Chapter 1 ancestor Grave

In 1975, at the foot of Nanshan, Jiangxi, under the foot of Nanshan, Jiangxi, under a tall old locust tree, a group of villagers were surrounded by a group of villagers.

The announcement wrote: According to the instructions of the County Revolutionary Committee, the grave located in Linggu Cave must be relocated within 15 days, and the grave that has not been relocated by thenOrganize the unified tincture of the foundation of the foundation, and the Great Revolutionary people actively cooperated.The money is the Revolutionary Committee of Nanshan Town, Wuyuan County, with a bright red seal below.

Han Sheng was squeezed out of the crowd and hurried to the house.

Zhu Han is 20 years old this year. He usually follows his father and apprentice at home at home to do some trivial matters such as mountains and medicines, pounding and compatibility.I like him very much.

The three thatched houses in the east of the village are his home. There are some Chinese herbs and other Chinese herbal medicines such as Caidin Chaihu in front of the door.

"Daddy, the town came to the notice to move the ancestral grave within a time limit." Han Sheng shouted before entering the hospital.

Inner channel.

My father is a barefoot doctor in the village. He has a good medical skills, but the medical ethics is very good. The old watches of Shili Ba Village around him are looking for a doctor. The general disease does not go to the town health center.

The light inside the house was dim, and his father sat in a chair holding a stone pestle in the pill in the pill, and he emitted a rustic rusty plant.

"Dad, why do you move all the graves in front of Linggu Cave?" Han Sheng asked his father.

The father shook his head.

"We have a lot of generations in Linggu Cave?" Han Sheng looked forward to saying.

"Yeah, too long, we can only control the generation of great -grandfather, let me see, tomorrow is Gengyu Day, suitable for breaking the soil and moving the grave, we will go tomorrow." FatherFingers said.

The cold mother died very early. It was his father who worked hard and pulled him up.In the old days, traditional Chinese medicine involved some Feng Shui. In the past, his father also gave others a yin house. Later, he was criticized during the Cultural Revolution.

"What can be a bit in the old tomb?" Han Sheng said to himself.

"Our family is poor, what else can the old tomb be except for a bone? Don't think about it, disrespect to his ancestors." The father glared at him.

That night, Han Sheng was lying in bed and over and over. It was a strange thing to dig the old grave. When he thought of this, he was excited.

In the early morning, the birds in the yard kept giving up, the cold live early fire, cooked some sweet potato porridge, the days were difficult, he still grabbed the rice and put the rice intoIn the pot, today is different from usual.

After dinner, he and his father set off with a hoe iron umbrella and a few cloth bags.

Wuyuan is one of the six counties in the ancient Huizhou prefecture, and the hometown of Zhu Xi, a well -known scientist in the Southern Song Dynasty.Architecture, smoke, is quiet like a pastoral landscape painting.

Turn over a hill and look back at the southwest direction. When Zhu Xi returned to his hometown, he had 24 filial piety. It has been more than 00 years and still stands silently in Wen Gongshan.

"Follow, it's almost seven o'clock, don't make a mistake." The father urged him ahead.

Turning the cold and love, it is no wonder that some people say that Wuyuan is the most beautiful country in China, which is indecent.

A green bamboo forest in front of it, through the bamboo forest, is the famous Linggu Cave.The mountains in this area are all limestone, and there are many rainwater in the south of the river. Many caves have been eroded.We dare not approach. It is said that the dark hole will sucked the children in.

The zero grave has been seen in the bamboo forest. Some tombstones are crooked in the east, and the bamboo whip arch is turned around under the ground.Far place.

"Gaga." The two crows stood at the grassy grave head and looked at this side.

"By the way, this is your great -grandfather's tomb." The father said that he put down the hoe and the tombstone was crooked.

Han Sheng shouted, bombarding the two dark crows.

"cold life, you must remember that you must hold your breath when you open the coffin board. There is a corpse gas in the sealed coffin, which will get sick in suction." The father raised his hoe.

"Is there a color of the corpse?" Han Sheng asked.

"Yes, but most people can't see it." The father answered.

"What color is it?" Han Sheng was interested.

"Well, it is generally pale gray, also black, like thick smoke, very evil, the most terrible thing is the red corpse, and it is not saved." The father said.

The cold life is heard, and my heart is afraid.

Misty mosquito in the bamboo forest, the mosquito in a ball of wings incite the wings, staring at these two blood -blooded humans.The bite is silent, and the dong is not big, but it itchy, you can't pull out the pieces of the meat.

The father dug the soil with a hoe, sweaty with his forehead, handed the towels in the cold life, and grabbed the hoe to dry it. After all, he was young, physically strong, and his speed was significantly faster.

