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Give it to him and convey the task of Director Tan: quickly set up a team with combat effectiveness to take on the security tasks of my overseas infrastructure project.

After the Libya incident, my country ’s total price of US $ 18.8 billion in projects was stranded. Numerous engineering facilities were damaged. Although the party and the government strongly rescued did not cause casualties, the economic losses were extremely huge. Since then, almost all infrastructure projects in unstable areas have local or domestic security companies responsible for defending. As a private security enterprise, Hongxing Company is not suitable for this task.

Although the middle -aged people who came to the task seemed to look like an ordinary provincial government staff, Liu Ziguang still sensitively noticed the military taste of him.The office is code -named. On the surface, it is a government agency. In fact, it is indeed serving the secret agency. This middle -aged person probably belongs to this column.

The copy of the dark green business license was held in hand, and it felt a little heavy. Red Star Company first appeared as a security service company under the Chengcheng Group.The business and other businesses were later renamed Hongxing Technology Defense Co., Ltd., and the scope of business expanded, but the actual business volume was greatly shrinking. After being revoked this time, not only did they get back to life, but the name changed.

The current company's full name is the Red Star Strategic Resources Consultation Service Company, with a registered capital of one million US dollars. It is a joint venture company.The registered address is also changed to an office building in the provincial capital.

After taking off from the Provincial Airport, Liu Ziguang notified the company's staying staff Xiao Huang with a satellite telephone, and asked her to call all red star employees to work in the company immediately.

Xiao Huang's surprise came from the phone: "President Liu, do the company have a big move?"

Since the establishment of Hongxing Company, a large number of veterans are recruited every year.The veterans developed by the security company are all children of ordinary people's houses without any way. The company's business is very small. The salary is not high.Basically, the loyalty to the life of no living skills except will be a soldier.

A few days ago, Hongxing Company was revoked the business license, and the boss was not at home. The employees could not help but be distracted. They said that they went home to wait for the company to further notice.President Liu did not let him down, and within a few days, everyone received a notice from returning to the company.

They are all young guys who act, and more than 30 people have gathered downstairs in the company less than half an hour.Tao: "Everyone pays attention. President Liu immediately arrives at the airport. We will pick him up now."

The young men agreed to climb the two trucks of the company and drive to the airport.The airport, the facilities were relatively simple, and the management was not very strict. Hu Guang on the first car showed the gatekeeper to the gatekeeper, and the two trucks entered the airport smoothly.

The guys jumped off the truck and lined up in a neat team in their passwords of their respective teams, lined up in one word, stood in majestic, and the two branches of Shi Tao and Lin Hao stood.Looking at another group of people not far ahead, I murmured in my heart. Today, this punch is a bit big.

Not far away is Bei Xiaoshuai, Xuanzi, Ma Chao, Hu Guang and others. They have just received a notice. At this moment, they are muttering., Shenlong did not see the first and tail, why did you suddenly stand up today.

A jet -type business jet flew over from the southwest direction, landed smoothly on the runway, slowly slipped over, and after stopping, the door opened, a stewardess wearing a black silk skirt came down, both handsCrossing in front of him, then Liu Ziguang, wearing sunglasses, appeared at the door of the cabin.

The guys of the Red Star Company opened their eyes in surprise. The boss was too sent, and he came from a private jet!They pressed their inner excitement. If they were not disciplined, they would have rushed up.

Liu Ziguang got out of the plane, shook hands with everyone and asked hello, and suddenly saw the two trucks covered with tunnels, and suddenly said: "Are you here?"Huang replied: "President Liu, several off -road vehicles of the company let the Industry and Commerce Bureau temporarily deduct it, saying that it was imposed with the fine."

"I know, I will deal with it."The Mercedes -Benz car drove to the city.

On the car, Liu Ziguang said to Xuanzi: "The time I talked to you, the timing is mature, you collect the passport of the personnel, and the machine and tools that need to be used will be uniformly packaged.I have a big business. "

Xuanzi's eyes flashed with greedy light:" How big? "

" Tens of thousands of engineering machinery vehicles, private cars, all repairs in your factory,How big are you saying? "

Xuanzi fists his palm, and he can't help himself. Liu Ziguang saw the road sign in front and patted Ma Chao's shoulder:" Turn left, go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. "

NoThe Gongfu team came to the entrance of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Hu Guang came down from the car and broke into the gatekeeper. He pressed the buttons of the lifting rod. Then the three cars and two trucks came in.Several men were a little bad. The security of the Industry and Commerce Bureau had not walked over yet. I saw the truck's cubes opened. Dozens of sturdy guys jumped down and queued in the yard. The password was deafening.

