Chapter 162 Billionaires?IntersectionIntersection

It is the first time that Lu Xuyang has come to pick up money for so long, and these money is basically divided into the winery.

Originally, he was preparing to deposit a house or start a business, but since his father had to use it, of course he gave him, and he was not in a hurry to buy a house and a car anyway.

There are a lot of people in the bank. I do n’t know if there are so many people usually, or just today, it ’s for about an hour to turn Lu Xuyang anyway.

After turning the account, Lu Xuyang checked the balance of the card by the way.

I dare not believe ...

Lu Xuyang rubbed his eyes fiercely ...

He reads right?When will the deposit be hundreds of millions of deposits?

He didn't dare to believe him, and counted it again, nine digits, yes!

But how did this money come?Can the winefield really divide so much?

Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang dialed Zheng's father's phone.

"Which one?"

Zheng Yan's voice came from the phone, and there were some people's voices mixed around. It is estimated to be in the winery.

"Uncle, I am, Xiaoxu!" Lu Xuyang replied.

"Oh!! Xiaoxu?" After hearing Lu Xuyang's voice, Zheng Yan suddenly realized.

"Why did you have time to call today?" Zheng Yan went on.

"I want to ask, did you call me the dividend of the wine workshop?" Lu Xuyang continued.

"Yeah, why did you make a mistake?" When he heard the dividend, Zheng Yan was a little nervous. Is he wrong?

"No!" After smelling Zheng's doubt, Lu Xuyang explained: "I just think that ... is that ... too much?"

解释郑赟松了一口气,哈哈一笑道:”不多啊,一千多万而已。这酒真的不错的。你可别太小看了,而且现在生意好的很,我都准备扩大规模了,I want to discuss with you! "

" Wait, Uncle, how much did you just say to me? "Lu Xuyang surprised.

"More than 10 million! What??" Zheng Yan was almost fainted by Lu Xuyang.

"Oh, no ... nothing! Just think this wine seems to be pretty good!" Lu Xuyang, who reacted, quickly explained.But the doubts in my heart are getting heavier.

How did the one hundred million come from?

Lu Xuyang then chatted with Zheng's father for a while, and hung up the phone.

He is very bad now, but one hundred million Lu Xuyang who did not find the source did not dare to move. In case someone else remitted the money.At that time, he would be troublesome when he found him.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang took back his bank card, and the urged person who rushed to say ‘Sorry’ and left.

After leaving the bank, when he saw Fang Dao waiting for him outside, Lu Xuyang took a breath.He has more and more people now.But it is getting worse and difficult to arrange.

Bring Fang Dao back to the villa, he planned to arrange him in the villa first.I went to school to sleep.I just don't know if Wang Junhuai is unwilling!

But there is no more than so much.For such a long time, if you live in the hotel, it will be considered a small amount of expenses. Anyway, the pharmaceutical factory will be opened next month, and the dormitory building should be almost built. First, let them move down for the time being.Then move it again.

After setting up Fang Dao Dao, the sky has gradually become black.After handing over the cocoa to Li Wenjing, Lu Xuyang walked towards the school with a mysterious bag.

It is not far from the school, and suddenly a touch of white passes in the corner of Lu Xuyang's eyes.The white night is particularly obvious than the black night.Lu Xuyang didn't care too much.He felt a little hungry and walked to the night market.

It happened that the direction of the night market was the same as the direction of the white white, so that Lu Xuyang could see that the white woman was wearing a white dress.

Lu Xuyang did not stop, and still walked over.

Lu Xuyang, who came to the night market, ordered his favorite snack and slowly ate.At this time, the white white floated into Lu Xuyang's eyes.

Is it come to eat supper?Lu Xuyang was dark.Then he opened another bottle of beer.

After eating things, Lu Xuyang, who returned to the dormitory, couldn't wait to take out the "Yin Yang Guo" obtained by the task.

This is a weird fruit. The white is close to the transparent flesh, and there is a hint of black.For a long time, Lu Xuyang recruited the fox cat.

Seeing the fruit in Lu Xuyang's hand, the fox cat obviously has a pleasant look, but his eyes are always staring at the 'yin and yang fruit' on Lu Xuyang's hands.The trend of saliva.

Lu Xuyang looked at the fox cat, and couldn't help but funny.However, he didn't let the fox cat wait too long, so he left the yin and yang fruit without hesitation. The cat fox moved forward.Essence

I don't know what the fox cat will look like this time?Lu Xuyang had a trace of expectation.

A good dream overnight. In the morning, Lu Xuyang was awakened by Feng Beibei, and he didn't know where he came. Suddenly he went out so early to buy breakfast for everyone.

"Hey ~~ Do you know? Our school has happened!" After they got up, Feng Beibei said mysteriously.

"What is the big deal?" Li Huaishan bit the buns in his hand.

Feng Beibei slowly stabbed the breakfast he bought by him. When everyone's appetite was caught, he slowly opened: "Our school is dead!"

"~~ Dead shell, you blow it! "Li Huaishan first refuted.Where is this?This is a higher education institution. How can this happen?

"Eh ~~ Yam, I really don't say fake this time ~~" Feng Beibei proved to himself: "I saw it with my own eyes, and now the police have come!"

"No?" Li Huaishan said in shock.

Feng Beibei nodded and continued to ask: "Do you want to know who is?"

"Who?"This is a higher education institution.

"It is Chen Peisi, who ranked eighth in our school's school flower list!" Feng Beibei said.

"What is going on?" He heard that it was the school, and Wu Hai was surprised and couldn't help asking Feng Beibei.

"Oh ~~ I don't know, it's a dead person anyway!" Feng Beibei stood up with both hands and rushed: "But ... I heard ... it seems to be killed."He took the breakfast by himself.

Looking at Feng Beibei, who was eating, the rest of the dormitory looked at each other.

It was Li Huaishan's most curious, and I would like to take a look.Lu Xuyang, Wu Hai nodded.The three were led by Feng Beibei to the place where the accident happened.

Before you arrive, you can see people surrounded by layers of people around.