Chapter 322 Master

The words of the general Yangyue made the person with a fire with the dwarf ugly.Helplessly, if he really doesn't want to die, he can only do it according to the comprehensive Yangyue.After all, the heart is still hopeful.So he was tangled after a difficult entanglement.He finally decided to speak out as soon as he gritted his teeth.Because he really doesn't want to die.The reason why he was dead before was a kind of helplessness.Now there is hope for life to catch.As for Lin Yuquan, he can't care so much.If you are concerned about him, you will definitely become a dead person.For a dead person, the outside world is no longer important at this time.

"Okay. I said." The man lifted his head up and said."That person is our president Lin Yuquan. I don't know where he goes for the first time. Unless we act alone. Generally, all the presidents come forward. He will not explain any details of the task with us. Just listen to his dispatch at any time. "

Listen to him.The whole Yanglong Yue was caught in contemplation.He knew he didn't lie to himself.But he didn't know why he said that the dwarf ugly was Lin Yuquan.Is that person really Lin Yuquan.He was tangled and depressed.Because he just judged that the short ugly was not from Lin Yuquan.It's wrong for myself.Still this person does not know that Lin Yuquan is fake.

He thought for a while, he thought it should be the latter.Because my response is the most authentic.The information obtained from the Ugly Ugly should be the most reliable in the first time.So he chose to believe the latter.And he can be sure that all this is arranged by Lin Yuquan.And he is estimated to be in K city now.Thinking of this heart was tight.Can't help but start worrying about Yingying's coming.

"Brother -in -law." At this time, Wang Yiyi suddenly ran out and ran in front of him.The grievances and shock looked at the mess around.

The total Yang Yue turned to look at her.Slowly smiled at her.Gently grabbed her into her arms.A girl who was involved in suffering was suffering.He still felt guilty.While turning back, I saw Natashaa's gray face and a few scratches.He couldn't help but be more guilty.Fortunately, she was not injured.Just scratched a few blood stains.At this time, Yu Wenxuan was helping her.And from time to time, he inquired about Anna's situation.

The whole Yanglong Yue sweats.I despise it very much.When is the heart of the heart, the children are very affectionate.Don't you know that this is here to perform the task.But he forgot.Why isn't he like this?Even better than others.Often people like them are difficult to get the attention of the head.Too childlike people.The execution of tasks in a special period will bring resistance.

"What exactly is that ball?" Junyang Longyue turned his head again and looked at the man asking.

"Well. Please get more and faster." The man was surprised.His eyes looked at him with doubt."You don't know what it is. Why do you steal it?"

““ “glanced at him uncomfortably.Said: "You are so nonsense. I am stuffy. How can you be sure that that thing was stolen."

"It wasn't you stole it or you picked it up." The man glanced at him very scornfully.

"I'm going. You can guess this." He said in a surprised look."I really picked up this thing. But I really did n’t expect that it would be what you wanted so. You know what you want. You know this. Ghost. "The man didn't say anything to the Yangyue Yue.But murmured alone.

The total Yangyue did not care about him anymore.Because all he wants to know, he already knows.Instead, he turned his head and glanced at Natasha.Asked: "Natasha. You're okay."

"Why don't you wait for the old lady and you will ask me again." Natasha stared at him with unhappy face.

"Hehe." He Yang Longyue smiled awkwardly.Then he turned his head to ask the man."Do you want to follow me."

"Um ..." The man stunned again.Please get more and faster.The doubts and vigilance in the eyes are even thicker.He didn't understand what medicine was sold in the gourd in the gourd in the whole Yangyue.I was hesitant for a while.

"If you really don't want to die. Do you think you still have other choices besides me." Junyang Longyue said very politely.

The man was so froze again.He is not a fool.He certainly understood the words of Yangyue.Lin Yuquan is a doubtful person.Even if it is Yangyang Longyue, he can let him go.Lin Yuquan may not let him go.As the whole Yang Yue said.If you really want to seek a living, you can only follow him.No other options.Now that I have chosen to obey him.Then obey to the end.Please get more and faster.He thought helplessly.

