【1279】 The hatred of sparrows

"I feel bad about my money, what else do I want to be confident. I regret dead." As I said, I grabbed my head hard.>
The sparrow "haha" smiled, and didn't make trouble with me, but just turned around again.

"I said, can we not turn around and look around, so delicious. We will turn around and stroll more. Someone follows us, isn't it easy to find, let's talk about it. You just followed the village.When you come out, you can find you. How big your friend does your friend have and how much power. "

" Can you use the power outside, for example, "finish, the sparrow looks up at the top of the head and look at the head of the head.Essence

I understand what he said, but I still laughed. "Here, the vegetables are here, drink, drink. Brother, for the first time, let's drink it."

Nodded "Drink, drink it well"

"waiterIt's very happy. The amount of alcohol of the sparrow is really good. I started drinking with him seriously, but he couldn't drink him, but he was not serious, and he couldn't drink him. In the endWow, I spit it up. Two bottles of mineral water made me drink as a wine. I drank most of the golden blessings of Golden Six, and the sparrows drank a pound of liquor alone, and there were ten bottles of beer.Rosy, there is no other situation. It is just that during the process of drinking, the sparrows looked around several times. I staggered him and didn't want her to think about it.

LaterI drank too much, and told me some of his previous things.

The sparrow, originally named Chen Xiaobo, a very ordinary name, dropped out of school after junior high school.The field, the so -called field is not a casino, but a sand pit. Their boss has a big car in the first four and eight, and it is sold from the sand pit every night. Later, in the struggle to seize the bunker again, he friction with other gangs was friction with other gangs., Their boss shot and killed people. The people who were killed were still very powerful. They were arrested by the police and they were shot. These people had to scatter them. As a result, the sparrows did not let them disperse. Because their gangs just hit them after allThe reputation, simply, he took this matter, borrowed some money, bought two second -hand eight, and began to steal the sand. LaterReal estate, I have done a lot of things.

There are also people above, and there are people below. The more and more business is. When the sparrow says that he is the biggest power, the entire city, they are prefecture -level cities, the entire prefecture -level level, the entire prefecture -level levelThe city, he is the leader of the underground organization, and can also affect many people above. The entire L city is governed by him, so he also offended many people. If he did not obey him, he would treat them violently.Many people, dare to be angry and say to him. The greater the business, the more the enemies accumulate, but he has never been afraid.The most basic reason to fall is still too public, too mad, offending people who should not offend.

He has argued with someone on him because of some things, and the dispute is fierce.No one was willing to give back. Later, the people above were unwilling, so they conspired with his closest subordinate. After preparing for more than a year, knocking down the sparrows.

The sparrow is good.San'er brought people to save people. The sparrow itself is a lot of evil. There are indeed a lot of enemies, so after he poured it, all the enemies he had offended before were looking for him. On the one hand, he wanted to retaliate against him. On the other hand, heThe subordinate, the price of 3 million, the hidden place for buying a sparrow, and a life of 6 million to buy a sparrow.Therefore, for a while, the sparrows are also full of troubles, and everyone is well known.

The road on the road was spread again, and the police also issued a wanted order, and both black and white were looking for him.Therefore, there are a lot of people who know him, but it was a few years ago. The sparrows went to the position of the grave of San'er after fighting the old life.My wife and children also lost.Later, I heard that my parents were mad, and the child was just over one year old.Because of an accident, the car chased by them was killed.Everything is surprising.

The cause of the first thing is because of a woman, his subordinates, and always liked his woman, but he himself did not notice it at all.His subordinates, who knows this woman earlier than him.And after giving birth to a relationship, it was separated later. The man's thought of the woman's thought of women. This woman later followed the sparrows and followed the sparrows with all her heart.It wasn't until the day when he had an accident that he knew that his woman had met his subordinates for many years and had feelings.

In fact, I had to lose this woman later that the incident was wrong, reminding the sparrows, so that the sparrows would fall off a life.When I heard that when the child was killed by a car, the sparrow daughter -in -law was crazy now.He was pulled away by San'er.Saying this subordinate reminds me of Bolong's shadow.Some regrets.

The sparrow also told me that he had three lords, and the betrayal was called Si Junjie.The dead person is the three children, named Li Yarheng.There is also a lord, called Xin Yiming.

On the day Si Junjie rebelled, Xin Yiming was not there.Go out to talk about business.He deliberately picked up such a day.There are many many people, using strategies.Want to make the sparrows out together.Qin Shan, the sparrow woman, was later.

Xin Yiming knew about this, and did not return to the organization, and opened another portal.After the sparrows had an accident that night and San'er, the two of them were siege by the people of Si Junjie.Some people ran away, some people surrendered, some people retreated, and some people, and later they voted to Xin Yiming.Following Xin Yiming, he started to do it.

The sparrow's current idea is to take Hai Lei to start doing it first, and it is a bit improved.Go to Xin Yiming and find a way to persuade Xin Yiming to help him get back again.Because Xin Yiming is a very upright person.He felt Xin Yiming could help him.It's just that this is just feeling.Now that this world is not allowed, everyone is not as good as itself, and after all, I haven't seen it for so many years. What is Xin Yiming's attitude, or an unknown.Therefore, he also wants to show.

One of the most impressed words to me is that either revenge and hate, or die.Otherwise, if you live like this, life is better than death.

The power of hatred.It's really big.Turning his head and glanced at Zhengxiang Bo Yu Ao, who was eating on the side, he was still good, and he didn't have to think about anything.