The father sat aside, smoked the cigarettes, the smell of cigarettes was scattered, and the mosquito group retreated into the bamboo forest.

The coldness of the cold and life has been piled up with high soil. At this moment, suddenly the men feel different. With a "bangRaw a piece of dark brown wooden board.

"There is a dark gas, avoid!" Behind him, his father leapt, and he hugged Han Sheng to push him with one hand.

Han Sheng looked back, and saw his father shook a few times, and one hand found out a pill in his arms into his mouth. It turned out that his father was ready.

Han Sheng hid outside the circle and looked at the pit carefully, but he couldn't see anything.

The father continued to clean up the floating soil, then pry open the coffin lid, and then jumped, breathing with a large mouth.

"Daddy, I can't see the darkness." Han Sheng helped his father.

"Of course, you haven't learned the method of observing qi, and naturally can't see it." My father said.

The cold life stomped his feet and looked at the pits.

"Wait for the corpse to fall away." The father lit a cigarette again.

"Daddy, how could he be black in the coffin of Zeng Zu?" Han Sheng asked puzzledly.

My father sighed and said, "Your great -ancestor is also a Lang, probably afraid of someone stealing the grave, and the toad mandarin powder is placed in it."

Can you produce a toxic corpse? "Han Sheng asked.

"This medicine only has the effect of anesthesia. Once combined with the ** gas when the corpse decomposes, it will produce a toxic black corpse." The father explained.

"How did the most powerful red corpse come out?" Han Sheng felt more and more exciting.

"Dad hangs a pot, and hasn't met yet." Father said.

At this moment, a ray of sunshine shot obliquely and shot it in the pit.

The father jumped up, grabbed the umbrella, stood in the dumplings, and opened the umbrella to cover the sun.

"The bone of the ancestors could not see the sun, the cold, and the corpse had disappeared. You go down to converge the bones for Zeng Zu." The father encouraged the cold.

Han Sheng picked up a cloth bag and jumped off the pit boldly.

A complete skeleton, with yellow brown color, but the posture is very so?There are never such customs in the local area.

Han Sheng frowned, glanced at the lower coffin, and did not find any funeral items. There were some fine dust at the bottom of the coffin, and some bone colonies were buried.He murmured, squatted down and started to condense his bones. He drilled into the coffin for the first time in his life. He was panicked and uneasy.

A bone colonial root was packed in a cloth pocket, and the fascia between the bones had long disappeared, so the connection was separated, and it was easy to pick it. Finallyin the pocket.

"Daddy, pick it up." Han Sheng shouted.

The late autumn of Jiangnan, the weather changes impermanence. Just now there is a sunlight, but at this moment, it is a cloud of clouds, and it is raining.

"The cold, Chen Shi has passed, we go back." The father looked at the lead -gray sky and shook his head and said.

"What about the other tombs?" Han Sheng asked.

"Find a good day again." The father pulled Hansheng's hand and dragged it.

The father and son returned according to the original road. When they rushed back to the door of the village's Dongjia, their clothes were soaked.

Under the large camphor tree in front of the campaign, there are a few people standing, anxiously looking around, seeing the cold and son of the cold, and hurriedly greeted.

"Dr. Zhu, my mother -in -law is about to produce, please run a hurry." The middle -aged man headed by that was anxiously said.

"Okay, I'll go and go." My father entered the house to pick up the medicine box.

"Shengsheng, I don't necessarily come back today. When you clicked the bones when you were in the cricket, then put it tightly in the niche niche of the West House with white cloth strips.Box, tell Han Shengdao.

"I know, Dad goes early and return early." Han Sheng responded, walking into the West House to put down his cloth pocket.He knew that it was different from seeing a doctor. Sometimes the mother couldn't give birth for a day or two, and the father had to watch it there at any time. Tonight, he must have to eat alone.

During the late palm lamp, Han Sheng himself randomly pulled two meals and looked at the clock was seven o'clock. When he arrived, he came to the Nishiya Nica, removed the cloth pocket, and began to count on the oil lamp in accordance with his father's instructions under the oil lamp.Bone colonies.

I have followed my father for medicine since I was a child. I have heard of it for more than ten years.The fifth toe bone is one more piece than us, but my father has never seen it.

"175, 176, 177 ..." Han Sheng's mouth was thinking, eh, why isn't it?He poured the bag, and it was empty, and one was gone.

What are the lack of?There were 27 yuan in total. He thought about it and just put it up.Speaking of dry, Han Sheng spell all the bones in the order of the human body. At the end of the time, when the bell knocks nine o'clock, the human bone splicing is completed.

The skeleton of the great ancestor lay quietly in the land of the West House, but there was a lack of a right palm ...