3 9 ha er bin lai de sa ke si shou

It ’s even when Hu Rong was poured on the fire. When Hu Rong was a trainee at the police station **, Liu Ziguang pulled back and asked the question as a result.

"Tell you if you do n’t know who is unless you do n’t know who is the man's hand on the extension of the Binjiang Avenue? Do n’t think I do n’t know!" Hu Rong stepped forward and stared at Liu Ziguang's eyes.

Liu Ziguang also took two steps forward. It seemed that the distance between Hu Rong and the distance between Hu Rong had already gone up.It was so close when we took **.

But the atmosphere in the room was not romantic at all, Hu Rong stared angrily like a female cat who had to fight, staring at Liu Ziguang in anger because of anger.As if he had encountered a magnitude eighth earthquake, Liu Ziguang glanced involuntarily. He said: "Xiao Hu still wore a piece of gown in the brigade office, otherwise the comrades have no intention to handle the case."

Hu Rong certainly understands that he is talking about he is talking about.Whatever he waved his hand, he hit Hu Rong's wrist by Liu Ziguang, who was caught by Liu Ziguang and wanted to fight back and couldn't move.Boom Lao Liu Yili.

"Cough." Han Guang couldn't stand it. In his opinion, this is not like the dialogue between the police and the suspect.

Liu Ziguang's situation is not that Han Guang did not master the gun robbery case in the business hall of Dalian Road Transportation Bank, and the case of abduction and hijacking of the Golden Baby Kindergarten was solved by Liu Ziguang.In the bank's case, Hu Rong had also had a relationship with the two people who had experienced themselves.

This person in front of it is also the same as the anti -reconnaissance experience. It is said that the members of the special forces have also been a special force of the international mercenary marksmanship. If it is harmful, this person will be a nightmare of the police.

Fortunately, so far Liu Ziguang is cooperating with the police with the two evil ** cases if there is no assistance in his assistance.I am afraid that premature fragrance will disappear.

So Han Guang's attitude towards Liu Ziguang is a very complicated beheading case. He must have done it. The two missing persons are also killed by him but suffering from no evidence.

The evidence of the human evidence is not except Da Fei.Don't cooperate.

The Korean Brigade understands that Liu Ziguang is now a black and white person who has his identity. It is not easy for him to move.

So today I just knocked on the mountain and shocked the tiger. He knocked him a warning clock to remind the police that he was always paying attention to him to converge.

"Okay, Xiao Hu!" The Korean brigade drank Hu Rong and then withdrew his hand Liu Ziguang with a polite smile: "Also, you are busy in advance."

"Why don't Han Da catch him?" Hu Rong yelled.

Han Guang stood on the balcony and kept watching Liu Ziguang's door out of the branch.gone.


Even if the prince is in the past, when the rivers and lakes are like this, everyone is holding you with you.People exist.

Of course, the prince is a relatively special exception. The anecdotes of being exploded by the chrysanthemum in the toilet in the bar will be transmitted on the Jiangbei Road for a long time.At that time, others would say that he saw that you were almost catching up with the prince.

After the prince gang was destroyed, the bar on the front line of Binjiang Avenue KTV temporarily entered a disorderly state urgent need for someone to fill in the blank area.Daizhuli and Bei Xiaoshuai resolutely devoted himself to this business to prepare for a bar to play.

The bars on Binjiang Avenue are not all made of money. The fierce competition is fiercely fiercely decorated style, audio equipment, and the level of quality DJ of singers.An important factor in good or bad is that the local gangs with ****** are involved in competition in the form of violence.

None of the bars are not idle, but they also have to be divided into senior elder brothers and junior and confused babies.

The Jiangbei Municipal Government has attached great importance to the landscape belt along the river in the early years. In the early years, it took several hundred million to repair the Jiangtan to cultivate this line.When the spring flowers bloom, the beaches are full of colorful flowers.

The city leader wants to make the landscape zone comparable to the Jiangtan and Shanghai Bund Wuhan Jiangtan.Various entertainment venues dock cruise ships and pedestrian streets are basically in a more open environment in management. Not to mention that the effect is relatively significant. Today, the front line of Binjiang Avenue has become a small and famous tourist area nearby.

If you want to make a lot of money, you have to exhibit a car on the river beach and buy a car to buy sink for 10,000 yuan. If you open a bar, you will not make a profit.

So Zhuo Li and Bei Xiaoshuai both cast their eyes on the authentic roads of Huaqingchi and Internet cafes. They all wanted to become the beach of the tyrant.

Liu Ziguang only went to an indifferent attitude anyway.When I got up, this bar and Liu Ziguang also had some origin and some originally had a relationship when they first returned home with the conflict with the bar owner of the bar. After that, Sun Wei was pulled by him to the river and burned his back of his head.The business of the candy bar has never been up again.

Three people gathered together that night to discuss things.

"It seems that I have been picked up some time ago." Bei Xiaoshuai said.

"Well, Sun Wei didn't do it for three or four hands and didn't do it." Zhuo Li followed.

"Go and talk about it." Liu Ziguang said.

Now Liu Ge is also low -key, no longer open Mercedes -Benz, take a taxi and take Bei Xiaoshuai and Zhuoli to reaches the door. There are a lot of people waiting to take a taxi.A taxi, Bei Xiaoshuai, hurried up and pulled the door to pull the car door, how can I know that a person is rushing up in the oblique thorns and holding the door handle.

Bei Xiaoshuai opened his mouth and scolded: "Blind? Didn't you see the car I stopped!"

I looked up and shocked and grabbed the car.The scalp with a green scalp with one meter eight or five is very long -sized.

"Obviously it is my car first! I'm in a hurry." The big man said that he was full of northeast flavor to make Bei Xiaoshuai more convinced that this was a gangster.

"Are you all in urgent things? We are all idle, right?"

Bei Xiaoshuai is not high, only one meter seventy -fourThe big big man immediately nodded his head softly: "I'm sorry, I will make a car."

Bei Xiaoshuai stared at him to open the car Men Zhuoli and Liu Ziguang in the car.Said: "Thank you."

Sitting in the car Zhuo Li said: "How did that kid just now feel like a person is very familiar, that is, the boy who often plays the TV is also the northeast.What is like *** called? "He shook his fingers and his face flushed like constipation.

"Sun Honglei! Ah was the TV that was dug only after being dug in the society." Bei Xiaoshuai said.

"Right to Sun Honglei TM looks like a face." Zhuo Li patted his thigh.

"Hum, I think he is like another person, but now it's not good to say it." Liu Ziguang also said.

The three came to the candy bar here. I have already changed the boss for a long time. However, the furnishings still find a few chairs and sit in the dark place.In the end, the business of a better bar on Binjiang Avenue can barely maintain a food and clothing.

After a few minutes, the bar resident singer was on the stage and was a young girl in her early twenties.A man wearing a black satin collar dress was also holding a saxophone next to Y.

The guests in the bar are busy drinking with their own affairs, shaking their heads and shaking their heads.Lili Better starred in the classic movie North African spy theme song interpretation of Ru Zi Ru Ru and hear a bit of skills.

"Isn't the boy who blows saxophone just that Sun Honglei just now?" Bei Xiaoshuai said.

As soon as the words fell into a group of people, they poured into the bar and their eyes were not good.

"There are still many people who fancy the candy bar." Liu Zi's light dots "have a good show watching."