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Since Liu Ziguang was unwilling to talk about this, no one mentioned it again. Bei Xiaoshuai opened the topic and talked about the last group of children.

"Both Zhuo Er and I couldn't stop it. In the end, the classmate of Guangge played a role. A call came, Lin Guobin was immediately honest, who fists big this year, who has money, who has money, who has money, who has money.It is not necessarily easy to make, but it is really good to have the right to have it. Regardless of how many years you have become famous for many years, how many wealth of the housekeeper, you have eaten by a county -level cadre. "Bei Xiaoshuai said with emotion.

Li Jianguo twisted his eyebrows: "The kid, the kid, is really disobedient. It seems that he is not born to study the material.Asked: "What do you say that the child called Aotian? Is it a bit of background in the family and was caught a while ago."

Bei Xiaoshuai said, "Yes, that is the scum.The little girl did not say that she used the little girl's mobile phone to make a call from Deng Miaofan's mobile phone, deliberately disrupting the police's attention, and attempted to plant stolen firms. If it wasn't for Deng Miaofan who had no witnesses present, you couldn't help carrying a black pot. You saidWhy is this boy so bad? "

Liu Ziguang smiled coldly:" Maybe it is inherited. "

" Fortunately, the police are not so deceiving, these people have been caught,It must be pulled to the river to make the target. "Bei Xiaoshuai said.

Meng Heizi intervened: "You're a layman, you have a bit of energy at home, and you know the weight.Then, if I care about the door, the big things are small. In the final analysis, the daughter who dies is just a laid -off worker's daughter. If you will make trouble, you can get some compensation.Let ’s.

Bei Xiaoshuai said unconvinced:" Killing and paying off the debt and repaying money, do you want to be out of the way, is there any heaven? "

The detention center has been squatting for so long. The way of the inside is clear, surrendering the case, the cause of the deceased's own disease causes death. These two factors can reduce the crime to the lighter.I do n’t believe it. Qin Aotian has now been guaranteed. It ’s really interesting to say that there is any schizophrenia. It’ s really interesting. The mental illness can still go to key middle schools. ”

Bei Xiaoshuai is speechless, and everyone also praised:" Really fuckingFuck!

After the wine is full, Zhuo Er invited, everyone went to the Huaqingchi Entertainment Club, the northern tradition, the guests came to take a bath. Li Jianguo returned from abroad.

Binjiang Avenue, neon flickering, overflowing light, the original golden ruins, the Jiangbei Book City was established. Originally, this project was stranded after the mayor of Zhou.It was only established by the hands of the hand. At the beginning of the nightlife, all the restaurants were in front of the door of the bar, but the book city closed early, and the door was left out.

The newly completed Huaqing Pond Club is in the West and the West. It has no style. The parking lot is busy. Zhuoli pressed the speaker.The car, with eight shams at the door, a martenum. Miss Yingbin wearing a cheongsam bent down and said, "Welcome."

After a bath, everyone went upstairs to rest, but did not see the legend.The massage technician, after asking, I knew that now Zhuo Er has changed his evil and returned to righteousness.

"I was also scared at that time. Now everything is available, I want to open it. I can't make money. Relying on those who are not long, they are still poking the backbone behind."Essence

I asked a few masters to help everyone pinch their feet, chat, and the scar wife asked to check the job. She had to withdraw first to see that the bell on the wall was 11 o'clock, and Xuanzi hurried back.After a while, Zhuoli also twisted and said that he couldn't accompany everyone. He had to retreat first. In the end, only Liu Ziguang Li Jianguo Bei Xiaoshuai left.

"I fuck, now I have money, but I can't find the original feeling." Bei Xiaoshuai scratched his head.

The long windows landed, and it started to snow again.


On the afternoon of the New Year's Eve, the office of the second brigade of the Interpol, Hu Rong and a few young young are on duty. The criminal police line is the hardest.It is not exceptional to the New Year, and there are still several criminal policemen who have pursued them outside, and those old comrades with family and courtyards have been ordered to return to the New Year with Han Guang's order.

Suddenly, the phone ringing, Hu Rong grabbed the microphone: "Hello, the second brigade."

