7 7 gao pao tuan de ai zha zha di

You have to know how much money has spent in the past few years in the county, and you will not scare you to death. "

Liu Ziguang immediately remembered that every time he came to Nantai County, he always encountered traffic jams and repair on the road.Road, this has become a normal state. If one day the road is not blocked, the bell is strange.

"The road in Nantai County is afraid of it for several years?" Liu Ziguang said.

"If you want to be rich, cultivate the road first, Nantai is a national poverty -stricken county. Every year, the national poverty alleviation funding is tens of millions. These money has been smashed into the infrastructure.Image engineering, do not spend money, use poverty -stricken funds, and enter private pockets. When Secretary Zhang was in a industrial chain, it was just a way to build a road.There are several gates and other gates of the Poverty Alleviation Office. Which of these yamen do not support dozens of hundreds of people. Nantai County has no pillar economy. People with a bit of energy have entered the government agency.As for the workers who have been carried out in drought and flood, you need to know that the government allocation is limited, the local finance is not so much money, the monks have more porridge and less, how to support so many mouths without repairing the road. "

Zhou Wen pausesHe also said: "It will not be mentioned that the road to build the road is basically the same. Let's talk about this monument. This is the board that Secretary Zhang was when he was in the time.The design of the design, the construction of the construction bureau's organization, the supply and construction of the building materials and construction have been bidded. How many agencies, how many people are involved in it, who does not have to divide a book.Not only the cost of a monument, there are many ways to do it. Don't make a fuss about it. Don't want to fight the lawsuit.No. "

Liu Ziguang was full of anger and was poured by Zhou Wen. This is social reality, let alone poverty alleviation, donationsNo wrong, this group of guys in the public servant coat is actually a locust lying on the people!

Holding the people's hard -earned money, we must also do welfare to suppress the people.If you can't see the leaders of the Construction Bureau, you will be beaten up by the public servants.

Liu Ziguang on these officialdoms, Liu Ziguang, couldn't control it, and couldn't control it, but who had swallowed the legal income of the old Chengtou and the folks of the wild boar, the account must be clear.Looking at Lao Cheng, he asked: "Grays, can you swallow this tone?"

If you are an ordinary country man, you may have been afraid of it after listening to Zhou Wen.Guan's fight, two official characters, what is said, what is said, has formed an inertia thinking in the hearts of ordinary people.

But Lao Cheng's head is not an ordinary person. It was fifteen at the age of fifteen.Party members, who have seen the militia representatives of **, Premier Zhou, and Commander Zhu, what kind of cattle and ghosts and snake gods have never seen, and the modest and respectful virtues are on weekdays, but you really want to force him to the road.Can be out.

Lao Cheng, who has not spoken, pulled out the cigarette bag from his mouth, and said on the soles and said, "Cost, you have to sue to the capital, I will not believe it, ** They hit them down.The world has become colorful. This group of dogs are crushed, and they are more ruthless than the Democratic Party ’s home group! Even the money of the dead!>

"Okay, the old man is hard! I will accompany you all the way to the end." Liu Ziguang got up with Zhou Wen.Zhou Wenyi heard that they were going to sue, and they were so scared that their faces were white. They pulled Liu Ziguang with their chests and stretched out Liu Ziguang. They said that you would never hurt me. I still want to eat this bowl of rice.Woolen cloth.

Liu Ziguang knew his temper of his old classmates. He was timid and afraid of things, but he liked speculation and cleverness. He had a little sense of justice and responsibility, but there were absolutely not many.Fan is ambitious, but since he came to Nantai County and exposed to these dirty official shadows, it seemed that the whole person was depressed.

In fact, Zhou Wen’s career has reached a bottleneck period. He is a urban area and has no foundation.The help is also very limited.

Nantai County is a place that pays great attention to the traces of background qualifications. The civil servant class is a special class. The internal relationship is wrong.It can involve a large number of votes. This is the terrible place in Nan Tai's officialdom. Don't look at Zhou Wen's tourism director, assistant county chief, and take up the energy of the work.

