On September 10, the plot notice

In view of the 42 chapters of yellow light ball ~ to 48 chapters, the south Tianba plot involved, the writers responded that this paragraph was somewhat dull and long.Therefore, it took a morning to do a "technical" treatment and modification.

Chapter 43 "Fighting Island Fighting" -Caplated the specific situation of the two -man Yuanshen in the floating island, and attacked by bite.Nantianba has been boring and downgraded.

Chapter 44 and 45 -increased and modified the process of fighting in Zifu.

On the whole, the purpose of this modification is to delete some of the depressed plots and increase the exciting and exciting plot.

Because the modification of the background and the article displayed by the starting point are not synchronized, there will be delay, causing a certain misunderstanding.After about a period of time, it can be displayed completely.

Please forgive me.

In addition, the afternoon update is 6 o'clock, don't worry.