The majesty of the Xie detachment came from the handset: "Xiao Hu, you take HanLight, I will come to the detachment immediately, there are important tasks, bring weapons, fast. "

Putting down the phone, Hu Rong quickly walked into Han Guang's office and greeted.Starting: "There must be a big case!" Open the drawer and take out the ninety -nine millimeter pistol, exit the magazine to check it back, put it in the fast -pulling gun jacket under the armpit, pick up the trench coat on the chair and say: ""Go!"

I drove to the Detachment Courtyard, and saw a few cars parked in the courtyard. A car window was drove at the back door of the black truck.A few sturdy men wearing black hoods sat in the car, and they were holding very rare drum -type submachine guns and 88 sniper rifles in their hands.

The two were stunned in their hearts, and they knew that there was a major event.

I came to the door of the Xie Division's office, knocked on the door and shouted a report and came in. The smoke in the house was lingering. Several people were sitting around the coffee table to study the map.People introduced: "This is the famous detective, Han Guang and Hu Rong of our Jiangbei Bureau."

Several men sitting next to Xie Duxi are wearing a stool, but it looks quite capable.The armed police -style belt buckle showed their identity.

"Xiao Han, Xiao Hu, let me introduce it, this is the director of the Provincial Criminal Investigation Corps.In the small Qi, the fine soldiers of the Jiangdong Provincial Public Security System and the Armed Police Force will basically gather together. "

Captain Xie Zhi laughs heartily, Han Guang and Hu Rong feel that the pressure has increased sharply, and suddenlySo many people and horses are to deal with who.

The ashtray on the coffee table has accumulated a cigarette butt. Hu Rong felt a little breathless, walked over and opened the window, and heard Xiao Qi of the counter -terrorist squadron saying, "I recommend using the door hammer.With the use of tear gas, the assault players have five people in a group, holding the bulletproof steel shield, and the Tesser and net rogue gun are uniform. "

The director of Wan said:" This plan is good, butI think it ’s too influential. For this kind of poor and evil gangsters, I turned out to have experience when I worked at the anti -drug brigade. I found a suitable time.Overseas drug traffickingists with grenades and festival pistols on the waist are uniform. Although this method is a bit so earthy, there is no fancy, but it is practical. "

Deputy Chief of Staff of Chen said:"The plan is very practical, but there are more practical ones. When I was working in the south, I was ordered to crack down on a triad criminal, using a Bayi bar and a 79 sniper rifle alternately to kill the criminals on the spot.This is the best solution. "

As soon as the windows are opened, the air in the room is much better. Hu Rong walked over to check the map, but was surprised. Isn't this the architectural plane map of Chengcheng District?

Xie Huadong said: "Han Guang, Xiao Hu, I will briefly talk about this task, Liu Ziguang, the object we want to capture.The terrorist incident and connect with some overseas reactionary organizations. Now this case has been characterized as a terrorist incident, because you have some dealings with this criminal, so you will designate you to participate. "

Hu Rongru was hit by a lightning strike.: "He killed Chen Ring, how is it possible!"

Xie Division is not pleasing: "This case is organized by the province, the iron evidence is like a mountain, is there any mistake?"

Han Guang quietly quietly quietlyHe pulled Hu Rong and asked, "Which unit was hosted in this case. After the last transfer of the dossier, I asked Deputy Director Song, and he said he didn't know about it."

Thank youThe detachment was speechless, and suddenly the door opened. Director Han accompanied the female police officer who came in the last time the dossier came in. Director Han said: "The case is heavy and the situation is complicated.Selected the units of the units and strong soldiers, and strive to kill this great tumor in one fell swoop. Let ’s ask the Chief Director of the Shangguan Director of the Central Committee to speak, everyone is welcome.

It is more tall and tall, and she is a few years older than Hu Rong, but it looks more mature. She signaled that others closed the door, pulled the curtains, opened the slide, and said a few words.

"Okay, okayNow that they are officially entered the state of war, everyone takes out the mobile phones and prohibits everything from contacting the outside world. "Everyone took out the mobile phone and threw it into a carton, and Hu Rong also put his mobile phone in.

Director Shangguan continued: "All the units are picked out of the business backbone in all units. I will no longer emphasize the discipline.There are any details of the awards, all the details of the action, I hope that you will automatically forget after that, listen to it. "

Captain Xie Zhi recorded on the small book, and looked up," Light. "

Director Shangguan pointed out his book and said, "Not allowed records."