Chapter 12 Taoism (Part 1)

A round moon hangs the sky, sprinking the milky light throughout the earth.The fog like cow's milk is slowly flowing in the sparse bamboo forest, which has a god -like taste.The bodies in this bamboo forest are all green, and they are emitted in the white moonlight. It is a mysterious and solemn purple golden luster.The thick bamboo pole swayed gently in the breeze, and the bamboo leaves made a subtle, as if the sound of ‘飒’ straight through the heart of people.

On the side of the bamboo forest, there is a small creek that is not wide, the water is not as deep as Xu, and a huge tiger is lying on the shore with a huge tiger, and the right paw gently stirs in the stream.The huge tiger's claws did not swing a hint of ripples in the water, and even the fingers in the water in the water were not shocked at all, and the huge paw wiped it from his side.Everything in front of you is full of a natural, galloping, purity, and tranquility.The tiger that should have roared mountain forests, but it was just a kitten to play with water like a kitten.

There was a exquisite bamboo case beside the tiger's side, and two bamboo chairs were placed next to it.There were more than a dozen volumes of bamboo slips and jade books on the bamboo case, and on the bamboo chair, there were two Taoist priests in the blue road robe.The old age, the face was clear and quaint, the long beard fluttering, the night breeze was flying, and the flavor of the fairy was very good. At this moment, he was looking up at the sky.What.

Everything is as if it is a fairy mansion. The immortal realm is solemn, solemn, clean, and free.But with the second Taoist priest, all the taste changed.Wearing a robe, but the robe was wrinkled; the head was held, but the buns seemed to have a thatched grass, and countless hair came out; especially his whole body leaned on the bamboo case, his left hand held his chin, his right hand was right hand, his right handHolding a barbecue deer legs, he kept sending it into his mouth to tear, and his mouth was greasy as if he was called Hua Zi; what about his eyes?The stable and stable grace of the person who has no cultivation at all, purely a thief's eyes, dripping around the old way.

What do you say?How to say?On the huge painting of the landscape, a On the huge painting of the landscape, a shit was suddenly stained, which was the feeling of this scene to others.

The time passed one minute by minute, the moon had gone a journey in the sky, and the deer legs on the Boy Lifeng's hands had been cleaned, and the bones had been thrown to the kitten to the kitten to go to the kitten to go toLicking, and the old Taoist was still in a daze.Finally, Li Feng couldn't hold back. He turned his head and looked at the kittens who were licking bones with interest, and shouted loudly: "Hey, cat, we go back to sleep, we will not know this kind of Finally, Li Feng couldn't hold back. He turned his head and looked at the kittens who were licking bones with interest, and shouted loudly: "Hey, cat, we go back to sleep, we will not know this kind of dumb mystery., Go back to the room to sleep. "

Xiao Longzi, who was on the side, finally reacted, his head shaking desperately.: "Apprentice, um, um, what is the reason for the master today, what is it for?"

Li Feng lay lazily on the bamboo case, yawned, and looked at his master with squinting eyes.Speaking of: "Oh, it seems, did the master say that the little master had closed the customs the day before yesterday? You said that let me take a day of rest, good (aggravated tone) to make a" Suzaku "(again aggravated), what about today?Isn't it that what you said to tell me what is the bottom? However, I ate for two hours for a while for two hours. From the moon to the moon to the moon, you do n’t say a word."

Xiao Longzi was embarrassed, and quickly raised his hands with his sleeves and wiped his eyes. It seemed that he didn't hear the three words" Suzaku Yeah, this, the head of the head of the head of the head of me wants me to teach you well. Naturally, the master can not be lazy. Naturally, you have to teach you something ... But, but ... "

Looking at Xiao Longzi, he asked carefully and asked: "Master, will not be too stingy, just ask one person to be a god, so be reluctant to give me a way? Ah?It shouldn't, what can I say to the apprentices? After all, we are a master and apprentice. What is the unsatisfactory thing? I have confessed all my previous things to the little master. Your old manEven if there is something that can't be seen, tell me, who can I tell for it on Qingyunping? Isn't it? In three years, except you and the evil moon and ancient man, I have only seen a little master aunt., Those who want to make a rumor without listening to the book. "

Xiao Longzi sighed:" Apostle, not my stingy, what can I say?What cannot be seen? But ... but just ... "

Li Feng bite back:" Ha, ha, ha, master, you went to the mountain at the age of nine?Women are bathing, master you must have seen it, so I dare not tell me. "

