Chapter 153 Strange Girl

Chapter 153

Maybe it was moved by Zhang Long's story, maybe there are other ideas. In the end, Lu Xuyang followed Zhang Long to his house.

Walking into this small house, black, this is Lu Xuyang's first impression.After the eyes adapted to the darkness, Lu Xuyang began to look at the room.

Family four walls!Lu Xuyang felt that he could use this word to describe the room.Except for two beds, a dilapidated table, a few stools, there is nothing else after the pot and the pot.Even the quilts on their bed were old, and one old man was lying on each of the two beds. The two old people obviously fell asleep.

Although the house is a bit dark and the things are less and old, the placement is neat.It is estimated that this should be the characteristics of soldiers!


Zhang Long pointed his finger at the only one, and looked slightly concluded.Lu Xuyang sat carefully and sat down.

I felt the atmosphere in the room carefully, very warm!This reminds him of his hometown before he got the yin and yang mirror.Although life is very difficult, their family is happy!

"Now that you can do well in my legs, I also want to ask you to take a shot to help the two elderly people treat it." When Lu Xuyang sat firmly, Zhang Long asked him.

"What are they all?" Lu Xuyang asked.

"Uncle Zhou was paralyzed by a stroke, it has been ten years; the wind and cold that Zhou Yan had only been infected before." Zhang Long explained.

After hearing Zhang Long's explanation, Lu Xuyang thought about it, and said to Zhang Long: "Wind and cold, I can help her cure now. As for the stroke, I think we can wait for the drugs in our factory.Just helping you, you have already used the medicinal materials on my hand. You let me be cured now, and I can't cure it. Besides, the old man has been sleeping for so many years, and don't care about dozens of days?"

Lu Xuyang didn't want Zhang Long to think it was a simple matter.Besides, he didn't want to help people treat people all day long, of course.If the medicine of your own pharmaceutical factory is really not cured, he will still take it.

Getting the consent of Lu Xuyang, Zhang Long had a half -day opinion, but nodded happily.

A small cold, without having to take Lu Xuyang himself, gave a little Xiandou Shui to Zhang Long at will, and instructed him to feed her to drink after the old man woke up.Then left.

As for Zhang Long's help, he is not in a hurry, and the pharmaceutical factory needs time to build.By the way, he also gave Zhang Long for a while to restore him.

Lu Xuyang, who walked out of the Zhou family, was a little heavy.There are so many bitterness behind this prosperous city.Help Zhang Long and make Lu Xuyang feel very happy. There are many such people in this world. He wants to help more people!

So start with the pharmaceutical factory!

Lu Xuyang, who was so angry, walked forward.Walking, he suddenly thought of Li Shanshan's birthday banquet.

The location of the banquet is set in a hotel called 'Haotu'. Although I do n’t know this place, but now he is the same as Li Wenbing's partnership to open the factory, he will definitely take this opportunity to invite this opportunity to invite this opportunity.Many business people.This birthday banquet is equivalent to a qualitative business reception.

Since this is the case, Lu Xuyang is thinking that the hotel must be relatively famous, and the scale of the banquet is estimated to be not small.Dress.

But there are only a few clothes when you come and go. It is okay to wear it, but it seems not enough to wear out to participate in the banquet.It seems that you have to buy a set of clothes first.Lu Xuyang thought so much that he walked in the direction of the department store.

The people in the mall came and went, and soon lively. Suddenly, Lu Xuyang felt that he was hit.Looking down, it was a little girl about five or six years old. The girl was very cute, big eyes, and black hair. It may be the reason to hit Lu Xuyang. The pink face had a trace of guilt.

"Sorry, big brother!" The girl apologized politely.

"It's okay! Be careful yourself!" Lu Xuyang comforted and left.

Soon, Lu Xuyang bought two sets of clothes, a suit, a set of casual clothes, and he didn't look at any brand. Anyway, he felt like it, and he paid very quickly.

Lu Xuyang, who walked out of the mall, stopped a 'taxi' at will and drove to the school.However, when he got out of the car, he froze.The little girl who met in the mall didn't know when to climb into the car, and actually followed him back.

Such a cute girl, his family lost his family and could not die. If he found that he was brought back by him, it is estimated that he was possible.

"Little sister, why did you follow me?" Lu Xuyang asked.

The girl didn't squeak, just looked at him fixedly, her eyes had a hint of dodge, as if she had a hint of fear.

"Little sister, what is your name?" Lu Xuyang asked her a few steps closer.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's approaching, the girl took a step back, but still didn't speak.

"Then you tell me, where is your family, my brother will send you back!" Lu Xuyang continued to say.

The girl still didn't squeak ...

If the girl said in the mall, Lu Xuyang really doubted whether the girl was

The girl still didn't squeak ...

If the girl said in the mall, Lu Xuyang really doubted whether the girl was dumb!

"You're squeak!" Lu Xuyang was anxious, and he moved closer to the girl a few steps unknowingly.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's movement, the little girl did not retreat this time, but she squeezed her clothes tightly.

Lu Xuyang is very speechless. If such a small child, if he threw her this, he couldn't bear it, but asked her where she was, and she would not squeak.Why is this child so difficult to get it?

It's a headache!IntersectionIntersectionLu Xuyang couldn't help rubbing his eyebrows.

Thinking about it, Lu Xuyang didn't know how to deal with it. He was still encountered for the first time.In the end, Lu Xuyang thought of the police that the police should be able to help her find her family.

After thinking about it, Lu Xuyang rushed to the girl: "Little sister, I have some things now, you have to go to a place, do you want to follow me?"

There was no action, just looking at Lu Xuyang.But the hand that was tightly held tightly was loosened slowly.

For a long time, under the eyes of Lu Xuyang's expectation, the girl finally nodded gently.

Get the girl's consent, Lu Xuyang called a car again, opened the door of the back seat to signal the girl got on the car, the girl shrank, and then climbed up.Lu Xuyang was relieved because of this. After talking to the driver, he sat in. Soon, the car drove to the police station.

Give the girl to the police, and Lu Xuyang, who was written, finally settled the hanging heart into the stomach.With the girl, after calling her obedient, Lu Xuyang walked out easily.

"Dad ..."