Chapter 171 To get rich, build the road first

"That's it, because I don't often be here, so I ask you to take care of the trivial matters here!"

Seeing the doubts of the village chief, Lu Xuyang continued: "For example, recruit people, supervise these aspectsYes! "

" That's it, no problem, wrap it on me! "The village chief patted her chest to guarantee.

After getting the consent of the village chief, Lu Xuyang took out the paper pen from the mysterious bag and said: "The village chief, write your bank card number to me!"

ListenWhen I arrived at the bank card, the village chief was embarrassed. He was embarrassed to Chong Lu Xuyang: "The money we earn is just enough to live, where can there be excess money to deposit the bank? Not to mention any bank card!"

"But, what do you ask me to do?" The village chief asked curiously.

"Didn't I ask you to help, this salary is also one of them, so I want to hit the money first to your card. In thisWhat's more convenient! "Lu Xuyang explained patiently.

The village chief suddenly realized, but with a full heart, a full movement was rising.At first glance, Lu Xuyang believed him so, so that he didn't know what to say, but he was determined to help him control the matter.

"Since there is no, then I will go to one sheet will be sent to you tomorrow. Now it's too late, I will not disturb your rest, go back first!"

The long two pillars greeted, and Lu Xuyang left with the fox.

Flying to a place with a football at hand, Lu Xuyang fed a little fairy water in the white fox in his hand. In fact, when he received it, Lu Xuyang knew that it was injured, but he was not good right away and immediately he was not good right away.Save it, otherwise the villagers are found such a magical medicine, and he may be regarded as a monster.

The fox may also know that Lu Xuyang was helping him, and he drank Xiaodou water very obediently.After that, Lu Xuyang was afraid that the place where it was injured was not good, and he specially wiped some fairy water in his injury.Everything is done.After putting it back to the forest, Lu Xuyang returned home with a Kaida.

In the early morning of the first day, Lu Xuyang came to the bank. After the card was done, Lu Xuyang came to Qingshan Village to hand over the card to the village chief.

The village chief who got the card was excited. Although he had hoped before, he was not too serious. After all, Lu Xuyang was just a young man in his twenties. He suspected that it was normal.

To get rich.Repair the road first!

Lu Xuyang still decided to repair the road first.This road is too dangerous.It happened to be only left.It ’s not possible to take a car. If you want to cultivate the farm, the materials are definitely needed, and the farm is up.In the future, you need to transport products, you need a good road, there is no way to do anything.

"Village chief, I think this road in our village is too bad, so I want to repair the road first. At that time, I will call someone over. If you need to recruit people, I will let itIf you contact the village chief, you will trouble you at that time! "

I heard Lu Xuyang call him.The village chief was a little bit, but the next step was ecstasy. The road in the village was barely dug out with the villagers. He was usually only enough to take the individual. Now he can finally look forward to a good way.

In fact, Lu Xu most thought about contracting.However, if the contract is contracted, they are also invited, and they do n’t get it well. They will cut corners. He does n’t want the only way here to repair it because of quality problems. Therefore, he is going to be transported by himself.There are also a lot of people.

After thinking about it, Lu Xuyang called Zhang Long, and now it is only Zhang Long who can help him. Fang Dao Dao is okay to kill and kill.It's right.

After hearing Lu Xuyang's saying, Zhang Long hesitated at the other side of the phone.Although it was only a small time, it was captured by Lu Xuyang.

"Is there anything inconvenient?" Lu Xuyang asked.

"No, no, I think ... Actually ... I have a comrade -in -arms who should be familiar with your job, at least more familiar to me!" For half a day, Zhang Long still said.


听到张龙的话,吕旭阳一阵心喜,对于张龙这类的人,It's still very convincing.And the person who can use the positive difference in his hand, if he can help him find such a person, of course he welcomes it.

"I can really call it!" Zhang Long responded simply, and then turned the topic, "But ..."

"What's wrong? Is there any difficulty? As long as you canHelp me call him, no, not just him, as long as it is talent, I like it! "

Now talent is the most important. When it comes to talent, Lu Xuyang can't wait.

"That person is difficult. He is actually one of the remaining in our team. His family has always been contracted.When I mentioned it, I thought of him. "

It turned out that this was the case. Lu Xuyang understood that several of the living in the team were poisoned to the legs of both legs.leg.But as long as he is a talent, why not take a shot?

"Let's ask him first, see if he wants to help me do things. If you want, you will call him over, and there are several other comrades in your team.There are more. Of course, as long as the loyalty is high, I will accept it all! "

Speaking of this, Lu Xuyang suddenly thought of a thing, then when he returnedA security company, this thought was put on the farm, I just forgot.

"By the way, how is the security company over there? If you have the veterans you know, or those who are about to retire first.You can take it all. I am useful! "

After ordering things, Lu Xuyang waited for Zhang Long's comrades to come over.

But as a farm, there must be vegetables and fruits and animals. It is best to create a paradise.It's just that those things need to be different from ordinary ones.Lu Xuyang suddenly thought of a word:

"Don't do the first, just do the only one!"

His farm must do it, it must be the only one because he has a yin and yang mirror!

But where do those unique prototypes come from?

Suddenly, Lu Xuyang's eyes brightened, he thought of Shennongjia!IntersectionIntersectionWhy not go there?

Lu Xuyang, who was interesting, was about to set off with a mysterious bag, but when he thought of Zhang Long's comrades, he stayed at home honestly.

The road building is still the most important. The faster the road is, the better, otherwise the later project will be delayed.It is just that you can also take a look at it at home now, saving the two places in the future.