the door.

"Xiao Li and Xiaowei are coming, come in, oh, come, come, and bring things." The mother was happy and quickly asked the guests to ask for.

Wei Ziyi saw Lu Tianming sitting on the sofa. He felt embarrassed, but he greeted him with a smile and put the moon cake box on the coffee table.

As soon as so many people sit, the living room seems a bit narrow. Everyone humble each other and let him sit out, and Hu Rong came out of Liu Ziguang's house.

Seeing a strange beautiful girl came out of Liu Ziguang's room, Li Yan just flashed a little doubt and returned to the same way.BR>
Liu Ziguang said: "This is Police Officer Hu Rong and Hu of the second brigade of the Interpol. These two are Li Yan, Wei Zixuan of Chengcheng Group."

Hu Rong plays a generous reaching out.He held lightly with Li Yan and Wei Ziyi and said, "Hello, sit." It felt like she was like this hostess.

Liu Ziguang was relieved. He thought that there would be a lip gun and a sword. How could he know that even the collision of his eyes was not as polite, showing the lady's true colors, one more polite than one.

Li Yan said: "You sit, I go to the kitchen to cut the fruit to eat." Then I walked into the kitchen, picked up the apron tie behind the door, started to wash the fruit, wash the case board andkitchen knife.

Hu Rong was frustrated and simply withdrew. She looked at the mobile phone and said, "Oh, I have to go to the team to meet, leave first, Uncle Uncle and Auntie goodbye."You play slowly. "

Li Ye came out in the kitchen and said," Just leave, play again. "

Saying a guest talk on your mouth, but your eyes show your eyes.The meaning of walking, Hu Rong did not show weakness, and waved Liu Ziguang: "Don't forget, let's say good." Then he said goodbye to everyone again, jumping away.

Liu Ziguang scratched his head straight: "What is good? I don't know."

Li Yan and Wei Ziyi sat away for a while, and when Liu Ziguang went to send them twoLu Tianming said: "Old sister -in -law, that girl is my girlfriend I introduced to Xiaoguang, what do you think."

Mom said, "Who am I, it turned out to be assistant to the guard, this is this, this is the assistant, this is the assistant, thisThe girl is good, the master's diploma, the work is good, I look at it. "

Lu Tianming said:" Then let Xiaoguang grasp a little, young people should be dedicated, it is not good to pick the eyes. "

It's about saying, Liu Ziguang entered the door: "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing, I'll go first, come to my office tomorrow, talk to you." Lu TianmingPick up the clothes and left, and the house finally recovered.

"What, I went out, I won't come back on duty at night." After a while, Liu Ziguang also left, saying that he went to the company on duty, but he actually asked Li Yan to explain it.

There are only the old couples left at home. My mother started to talk: "Oh, what can I do, I think these little girls are good, which one is better?"

Dad said: "I always complain that I can't find my daughter -in -law. Now it's three, it's dumbfounded. Your son is so excellent. You can’t find the object. What about it?. "

My mother started to calculate:" Xiaowei's children's diploma is high, and the work is also good, but the body is not good, the waist is so thin, the front panel of the front is not good.The girl is much stronger. I think there is no need to buy milk powder in the future. Now the quality of baby milk powder is not good. This is a big advantage, but it is not good to work.Dad said, "I heard that her father is the deputy mayor, it is not difficult to adjust a job."

My mother said, "There is this one, we can not try to climb the branches.On the contrary, Xiaoguang is not good in the future. "

" Hey, in fact, President Li is also good, just bring a child, afraid of grieving our Xiaoguang. "My mother was silent for a while,Sigh again.

"Speaking, you are still not satisfied." Dad said.

"Who said, I am most satisfied with Xiao Fang, the child is so good, understand politeness, has an opinion, and loves our family. In the pastNow we have money, and Xiaoguang's career is also successful. There are tens of thousands of income in a month, and there are tens of thousands of revenue. Well, when will Fang Ye come back? "