Therefore, it is difficult for Zhou Wen to rise up, so it is delusional to transfer to the city. One radish and one pit. Some people in the city have long occupied.Follow them, so the assistant to the county magistrate was also very aggrieved.

Liu Ziguang laughed and left a word: "Zhou Wen, do you really want to do your life in Nantai County?" Then he went out with Lao Cheng.

After getting out of the White House door, I felt suddenly cheerful, staying in the building of the white, huge and magnificent, but full of the buildings of the dog camp, which made people feel inexplicable.

When I got in the car, Liu Ziguang asked the old Cheng's head while tie the seat belt: "The old man, this sue is the door technology work, where do you plan to start?"

Lao Chengtou said:"In the listing, no matter whether it is in the provincial capital in the city, whether to go to the capital, I don't believe it will not win these corrupt officials."

Liu Ziguang smiled: "With you,I give my life to accompany the gentleman. "

I was about to drive. Suddenly a black car drove over and stood in front of Liu Ziguang's car. Four men jumped out of the car.Look at that situation is clearly found.

Liu Ziguang pulled the handbrake, opened the door and got off the car, holding his arms and smiled: "How many brothers are this looking for someone?"

The hooligan headed by Liu Ziguang pointed out:"Is it him, give me to death?"

You must know that this is at the gate of the county government. Under the day of light, these hooligans dare to move.Looking at the security guards and gatekeepers at the door of the White House, they all turned a blind eye to hear, and there were no one sitting in the house.

Liu Ziguang didn't move, and he didn't move his head. He looked at these four rogues with the eyes of a fool, showing a compassion in his eyes.

The four rough and tough off -road vehicles rushed from the parking lot not far away from the parking lot.The hard front bumper took the top face of the top of their cars.

The door opened together, jumped out of the car 17 or eight healthy military uniforms, and the camouflage sleeve rolls were old high, revealing solid muscles, that expression, that look, look at it, look at it, look at it.I know that it is the master who often fights groups.

There are no suspense consequences. The four earth hooligans were wrapped in the off -road vehicles by the militia. The five cars went away. In a window of the White House, Deputy Director Qian was shocked.Instead, the thug was tied away by others. It seems that this group is not easy to mess with.

Deputy Director Qian thought about it and picked up the phone on the table: "Director Zhang, Qian Dapeng, the Construction Bureau, just now someone abducted my cousin in front of the county government ..."

Half an hour later, the police cars of the Police Station of the Police Station of Nan Tai County found the cousin of Deputy Director Qian in the drainage ditch on the east road of the county seat.I left my hand, neither fractures nor injured internal organs, that is, a face was pumped into a pig's head.

According to the clues provided by the injured, the police station was dispatched quickly to intercept the murderer on the Jiangtai Highway, and the road congestion was given. This group of people had not far.

The police car at the police station blocked the off -road vehicle. Deputy Director Zhang jumped out of the car and secretly cried in his heart. Deputy Director Qian's offended who was offended.This is not the equipment of ordinary people. Sure enough, jumping from the car from the car, headed by a major, is still a major.

"That's it. There was a deliberate injury in the county seat. Please go back to assist in the difference." Zhang Hao said politely.

If he is a ordinary person, he has long asked the security staff to take it up, but the other party obviously did not want to find trouble for himself, even if the matter involved Deputy Director Qian's face was the same.

"Those people were provoking troubles, robbing military vehicles, and we taught a meal. Why, there is a problem?" The major browted and said disdain.

"Nothing, that, which troops are you from?" Zhang's is still very polite.

"High guns, love it." Major jumped into the car with a word, and the driver was impatiently bombarded the throttle to signal Zhang Zeng.Let ’s go on your face, do n’t let the way, and you ca n’t stop others. Just use your four or five public security personnel with intestinal fertilizer, two rubber sticks, really want to do it with this group of guns like guns.None.

Fortunately, Liu Ziguang gave him a step, and the driver drove directly from the roadside muddy. If the general car was generally trapped, these off -road vehiclesGenerally, it drove away.

"Oh, what kind of madness of the soldier!" Waiting for a few cars to go away, Zhang Shengcai took a sip, climbed into his Santana, and drank: "Return!" <"br>