8 4 wei zong jia zuo ke

He also showed the photos taken at Beiqing University, and told him that living facilities in the university were all available. The teachers were senior intellectuals who studied Chinese and Western...com ..

Lao Wen is very pleased. The wrinkles on his face laughed. His daughter is his biggest concern.He didn't fall. Now his daughter has finally been admitted to a famous university, and there are so many kind people who are not relatives and better loved ones. He has nothing to worry about.

After the burden of jacket suddenly removed, although it was easy, the mental state of the whole person collapsed. I did n’t see it in just half a month. The old Wen seemed to be ten years old.Poor, showing a dull color of the late patient with renal failure.

"Brother Wen, your body is okay, should I take you to the hospital to see?" Liu Ziguang asked.

Lao Wen waved his hand: "Don't spend that injustice, know your own body, I can cultivate my daughter, I am also content."

Liu Ziguang looked at Lao Wen'sThe room, the dust on the window sill and the table is very thick, the kitchen is empty, there are still half bowls of noodles on the chopping board, and there is a plate of mustard next to it. This clean and tidy southern man has no energy to clean up the house and take care of themselves.

"Brother Wen, I don't see that. Now the factory is engaged in upgrading technical innovation and urgent technical personnel. You are familiar with the equipment of our factory.In the factory, you can get an additional allowance in addition to your pension every month. What do you think? "Liu Ziguang said.

Lao Wen's eyes were bright, and then it was dim: "The technology is changing with each passing day. I have not been engaged in scientific research for many years.Technological innovation is not so fast. Americans's B52 has used it for so many years. It is not yet on the front line. I don't see you. Don't quit. Now college students are very rough, and you need this old qualification to guide. "

It can be seen that Lao Wen is still very enthusiastic about returning to work. Since Liu Ziguang invited him strongly, he hesitated and agreed: "Okay, then I will use the remaining heat, anyway, it is better than at home at home.Sitting and waiting for death. "

" Okay, let me report to the land manager and let the factory office send a letter of appointment, just like that, I go first. "
Liu Ziguang got upSpeaking, Lao Wen also stood up and pointed at a bunch of things that Liu Ziguang put in the corner before, "Don't forget to take things."
"Oh, these moon cakes and color taper oil are sent to the factory to retire in the factory to retirement.Personal Mid -Autumn Festival condolences. "Liu Ziguang said with a smile.


From the old Wen family, Liu Ziguang went to the municipal hospital to meet his future father -in -law. Although Fang Ye went to Africa, the two had not been in contact for a long time, but the New Year's festivalLiu Ziguang always takes a gift to look at Dean Fang.

It should be said that this kind of meeting should go to the house, but since her daughter goes abroad, Dean Fang has pushed all the body and mind to the work.Attitude seems to be the tradition of the Fang family.

When I came to the dean's office, Dean Fang happened to complete a craniotomy. When he saw Liu Ziguang, the old man was very happy.What happened was not concerned, and he was still asking how Liu Ziguang did in the property company.

"It's good, how about your body." Liu Ziguang sat down and asked politely.

"Okay, okay, by the way, did Xiaoying believe in it recently?"

Liu Ziguang stunned, and the dean of the company did not receive the letter.

"Oh, Last time Xiaoyi said that they were going to work in East Africa, the conditions there were very difficult, there was no phone network, and local residents were still in the original stage. This child was very dedicated."Dean Fang said a lot, and Liu Ziguang listened respectfully. From time to time, he set against one or two sentences. The rise of Dean Fang said, "Don't go, go back to eat in the hospital cafeteria, I treat."

Liu Ziguang hurriedly said, suddenly Liu Ziguang's mobile phone and the phone on the desk rang at the same time. Dean Fang reached out and picked up the microphone and said slowly: "Hey?" Liu Ziguang quickly went out and pressed the answer key.The phone was called by Lu Tianming. It was important to let Liu Ziguang rush to the Red Flag Iron Factory six o'clock before six o'clock.

Liu Ziguang is a bit embarrassed. Isn't it the time for eating? Just now the old man still has to keep himself for dinner? How can you resign?It's right.

After entering the room, some were difficult to open up. Dean Fang first said: "I'm afraid it won't work today. I have an academic seminar later. Please speak. So, let's make an appointment. "

Liu Ziguang was relieved, busy:" Okay, then I won't delay your work. "Saying out, when you look at the time, it is already 4:50, and it will be the peak of the get off work. The road to Hongqi Iron and Steel Factory is quite difficult to walk, and the road is restricting the road, and there are too many people who buy cars now. There are thousands of new vehicles on the board every month in Jiangbei, but the road conditions have not improved. There are traffic jams everywhere, and it is difficult to walk. The five -minute journey can be blocked for an hour.