The Office of the Inspection Team is on the side floor. A staff member inadvertently looked downstairs and saw this amazing scene.?”


There is no chance to escape. The guys of Hongxing Company surrounded the building group where the inspection team is located. Liu Ziguang went upstairs with a fierce popularity. After pushing away the door of the office, he saw more than a dozen people standing together and trembling., For the first person, "Don't come, I have already called the police."

Liu Ziguang waved his hand, Xiao Huang looked proudly, and walked over with a business license. He showed it like a treasure: ""See you, the original business license of Hongxing Company, just issued it."

The industrial and commercial people were relieved. It turned out to be to hit people, but to show it.It seems that the original is obviously not false. Is there anyone who said that Hongxing Company?

"We came here this time, and came to pick up the car." Xiao Huang said that she can be enough for a while in recent days. Whether it is industrial and commercial tax or urban management marketUncle, Mr. Liu left as soon as he patted his butt. After a girl who ran before running, she said all the good words. She still watched the company's car was dragged away. To this end, Xiaohuang didn't cry less. At this moment, she finally raised her eyebrows.One, the man on the thirty forty -four man stood in the back of his fists, which felt so wonderful.

"What are you doing, hesitate." Xiao Huang urged, and a few little freckles were red and flushed.

"What is noisy?" A leader heard the movement and rushed over and saw the business license in Xiaohuang's hand.br>
"I am." Liu Ziguang stood out, and the leader quickly stretched out his hand: "Oh, misunderstandings, you must ask for a lot of mistakes in our work.Play, little king, don't hurry to take out the key. "

After some tossing, Red Star Company retrieved the off -road vehicle detained by the Industry and Commerce Bureau, and brought back the face.The audit team was scared enough. After they left, everyone asked the leaders unhappy, what was going on.

The leader said: "So far, no one can publicize outside, whoever leakes is responsible."

The leader pace back to the office and dials a number: "Minister Yin, I am the Pony of the Industry and Commerce Bureau, and the people of Hongxing Company have come to the bureau. Yes, they have issued a new business license.Administrative penalties have also been revoked. It was not the greeting by Mayor Hu. Someone in the province spoke. Yes, yes, goodbye. "

Her strength surprised her a little. The other party dared to be so high -profile, and there must be no fear. She thought about it and picked up the call and dialed a familiar number and said: "Old leaders, now it is convenient, some ideological work should report to you if some ideological work must be reported to you... "

Five minutes later, Yin Weihong hung up the phone. Just now the old leader criticized her severely. As a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, he promoted the minister and did not grasp the ideological work of the supervisor. Instead, he intervenedUnrelated affairs, the storms of the city, made the leader disappointed. Yin Weihong's scolded face red ears, Nono's loud voice, put down the phone but gritted his teeth, and wrote down the words of Hongxing Company and Liu Ziguang on the little book.

At the same time, the mayor's office, Hu Yuejin received a phone call. After listening to the other party's report, he put down the phone and shook his head and smiled.Take a look at the hanging clock on the wall at the twelve o'clock. Mayor Hu sorted out the documents on the desk and walked out of the office.Sentence. "

Hu Yuejin waved his hand:" Don't go, let the old Hou go. "

The secretary nodded to do it. Hu Yuejin got on the special car and said to the driver.: "Go home." Then he started to keep his eyes closed.

The family district of the city -level cadre is behind the municipal government. It only takes five minutes to walk. Hu Yuejin returned home. The food was ready. His daughter Hu Rong was sitting in front of the dining table.

Hu Yuejin put down the leather bag, and he had to get chopsticks. Hu Rong glared: "I didn't wash my hands."

I had to sneer to wash my hands and sit back at the dinner table for dinner.I deliberately found a few topics to talk to her daughter, but Hu Rong ignored it, and said impatiently: "Don't talk when eating."

Hu Yuejin sighed intentionally, "Well, count, countIt's not to mention what happened after the Hongxing Company was revoked by the Industry and Commerce Bureau. "

Sure enough, Hu Rong's ears suddenly rose, but said," Whoever said, "Whoever?Listen to him ... Don't sell Guanzi, what's the matter. "

Hu Yuejin's face was sad:" Girls are outgoing, "