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The hymen said the handkerchief for a long time, and then remembered that he hadn't taken out the handkerchief, and immediately took out a delicate and chic jade box, opened the jade box, and exposed a stack of neat handkerchiefs.

Stand up and put the jade box gently on the table. The artlement solemnly said: "Thank you for the help of the day, regardless of the peaches or handkerchiefs, the mansion is in mind.. "

" The general has a heart, please take a seat. Suo, come to collect this jade box. "

After Su Ee took away the jade box, Chang'e Fairy stood up and said, "I'll arrange some wine and vegetables, and the generals should wait for a moment."

Chang'e Fairy just left, Su Su, SuGeneral E came over, saying: "Su E was guilty to the general, and Su'e really didn't know nothing about it."

"The general is polite." The man said busy.

After a while of effort, Liu Lu came over and said, "The general, please use some meals with me, and Su'e is together."

"Thank you."Get up.

Su'e said: "I'm not hungry, but I can also eat a little."

The wine and vegetables are placed in another pavilion.And there are three tablets.

The willow green female officer invites the seat to the seat, and then invite Su'e to accompany him, and live in the last seat.

The hyperlvisa looked around, and said, "So what about a fairy?"
"Oh, my owner has other things, the general, please eat and drink at will.When you meet, please be accompanied, please do n’t see it. "Lu Liu Road.

The wine and vegetables are rich and the color and fragrance are full.

After putting down the chopsticks in the ground, the willow green laughed: "I heard that the general was passed on with a huge amount of meals.Jia smiled and said, "Eat more when you are hungry, eat less if you don't be hungry, shouldn't it be concluded?"

General Sui said beside him: "That must be jealous of generalsTalent has this passing. "

" Why? "Liu Lu ordered his lowermen to clean up the chopsticks and asked.

"Large amount of rice, indicating that there are many things in the stomach, so natural talent is high." General Sui said.

After drinking the tea after a meal, the willow green road: "If there is nothing else for the general, please go back, so as not to delay the participation in the peach event."

"Ah?"After a bit, "What about the fairy?"

"My master's public before explained that she had other things to deal with it, and she was not sure if she would go to the Peach Festival.Send the general and ask me to apologize for her. "The female officer of the willow was not the Tao.

General Su Eye suddenly stood up and said: "I suddenly remembered that there was something to deal with, and I had to go back quickly.A busy stood up.

Picked up the dragon swallowing gun next to him.

"There is nothing else in the general?" Liu Lu also stood up.

"There is nothing else, but ..." The hyperlide wants to say something, but said nothing.

"General, please." Lu Liu led the way next to him, and also described some of the landscapes in the Guanghan Palace.

"By the way, I have a question, I always feel that this Guanghan Palace is missing?" When the gate was almost the door, the mansion suddenly asked.

"What is less? Have you?

"Well, what is less, I feel less angry?"

"Angry? Why are you angry? Is it easy for anger to get old?" Willow laughed.

"I'm talking about vibrant anger, as if this passing down, I don't seem to see a few gods?" Land Road.

"This." Green Liu stopped, "It's a bit anxious, but it is unfortunately a stone. Let me find a seat to rest first."

SayAfter that, I walked to a stone bench little by little, then sat down, and pointed to another stone bench next to it: "The general, please sit down."

LandSit also.

"The generals do not know, this palace is named Guanghan Palace. What is the general general?" How is the cold and hot? "Liu Green Road.

"The warmth is suitable, very good, I still feel that the name of the Guanghan Palace is not true." Land Road.

"This is the daytime, but it is actually completely different at night." Liu Green Road.

Guanghan Palace, the temperature began to decrease at night. At night, the cold air was pierced, dripped into ice, and became frosty.Whether it is those birds or animals, they will hide outside.

As for all fairy fairy, it is difficult to find it to stay here for a day and one night. Over time, the huge Guanghan Palace is much empty.

As for the reason for this change, because of the Chang'e fairy, it has nothing to do with the Guanghan Palace.In any case, as long as she stays for a long time, it will change.

"Is there anything uncomfortable with fairy?" The man asked.

I can't talk about any discomfort, but the constitution is indeed a bit problematic. It is like a stove during the day.

To prevent the gods beside him affected, Chang'e Fairy can only operate a kind of cold and cold lock heart skills, which can reduce the lowest influence.

In fact, before receiving a manner, the Chang'e fairy is running at the same time.

However, because of the busy other things before, it consumes too much.

"Will that fairy be uncomfortable? Have you seen the experts in Xinglin in the fairy?" The mansion asked busyly.

"I have found it, even the ancestors of Taishang have found it." Liu Green Road.

Tai Shangdao's ancestor did not give a complete solution, but only provided a set of cold and warm lock heart skills.In addition to reducing the external influence of the physical fitness during operation, it can also make the fairy itself stronger than the ability to resist cold and cold.

At night, the entire Guanghan Palace has changed so much during the day, so you can imagine how much the Chang'e fairy has been affected.

"Isn't there a thorough solution?" The mansion asked.

The other fairy are helpless, and the ancestor said that the time is unknown, and it is also a chance for the Chang'e fairy.

As for when the timing arrives, maybe only Daozu knows, or tells Chang'e Fairy.

Dioli shook his head, and what time was the number of days, the opportunity, and the opportunity. Those big characters like to complicate the mystery of things.When he wants to come, it should be a certain degree of the practice of warm and cold locks, and this problem can be completely solved.

As for why Daozu does not solve it directly, maybe I hope Chang'e Fairy can solve her through her own efforts.


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