Chapter Twenty -Three Camer

As the Thousand Fantasy thought, the upper strip was not affected by the [Angel Fall], and Mixia Croyve also was not a caster who was not a hemp in order to test the ones.Magic, of course, the fantasy killer that was used as a hemp was wiped out, which also made several people confirm that the previous one was not the surgeon of the incident, but the Qian Fantasy saw the Inkus who changed his appearance, the corner of the mouth, the corner of his mouth, the mouth of his mouth.A slightly weird smile.

Although the family members of the upper strip are trying to retain, the magic son still does not live with the family members of the top. The mother who has a special look at the appearance of Inpistes looks at the eyes of a daughter -in -law.I was uncomfortable, so Qian Mi found an excuse and left.

Soon, the next day, Qian Mi received a crack -up phone call, determined that the prisoner might be the father who was on the top, the night knife night, and the thousand fantasy hung up the phone.Interesting ... "


"There is no God's order, you can't kill, do you even forget this!" Shen Jie held seven days and seven knives and slowly walked towards Mita Krouvev.Without clarifying the situation in front of me, according to Tu Yumen Yuanchun, the only surgeon was not affected by [Angel Fall], but just now that the top of the article has confirmed that although his father's appearance has not changed, it has indeed been affected by the [Angel Falling Falling FallThe influence of], the upper tori did not understand why Mi Xia Croyve still wanted his father's life.

"Let me deal with it next, when you take Mr. Ye Ye, leave the knife ..." Shen Jie walked in front of the strip, tightened the seven days and seven knives in my hand, watched with a vigilance.Mixia Croyev.

"But Mi Xia, she made a mistake ~ My father is not ..."

"Her name is not Mi Xia ..." Shen Ba interrupted the words of the last hemp, "I consultThe only person that can be confirmed by the Russian church is the person of Shaxia Croyve, I'm afraid, this is the false identity of the person she replaced ... "

" Wait! "Alertly be vigilant, "If Mi Xia is not a Russian church ..."

"The world ... there is no judgment of gender ..." Qian Mi's voice suddenly came, and I saw that Qian Mi was sitting high and sitting high.Above the spatial cracks above, "or the existence described by myths as a bisexual person, for them, the so -called [name] is just the [purpose] that he created by God itself, it is impossibleExchange with others at will ... "

" Wait, Miss Magic Son, what do you mean? "
" Have you forgotten, what do we call this big magic name?"Shen Ling pulled out seven days and seven -knife pointed at Mither Kroyev.

The upper strip was immediately reflected, but Mixia Croyve had also launched its strength.What is this ... "

" So ... "Qian Xian said thoughtfully," To strengthen your attributes [Night] ... "Qian Xuan flew down from the air and stood onIn front of a few people, "Ms. Crash, can I give this angel, but I haven't dealt with the angel ..."

"So ... please ask Miss Magic Son ..." Thinking of the kind of Qian Xian's bodyMysterious power, Shen Ba pulled up the place where he wanted to stay with the night and the sword night, "Go, when he is hemp, you still have more important things to do!"

See how many people leave, thousandsLooking back at Mixia Croyve, who had opened his wings, "Let me see how powerful the so -called angels are ..."

Thousands of magic slowly pull out the moon blade slowly, Turn the moon blade to grow the bow form, "It's been a long time since you have not used you, moonlight, so accompany me! Moon God's play, Chuqu, cold sonato!"

Ice arrow through rice through rice through riceThe ice arrows launched by Xia, the two disappeared into the collision at the same time, Qian Mi excitedly watched Mixia Croyev, who continued to launch the ice arrow, and a long arrow wrapped in the flames in his right hand appeared.Above the bow string, "The Moon God's play, the second song, the hot round dance song!"

With the sound of the thousand fantasies, the arrow on the bow string came out, and the arrow surrounded by the flames came into contact withThe shot ice arrow quickly melted the ice arrows and continued to move forward. Micham Croyve had to release the ice arrow again to dissipate the flame arrow.

"Angel or something, it's not bad ~" Qian Xian looked at the quiet Mixia Croyvev, gently put on the bow string with his right hand, and held the moonlight to Mixia with his left hand.・ Croyve, the heart combined, the air machine firmly locked Michel Croyve, "the chapter of the moon god, the end, the final solemn mass."

The strange arrows are inexplicable on the unclear things that are unclear, and the entire air seems to start solidifying until Qianxian let go of the bowstring.Above the chest, at this time, a white light passed over from the house where they lived in the top of the line.The disappearance of the boundary, and completely disappearing in front of Qian Mi, Qian Mi slowly lowered the moonlight in my hand. "In the final analysis, do you just want to go back to the sky ..."


I successfully solved [Angel Fall], Thousand Magic and CracksFire Chi people broke up, and Qian Mi had to rush back to the urban school to find the damn medium. When Qian Xi rushed back to the school city, he found that Misaka Misaka was waiting at the door of Mr. Xiaomeng ...

br> "That ... hello ... Miss Magic Son ..." Seeing Qian Mi returned, Misaka Misaka quickly made a gift, "I am here this time to help the last time ..."

> "Well ~ I didn't take it either, I would like to thank the > "Well ~ I didn't take it either, I would like to thank the idiot of Dang Ma ..." Qian Mi watched the sincere look of Misaka Miki.

"Actually ... there is one more thing ..." Misaka Misaka refused to speak, and seemed to be embarrassed to say to Qian Mi, watching Misaka Misaka Misaka curiously, "And there is stillWhat is it? Miss Misaka? "

" Sister Sister Sister !! "

A slightly hoarse voice came from behind, and then Qian Xian felt that his body was firmly hugged by a pair of small hands.Live, "I can't think of the legendary Lv6 in the legendary Lv6, and it is still in the space. The Kuroko's careful liver is constantly flushing when he hear the news, oh! Oh Na Sa ~"

BR> Thousands of Magic heads through a trace of black line, and the corner of her mouth looked at the same embarrassing Misaka Miki, "That's ... she ..."
"I'm really sorry ..." Misaka Miqin watched embarrassedly and kept watching in an embarrassment.The black seeds behind Qian Mi are the famous Lily Girl in the urban academy. They are also members of the fan.
The corner of Qian Mi was helplessly pumping, hiding the body into the arms of the ion, and looking out of the space and looking at the dissatisfied sunspot. "Excuse me, what's the matter with Miss Kuroko?"

[......... TT!Well ~ forget it ..... drift away ~~~~]