Chapter 68 You have no reason to refuse me to give you happiness

Yang Xue glanced at him, but he was not angry, but his face blushed again: "Rogue!"

smiled twice, and then glanced out, then he stunned, then heLaughed.

"Oh! Look at this nature!" He patted his head and said, "Yesterday the instructor seemed to say that let us take a day today!"

Yang Xue also stunned for a momentThen I remembered that there was such a matter, and laughed, and smiled simply and beautiful.

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue seemed to be very warm, and thought that the most natural smile that people exposed after putting down their bodies were really the most beautiful.

"What are you looking at!" Yang Xue saw him staring at himself, and immediately stared at his eyes.

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue put his lips, and a perfect image was destroyed by this glance. It was a pity.But although I thought so, my mouth was poor: "I'm thinking, since I don't need to train today. You see, should we lie down for a while?"
"" Go! There is no seriousness at all.! "Yang Xue said at a glance.

Jiyang Longyue moved her to her ear, and said with a loud voice, "What should I be serious?"
"Oh, what are you doing?Yeah! "Yang Xue pushed him away, but his face was red.

"Cut! Who is rare!" He made a look at her with dissatisfaction, "I really treat myself as a beauty!"

Get me! "Yang Xue stood up unexpectedly and yelled at him.

"Hey, don't do this! I'm just a joke! You are not a beauty who is qualified to be a beautiful woman!" Zongyang Longyue was busy coaxing her with a hippie smile.

"Huh! Morality!" Yang Xue smiled proudly and sat down leisurely.

He Yanglong Yue leaned his lips and knew that he was played by her.But he was not angry, but sat next to her.

"Hey, what are you doing so much? Pay attention!" Yang Xue moved his body and said.

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue was posted again with a smile of the Buddha. He also said, "I also hugged, I hugged it, I lay together to sleep!Is it normal! "

" Shameless! Rogue! "Yang Xue scolded with a delicate look.

"Okay! Just make a joke!" Junyang Longyue suddenly stood up and said with a smile, "Let's lie down for a while! After so long for a long time, take a good rest."

Yang Xue was a little inexplicable by his sudden move. He looked at him out of the door, and his heart was inexplicably sour.

Instead of returning to his room, Junyang Longlong Yue came to the training ground to lit a cigarette.He remembered Yingying and his other women. It was almost two months old, and he didn't know how they were now.Especially in Yingying, the girl's personality is too weak and always tells her to rest assured.

"What's wrong? Miss them?" Back suddenly remembered Yang Xue's resentment.

He smiled bitterly, and did not speak without speaking or looking back, but sucked a sip of cigarettes fiercely.

"Don't always smoke, it's not good for his body!" Yang Xue sat next to him, but he said with a sorrowful tone.

The total of Yang Yangyue was stunned, turned his head to look at her for a while, smiled bitterly, and asked on the cement floor while asking, "Why care about me?"

"I really don't understand why so many women like you! "Yang Xue did not answer his question, nor did he look forward to murmur.

"What about you? Did you start to like me too?" Zongyang Longyue also looked up and looked ahead and asked.

Yang Xue was silent for a while, and then sighed, "You are really narcissistic!"

<<<<<<<<<<<<<没有 没有 没有 <<<没有 没有 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<”So the two became silent, thinking about their minds.

"Let's go! Isn't it for us to take a day off today! Take this opportunity to go out and play!" After a while of silence, Jiyang Longyue suddenly grabbed Yang Xue's hand and said thatEssence

Yang Xue's body trembled, and she looked at him with a trace of excitement and doubt in her eyes, "Have you decided?"

"More, less you, but I am afraid that I can't live! "Heyang Longyue said to pull her into her arms strongly.

Yang Xue struggled symbolically, and he held himself in his arms.At this moment, she feels so practical and warm.

"But you haven't asked me if you want!" Yang Xue complained in his arms with a very wronged look in his arms.

"I give you happiness, what reason do you have to refuse!" The integrated Yanglong Yue said very domlyly, and lowered her head down and kissed her cute little mouth.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Suddenly there was a sound of dry cough.

Yang Xue broke out from the arms of Yuyang Longyue as a spiritual spirit, and his face flushed with shame.However, Junyang Longyue was very depressed, and he stood up reluctantly.

"Instructor Lu, so early!" Said Chong Lu Jianfeng, who stood up with a smile on his face.

"It's still early! It's almost seven o'clock. Instructor Xu and the instructor Meng have long been out for a long time."Do you plan to go out and play? "

" Oh, is this an unsteady plan to go! "He said with a smile.

"Go! I have eaten a lot of hardships here for so long, play a good day before walking!" Lu Jianfeng said with a smile and took a look at the shoulders of the two.The mask showed unwillingness.

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue and Yang Xue shouted, glanced at each other, and then put their eyes on Lu Jianfeng.

"Are we going to leave here?" Zongyang Longyue asked a little puzzled.

"Yeah! You can learn the same, what you lack most now is the actual combat experience! This requires you to accumulate in actual combat in the future!"Said the soldier very satisfied.

"When will we go?" Zongyang Longyue has been looking forward to the women and friends who go back to see him, but now they are really leaving, but don't have a taste in my heart.

"Tomorrow!" Lu Jianfeng said, "You can go back tomorrow! Today, instructor Xu and Instructor Mencius will go through the formalities. From tomorrow, you will officially become a member of the special action team!"

" Isn't we before? "He heard that instructor Lu said so, and asked in doubt.

"Oh, you used to be a student of the special action team before, you can really join the action group, what can be said. That needs to be approved." Lu Jianfeng said with a smile.

"When will we assess it!" Yang Xue asked when he heard the assessment.

"Didn't it pass yesterday! We all passed the actual combat assessment, can successfully complete the task, and the assessment can be passed!" Lu Jianfeng said.

"If you don't pass it?" He asked.

"Then continue to train until you pass it!" Lu Jianfeng said at a faint look.

The whole Yanglong Yue shrugged, and wasn't it a chance to leave here!This Yang Lei is really a This Yang Lei is really a fucking thing. He has been lied to me from beginning to end. For a long time, I have always been a student.It's really declining!

"I will leave tomorrow, I really have nothing to prepare!" Yang Xue was also reluctant to say.

"As a mobile team, you must prepare all kinds of preparations to adapt to various emergencies! If this is not acceptable, how can you respond to the sudden situation in the future!"Taking her shoulder and said, "Okay! You go out and play for a day! I prepared a car for you outside!"