After the man was thinking about it.Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at the determination of Puyang Longyue and said, "Okay! I follow you."
"Well." He nodded another one to say that the man who had passed out said."He gave it to you. I gave me two minutes. Either he was the same as you. Or you killed him."

The man looked at Yangyue.Turned his head and glanced at the stunned man.Then turned his head again to look at the Heyang Longyue nodded and walked towards the faint man.

He didn't wake the man.Instead, he took a deep breath.Then slowly raise your hand.Speed ​​up quickly.Just listen to a crispy sound of "pop".The sleeping man's head bloomed.White red splashed.The scene is very scary.

"Uh. Uh." Where did Wang Yiyi meet the scene.I couldn't help vomiting at a time.

Heyang Longyue glanced at her.Then he turned and took her to the car.In fact, he already guessed that the man would do this.It is obviously impossible to persuade a person to play for the enemy.Especially a stubborn person.The reason why he did not bring Wang Yiyi away in advance.I just want her to see such a scene.After all, she will definitely go through this scene with herself.Please get more and faster.And they are about to face the life and death of Lin Yuquan.

"You wait for me for a while in the car." After Wang Jihuan, he vomited nothing and then vomited. It was only after vomiting.The comprehensive patting her back gently patted her back and said to her after her back to the car.

"Um." Wang Yiyi's face was pale.Nodded facing weakly.

"Zhou Kui." The man raised his hand and pulled his face with blood."Master. What should I do below."

The master of his owner couldn't help but froze.He did not expect that his change would be so fast.In his opinion, it takes a while to adapt.After all, he was his former hostile.But think about it.He just killed his companion, and now he has no retreat to leave.And it may be a way of voting for him.

Although he was surprised.But his face did not show a little bit.He nodded to Zhou Kui: "Okay. Drive on your car. Go to the city of Lin to find Lin Yuquan with us."

"Yes. Master." Zhou Kui asked nothing.But nodded directly.

The total nodded and turned around with satisfaction.After turning around, he suddenly remembered what he turned his head and pointed at Zhou Kui and said, "Wash your face."

"Yes. Master." Zhou Kui still responded directly.

The total of the yang Long Yue is very satisfied with his life.I don't have a lot of my heart. I am very proud of myself.But he also knew that the most important thing now is to rush back to K City.So he didn't go away, but went directly to his little QQ.At this time, Natasha and Yu Wenxuan were already on the car.

After the entire Yangyue Yue got on the car.Turning his head and looking at the two beautiful women in the back seat, the two beautiful women could not help but be surprised again.Wang Yixi, who was just pale and weak.Now it's a happy chat with Natasha.Although his face is still a bit white.But the state of just now has long been swept away.Originally, he was worried that what happened just now would cause her psychological shadow.But now it seems that it is more concerned.However, he really did not expect that the little girl's heart to suffer and accepted was so strong.Strongest to some abnormal level.You know, this scene is slightly worse to catch up with the psychological quality.There will be a lingering psychological shadow in that life.

The total smile on them with a gentle smile on them.Then turn your head to start the car.At this time, his face became dignified.The eyebrows are locked.There is also a very regretful expression.He took out the black bright ball stolen from Master Wang Hairong and let the dwarf ugly.I regret that I want to die.

He just passed the exploration of Zhou Kui's psychological work.I already know that that thing is the god dragon token he has been looking for.But he didn't understand why the Shenlong token was a ball.He wanted to ask Zhou Kui.But now I am afraid that there will be time to change the time.He didn't ask.Moreover, he thinks Zhou Kui does not necessarily know the secrets there.But he can be sure that he exists from his organs.At the same time, he finally understood why Lin Yuquan was so anxious.

Three cars quickly got out of M City M, and returned to K City.The whole Yang Yue thought of this all likely to curse.But anxious.Although he was in a passive position, he felt uncomfortable by being led by his nose.But there is no way.He can't help but rescue Wang Yiyi.You can't save her with all his women.Probably Lin Yuquan also did this to do this.He couldn't help but lament his cleverness.At the same time, the safety of women such as Yingying and Yang Xue is even more worried.

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