Chapter 15 Untitled

"It's about to end!" Above the vast earth, Qian Xianyi stood there and looked up at the sky, "Di Nimus, why do you always regret it!"

When the fantasy was contemplative, a virtual screen suddenly appeared in front of Qian Mi, and Qian Mi saw that it appeared on the screen and turned out to be Alia.

"Elia!" Thousands of fantasy looked at Eria on the screen, and Elia's emerald green pupils flowed a trace of love, "Finally found you!"

Br> "What is going on? Elia?" Qian Mi looked at Elia doubt, and couldn't believe that the Time and Space Administration could find it here.

"After you and the two people were swallowed by the dimensional cracks, the Blasts had rebuilt the new mobile six subjects with the help of Governor Lindy Tip.Speaking of what happened after Qian Mi left, "Just some time ago, the 34th World suddenly appeared in the 34th world, and they were still busy rebuilding the six subjects, so I came here.In this world! "

" Where are you? Elia? "Qian Mi said with joy," When do you feel me? You can feel my words, I should be able to pass the contractCome! "

" Intuition! "Thousands of fantasy stared at Eria's shaking hair on his head and smiled embarrassingly," Where are you now?"

Elia looked around," I don't know! But as far as I observed, it should be in a large forest! "

" Forest? "Think, "The relatively large forest, there are a few on the entire mainland. You wait for me first, I'll go to you!"



When Qian Mi went to find Alia, NirvanaThe Ji people have encountered unprecedented difficulties. The princess at dusk, Kagua Saka and Ania have been caught by Fit. The Niji team immediately made a decision to prepare for the end of the end of the last war.The Palace of the Palace].

"Tashi classmate!?" Just as Niji reached the [The Palace of the Tomb Palace], the 3 -A Tashi Reniti stood opposite the opposite to block Niji several.People go.

"It's been a long time! Teacher Niji!"

"No !!" Dragon Palace looked at Zagoi in surprise.She shouldn't be here!? "

" Teacher should be a trap! "Dragon Palace quickly pulled the trigger, and the bullets whistled to Zhaji, but stopped strangely in front of Zagoi where he

Zagai smiled softly. Several people in the Dragon Palace were suddenly suppressed by an inexplicable force.Don't plan to hurt you, I'm here to stop you, what you do is wrong! Now your existence is dangerous! "

" Really false! "The magic power exploded, "Although I know that Zagai is not an ordinary person, is this magic power a bit too exaggerated!"

"The road you move forward will be more about the road that Fit advances.A lot of sacrifice! "Zagai said slowly," I think you have already said this, you should understand it! Teacher Niji, this is the last option, let me tell me your choice! "

"What is going on?" [The palace of the tomb] Fitt's subordinates looked at Zagai on the screen and looked back at Fit in doubt, "Is it Master FettPreparing the secret helper!? "

" I don't know this person! "Fit said lightly.


"Is that Lord Di Namisus?"

"Huh?"Then I said impatiently, "Don't know! Don't call me because of this boring thing!"

"Don't worry, it's my call ..." Suddenly a Hei -Di Di came out of the shadow.Namus is like a robe.

"Is it you?" Fate didn't speak, and turned his head to continue looking at the big screen, the battle between Negi and Zago.


"TeacherAnd think about it? "Zagai looked at Niji seriously." This is the last chance to choose! "

After a long silence, Niji finally made up his mind and looked up at Zagai,"I know this, it will definitely look like that, even so I plan to move forward, along my father's footprint!"

"Yes, then there is no way!"Take out the contract card in his arms and see Zagai pull out the contract card. Long Palace shouted anxiously towards Niji, "Teacher !!"
"The contract card [acrobatics of the slideshow]!">
"Contract card [Pope in the realm of the realm]" A clear female voice introduced into the ears of the crowd, and everyone unconsciously turned around.Niji never watched the blonde female knight wearing a blue armor.

"Qi ~ It's your husband and wife again!" Zaji's lips helplessly.

"Hey!?" Everyone Nage looked at the two people in surprise, and did not expect that the two were husband and wife, let alone the two knew each other with Zagai.

[It took a long time to take a day, you can only push it barely!The next chapter will end the magic onion change environment!above!】