Chapter 168

"How much is your fish?" Lu Xuyang asked again.

"The original price of this fish was 3,000, and it would be a discount for you, so you can collect you for 2,800 yuan." The man said.

Lu Xuyang didn't say a word, took out a stack of money, and counted the 2800 yuan bills to the man, and said, "Can we leave?"

The man took the money sent by Lu Xuyang and counted it. He was happy to Chong Lu Xuyang: "Yes, of course."
"Then this fish, can we get it?" Lu Xuyang pointed at that.Asked with dead fish.

"Of course!" The man replied and asked the person to hand the fish to Lu Xuyang, but Lu Xuyang didn't pick it up, but rushed to the humanity: "Is it possible to buy a fish with a fish tank?">
"Yes!" The man quickly took a fish tank and packed some water. After putting the dead fish in, he handed him to Lu Xuyang.

After receiving the fish, Lu Xuyang and Zheng Xiyi walked out of this shop.

Along the way, Zheng Xiyi was always unhappy. He was not good at himself, and Lu Xuyang was almost 3,000 yuan.

"Hexi! Angry?" Lu Xuyang asked Zheng Xiyi.

Zheng Xiyi ignored Lu Xuyang and walked forward.

"Hexi, don't get angry, it's easy to get angry ~~" Seeing Zheng Xiyi, who was unhappy, Lu Xuyang continued to feel comfort.

Zheng Xiyi raised his head, watching Lu Xuyang poorly, rushing to him with a strong nasal sound: "Sorry, Xiao Xu, people have lost 3,000 yuan!"

br> "What? What are you sorry for me?" Lu Xuyang patted her little head.

Zheng Xiyi sucked his nose and continued to ask Lu Xuyang: "Go to 3,000 yuan in vain, aren't you angry?"

"唉  ̄" Lu Xuyang sighed, lightlyLightly embraced Zheng Xiyi into his arms, and said, "How can I be angry? Even if you want to give birth, it is the ingenuity of those unscrupulous merchants, not my family! Besides, the fish is not dead."

"How is it? You lie! I obviously saw that fish was dead!" Zheng Xiyi raised his head from Lu Xuyang's arms to yell.

Lu Xuyang rushed to Zheng Xiyi with a serious book: "When did I lie to you?"

Looking at Lu Xuyang's expression, it is not as if they are fake. Zheng Xiyi began to be doubtful.

"Are you really really?"

"Of course. It is just sick and fainted. When I save it, you can know if I lie to youIt's! "Lu Xuyang was very confused.

"That said that, that's the money was not lost?" Zheng Xiyi confirmed at Lu Xuyang again.

"Of course, not only is it not lost, but it is also worth it!" Lu Xuyang replied.

When he heard Lu Xuyang said like this, Zheng Xiyi was a little puzzled.

"Why is it worthwhile, what kind of baby does a dead fish still be?"

Hearing Zheng Xiyi's question, Lu Xuyang laughed: "You really guess right,Do you know what fish is this? "

Until I saw Zheng Xiyi shook his head, Lu Xuyang said:" This is a lulin. It may be because the characteristics are not obvious.>
"What is Liu Jin? How much is it worth?" Zheng Xiyi asked in doubt.She doesn't believe such a small fish.Three thousand yuan is still worth it, then it can't be tens of thousands, right?

"Ryukin is a kind of goldfish, a valuable ornamental fish, which is made from Chinese wenfish into Japan. Such a fish is worth tens of thousands or even 100,000!Did you pick up a big cheap? "Lu Xuyang explained.

In fact, he didn't know these materials.At that time, he saw the shop owner take out a dead fish, and he was very angry.

However, when he saw the fish through the psychiatric mirror, he knew the name of the fish, and then he understood the Tao of the Xiaoli Er by Zhi Ling.He only ate this so -called 'He only ate this so -called 'dumb loss' and bought the fish nearly 3,000 yuan.

In fact, when this fish was taken out, there was still a breath.It's just that those people didn't find it, or they might be found, but they couldn't treat it, so they died directly.When the fish came over, Lu Xuyang felt it.

After the fish was successfully traded.Lu Xuyang quietly threw a little diluted Xiandou water into the fish tank, so he was not afraid that the fish would die. It is estimated that when he arrived home, the fish was alive again.

"Wow, is it so expensive? Isn't that boss lost?" Zheng Xiyi began to worry.

When he heard Zheng Xiyi's question, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but sigh. Zheng Xiyi was still very good, and everyone was so framed. She was still worried about her.

"You can rest assured, this fish is estimated to be confused when you buy it, so the boss is definitely earning!" Lu Xuyang comforted.

When he heard Lu Xuyang's explanation, think about the scene when he was framed by his boss before, Zheng Xiyi couldn't help but blushed his head and vomited his tongue.

I figured out everything, and Zheng Xiyi, who knew that the money was not white, started to get better, and Lu Xuyang was relieved.The willingness to take Zheng Xiyi is to hope that she can be happy, and Lu Xuyang does not want to make it clumsy.

Touring a full flower and bird market, in the end, Lu Xuyang bought a fish, but Zheng Xiyi was empty -handed and bought nothing.

Looking at the time, the two were about to return to the house. As soon as they walked to the door, Lu Xuyang gave the fish to Zheng Xiyi, and let her wait for him for a while, and the person was waiting inside.

Zheng Xiyi only missed something, but went back to buy it, and she was really tired, so she didn't call to follow, but listened to Lu Xuyang's words obediently and waited.

"Hexi, give it to you!"

Zheng Xiyi was thinking about when Lu Xuyang came back, and he wanted to dare to dare to dare his voice in his ears. There was a colorful rose in front of him.Essence

Zheng Xiyi was stunned. Looking at this rose, it should be in the flower shop that had just been visited for a long time. At that time, she only felt that the rose was particularly beautiful. She stopped and looked at it.Unexpectedly, Lu Xuyang noticed so carefully.

"Why? Don't you like it?" Looking at Zheng Xiyi, who didn't pick it up for a long time, Lu Xuyang was a little puzzled. It seemed that she seemed to like this flower.Intersection

"Who said I don't like it? I like it very much, but it's too surprised that I didn't respond at once." Zheng Xiyi took the bouquet in Lu Xuyang's hand and kissed him on his face: "Xiaoxu,You are so nice! "

" That's it, who is it good to be good? You are the baby in my heart! "Lu Xuyang laughed.

Zheng Xiyi glanced at him in vain, groaning: "Smooth the oily cavity!"

"Where is there?" Lu Xuyang aggrieved: "What I said is the truth, do you not like it?"

" I ignore you! "Zheng Xiyi blushed and stomped his feet, and ran forward a little anger.But the pace was not fast, and I knew that Xiao Nizi was shy because of Lu Xuyang's words.