3 2 7 da kai fa zhi long jing hu meng

The price is 4,81 square meters.

This neighborhood is located near the outer ring road.The reason of the eight thousands of buyers also becomes more crazy as the house price increases. As long as the new real estate opens the market, it must be snapped up. It is relying on this that she is the emperor's daughter.price.

In the house buying hall, buying a house is not a child's show. Everyone is fine and calculated before buying the house. Suddenly, the extra expenditure has increased by 12%.Said that the protest was irritable and even began to push the security guard to rush to the stage to question the marketing manager.

The large -scale staff has already arranged a large number of security buyers in the house to buy a house.Put down a house buyer and come in.

The second batch of home buyers also stunned some people after hearing this bad news.After adding 600 yuan, you can eat less meat and less meat. Children with less meat. If you buy a few toys, you can go through it. It ’s not bad to buy a house.

The sales staff also took the opportunity to drink with a large horn: "On the first day of the opening, take care of everyone's explosion price of 5,400 yuan per square meter tomorrow.Everyone can't care about this, and hurry up and dance to the passbook and squeeze forward, so no way, who can make the house so sell well? Now it ’s not good to do it.It is God.

There are also a few tendons shouting to retreat to the Golden Renjia house to ignore you. That's a deposit or a deposit.
One thousand and eighty hundred houses will be sold out at least to the public within a day.In the property market, the best fund managers are made to make money and make money steadily.

Looking at the noisy buying scene on the second floor of the sales department, a group of big guys made a good smile todayThe days when the opening of the Danube Wind Park under the Group's Danube Wind Park all participated in the ribbon -cutting ceremony of the first floor just now, which was the scissors they move.The tie reported: "The scene is warm and better than expected earlier. You can also accept that the buyer can be accepted."The words just fell to see that the seats in the seat were all heavyweights in the group, and they were afraid of saying something wrong.

The big guys laughed at this scene.The more you raise the price, the more you buy the price, but you ca n’t sell it anymore.

The big guys exchanged their views. Everyone nodded frequently.

Gels customers."One of the big brothers set up a suit man and went downstairs. He took a colleague and said excitedly:" Guess who I saw it just now was the chairman of the board of directors of President Nie!"

" Ah President Nie also came, did he talk to you?"Colleagues are obviously very excited about Nie Nie's founder, and the business experience of Jiangbei Fugu is also a legend in the country.

" Nothing but President Nie laughed to me."The suit man waved his fist happily" President Nie is too great."

When the lobby of the house sales hall was extremely noisy, the members of the board of directors had already stepped downstairs and went to some sturdy men in black stand -up clothes.The position is often the best defensive position **** This is the quality of the professional bodyguard hired by the big opening.A very positive national character face was fixed with wax with wax with a hint of meticulous smile on his head. When he went downstairs, he told the service staff who opened the door. Thank you for the two waiters.

The car of President Nie and members of the board of directors parked at the internal parking lot behind the sales department. The BMW 74O color of the color of Nie is a pure black Bentley wearing black and short shaving.The very spiritual driver drove the door and guarded President Nie that the other people in the back seats also sat in each of the Santana police car in the local police station.> On the large milk white leather seat in the car, President Nie was discussed on a member of the board of directors to discuss the matter.How are you afraid of being hot."

" How big size?"President Nie asked the cigar out of his mouth casually.

" This number."The man stretched out five fingers.

" There are too many guys to get less and complain about the old Chen of the procuratorate to bring one party to one party."

" Mr. Nie Yingming deal with these black -hearted guys, Lao Chen, the most useful."

" How about the progress of Linjiang C ** D?"President Nie asked.

" The relocation office has been stationed but the effect is not good."

" In this way, Xiao Wei Xian waited for the other on the other hand to let Huzi come forward to engage in a ** company."

" I understand that President Nie I will explain to Brother Hu."


The fourth layer of fur counter on the fourth floor of the Emperor Commercial Building, the central business district of Jiangbei City.One of the bosses' huge bald heads flashed with oil -light and short necks behind the large group, although wearing a valuable Armani suit, the thick gold chain on the neck still exposed his rough taste on Guangtianhua Day.Below.

"Tiger Lord wants that coat and is that 50,000 yuan."The little girl in the boss's arms said that the water snake -like body twisted the cold sky girl in the boss's arms, only a leopard tight skirt V -shaped neckline was turbulent.
" FiveFang ** You will really pick."Huye is happy to ** on the little girl's buttocks," Didn't you just buy a sports car for you?"

" What is it that buying Porsche for others is actually a beauty leopard. People have lost their death in front of classmates. Is it considered a tiger, you want to compensate others."The little girl groaned her delicate face can just get out of the water.

" What is the material for buying a salesperson? ""The boss asked the mink coat on the model.

" Mr. I am the latest price of ottermine mink coat this winter is 58,800 yuan."

" What tower crane?Miss, don't bluff me, I am a tower crane for dry buildings, how can I make clothes."Hu Ye deliberately pretended that he was humorous.

" Mr. otter Mink is a kind of animal fur and gentle clothes."Emperor's businessmen's salespersons are not vegetarian any rich people have never seen it. At this moment, they still keep respect on the surface, but they are already secretly laughing at the countryside of the countryside.If you deliberately make trouble, you want the coat of the mink."The little girl sprinkled her again to tease her:" How can there be a mud header who bought the tower crane?There are three teams in Tiger."

The little girl turned around and ignored him. He smiled with a bold smile and pretended to be very internal.How much is the 5,000 yuan in Haining Pur Caocheng."

The salesperson explained politely:" This is the quality standard of the international standard standard of imported otters in Nordic otters."

" Oh "Tiger's nodded nodded with a big hand and said boldly:" Buy two pieces! "The men's and women's styles are wrapped in one piece."

" Oh, Lord Tiger, I know you'd better come."The chick furiously fluttered on the fat face of Huye's face, and the chicks were pecking rice.Several bosses next to the gold card and paying the accounts also picked up the most expensive buying gourds and bought one of them.Delivered clothes.

Suddenly a sound of a song sounded, "I'm looking up on the moon ..."The answer key shouted, "Who can you feed?"I, I buy things in Dahao Shangxia, what do Nie always arranged well and I will arrive immediately."

Putting down the serious face of the tiger's face:" You first walking with Nie, I went to me and I left."He said that even the chick did not take a person to go downstairs to the Cayenne parked on the sidewalk to reach out to pull off the ticket from the windshield and throw away the car on the side of the car.

Tiger LordWhen all the people who came to the headquarters of Da Kai Group, everyone who saw him stopped greeted Gongbi and greeted him with a shouting manager who shouted a tiger.It is the number one big name ** dirty work is his heart and ruthlessness. Everyone knows that everyone knows.

I came to the chair and said to the chair, "President Wei, youFind me?"

Vice President Wei said:" That's how President Nie arranged for you to be responsible for the relocation work of Linjiang C ** D."

Tiger's eyes lighted up," Is it the large slum in the south of the night market? Is that a good place? Absolutely golden area is not dismantled at night market? ""

" It should also be within the range."

" NND eight years ago, I made a knife at the night market. I almost hung up. I haven't found it. I didn't expect that the night market was going to dismantle my sword."