When you go out and get on the bus, the traffic at the entrance of the hospital is already very dense. The car lined up is waiting to go out, but the road outside the door is blocked.After a pot of porridge, Liu Ziguang was not good. He reached out and touched the police lamp under the seat and opened the sidewalk directly on the roof.With Guoan's secret file cover license, even if you take a photo fine, you all walk through the blocking section and go straight to the steel factory.

When you come to the steel factory, it happens to be five points. Rao is Liu Ziguang's skills. You can't hold the traffic as the sea. Usually a 20 -minute journey takes an hour.When registering, he noticed a strange scene. There was a long string of ships in the Huaijiang River. It seemed to be a military landing craft.

For the time being, there is no idle air management. Liu Ziguang drove to the factory building and saw that Lu Tianming had waited here. When he saw Liu Ziguang coming, he stepped forward: "Come onOn time, there are soldiers' style. "

Liu Ziguang asked:" Uncle Ming, what are the arrangements for me to come to me? "

Eat a meal together at home.

Liu Ziguang suddenly understood, and laughed: "You two meals and the old, what does it mean to pull me as a light bulb?"

Lu Tianming said: "You youXiaozi, where did you want to go, Mr. Wei was very impressed with you. Her daughter in her family is equivalent to you. We are an elder. I want to match you. I will show you more naturally, watch everywhere. "

Liu Ziguang was speechless, and Lu Tianming was very excited. He said, "Do you see those ships on the Jiang on the river, the revival of the Red Flag Factory depends on them."

Liu Ziguang wondered: "What's going on??

Lu Tianming said: "I thought for a long time. In the current international environment, small and medium -sized steel companies want to ask for survival, seek development, and we must start their own way. The price of international iron ore is highNo, the quality of the domestic iron ore is low, and these two roads can't go. Mr. Wei's previous thinking is very good. There are also some problems to acquire waste iron steelmaking.The iron was changed to a shipping boat. Those ships were retired landing crafts from the troops. Don't look at the long -term long -term, but they are all good steel. Now dismantle small landing crafts. After accumulating technical experience, you can remove larger ships and disassemble it.The waste ship is stronger than the hard importing iron ore. "

Lu Tianming is full of confidence, and Liu Ziguang's emotions have also been brought up by him, saying," Okay, then contact a few retired ones.The aircraft carrier came to disassemble and play. If it is not good, you can bring the tourism industry. "

Of course, this is a joke. How can retired aircraft carriers be so good?The international shipbuilding industry is not just emerging, but has been for hundreds of years. As a new shipping company, Hongqi Factory still has a long way to go.

"After these ships, there was a batch of scrapped boat bridge equipment. As long as the railway was connected, he could be transported ..." Lu Tianming said endlessly, Liu Ziguang joked: "Uncle Ming,You simply come to the Red Flag Factory to work with a part -time job. I think you are more attentive to the Red Flag Factory than our Chenuang Factory. "

Lu Tianming's eyes were dark and said," I owe her too much, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.No matter how many things are, it is difficult to compensate. Now she is most thoughtful to the factory, so I can only do my best to help her make the factory efficiency, so everyone is happy. "

Liu Ziguang understands the sighAfter a breath, I was about to say a few words. Suddenly, I saw Wei always appearing at the stairs. The female entrepreneur said with a smile, "Wait for a hurry, there will be a delay just now. Let's go home.Several dishes will be tasted for you. "

There are several family members in Hongqi Factory, and there is one near the factory area. It is also a tube building built in the 1980s.The family district has also become a broken old community, but the greening and hygiene are not bad.

President Wei's home is in one of the tube buildings. The five floors of the red brick exterior wall climb the vines outside, and the workers' bicycles and electric vehicles are parked in the downstairs shed.Private cars are commonplace, but here, bicycles are still mainstream.

The two -bedroom and one -living house is quite spacious. One is the bedroom of President Wei and the other is the daughter's room. The door of the room is closed.With the washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, Lu Tianming wanted to help, but President Wei said: "The kitchen is too small, and the two can not turn around. You can sit on the coffee table.OK, the ashtray is only below the coffee table, and then use it. "

So Wei Shumin was busy in the kitchen, Liu Ziguang and Lu Tianming, two big men sitting on the sofa of the living room leisurely smoking cigarettesLooking at the newspaper, it looks like a harmonious little family. Being a mother is busy cooking. Father and son are waiting for dinner.

Although Wei Shumin is known as an entrepreneur, it is not bad at all. Only listening to the sound of frying and frying in the kitchen, the aroma of fragrance floats, and the dishes are drifting.Make your index finger move.

Suddenly there was a sound of the key opening outside the door. A person came in. Due to the angle relationship, the person who came in did not see the guests on the sofa. She bent down to change the slippers and complained: "TodayThe traffic jam was blocked. Fortunately, I didn't take the bus, otherwise I couldn't get home in the dark. What kind of dishes made, so fragrant. "

Wei Shumin replied:" Xiao Yan,Come to the guests and greet people. "

So Liu Ziguang saw the assistant to the president of Chengcheng Group, Wei Ziyi appeared in front of him.