Xiao Longzi quickly argued:" absurd, absurd, master, where would I have time to peek at the woman to take a bath at that time? The soldiers are turbulent everywhere, and the Mongolians are fighting the world ... Well, um, apprentice, I am telling you the way, nor is it a master's business.How does the eyes do the same as the mountain mice that are going to steal rice? ... However, after I go up the mountain, this, my master, your ancestor, have not told me seriously.I know where to start. "

Li Feng jumped up, just squatted on the bamboo chair, and screamed loudly:" I rely on, your old cow's nose lying.You go up the mountain at the age of nine, no one will give you the way of Taoism, how do you practice the Tao?ah?ah?ah?IntersectionXiaoye, I am talented, super genius, and unknown words. If it wasn't for the little master, he forced me to read and literate in the back. Xiao Ye, I still do n’t know it ... stingy is stingy., Kitten, go, let's go back to sleep.Xiao Ye, I am the ancestor of lying. Your old cow nose is playing this set in front of me?"After speaking, Li Feng jumped off the bamboo chair to leave.

Xiao Longzi quickly held Li Feng's sleeves in one hand, whispered and said," Hey, Hey, Hey, apprentice, don't run, don't run, don't runah.When I am years old, I still do n’t know one of the characters. I am a little surprised by the master."

Li Feng's face is old, but now he still can't help it red. He sat back on the bamboo chair and mocked:" Ha, old man, you don't know, don’t know, don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know,I have been going to do something big since I was a child. I and Azhu and I were going to do our "Golden Dragon Gang" as the largest gang of Suzhou Prefecture, so I did a little less effort to study.The kung fu on our hand should be hone well?Otherwise, you will eat whip ... ha, ha, ha, ha.Ah, master, oh, no, I misunderstood Master, Master, you continue to say, haha, continue to say."

Xiao Longzi was silent again, and his hands turned around on the bamboo case for a long time. From" Huang Ting Jing Note "to" Too Xudu Sutra "for a long time, I couldn't find a sentence to sayIn the past century, he has been performed by a person in the past century in one hundred years. When he and his brothers such as Xie Yuezi and Gu Lingzi began to carry and reference, it was also he reached the late stages of condensation.Jin Dan is going to be successful, and now it is told to Li Feng, naturally you can't talk about things that are too esoteric.

Litto, Xiao Longzi can say with his mouth, other things, other things.If you can't say it, the essence of the most basic 'Tao "is based on people's own understanding. Xiao Longzi's current Taoism can be regarded as a powerful monk, but it is definitely not a master of monastery.So he has nothing to say. 'Avenue is speechless', this 'Tao' cannot be described in detail in detail.

Li Feng can see Xiao Longzi's forehead and sweat, but it is a bit pitiful, but it is a bit pitiful.Shaking his head, "Okay, master, you don't have to be busy.Since you were practiced by yourself, I am not stupid than you?It should be said that the apprentice is much smarter than you, so, the apprentice can naturally cultivate, is it?... Anyway, it ’s just a good food, let’ s chat ... You said that the little master retreats, why do n’t you say it, and say that you retreat?Is this too unpretentious?"

Xiao Longzi found a topic. He quickly said:" Little Master Sister retreats, that is the meaning of the head of the head of the master, and the essence of our monk is what we want, as natural, and naturally.There are so many rules and politeness like other martial arts, so the little sister retreats, that is, she needs to retreat, so she goes directly to Danfang. She does not need to be as respectful as other martial arts."

Xiao Longzi found the topic, and began to talk about:" Just say the Emei sword, the head of the teacher enters the customs and leaves the customs, the low -generation disciples under the door will take a bath and dress, send it in and pick it out.This is a large rule.In particular, their swords are practicing swords, swords, and weapons.Therefore, there is a rule for everything. In daily life, the door people develop the habit of careful and cautiousness, so that when the swordsmanship advances, it will not make mistakes."

Li Feng came with his spirit:" So what exactly do we pay attention to?... If this is fighting, we and them, who lost, who wins?... You can also become immortals, and we can also become immortals. Who is good, who is bad?"Li Feng has made up his mind. If Xiao Longzi said that Yiyuanzong fights the most powerful, he must be burned to Mount Emei. If it is the most powerful person in the Emei sword, then, hey, run when you see it.> Xiao Longzi seemed to be clearly ignored by Li Feng's words. He turned unconsciously with the scroll of his hand and said softly: "To say that the difference is, it is not large.The sword is practicing the sword, but they also refine the Qi and cultivate the Yuanshen Yuanxian. Although we have the qi as the top, aren't we also cultivating various magician flying swords?But just focus on different points."

After groaning for a while, Xiao Longzi said slowly:" To say that in ancient times, for example, five or six thousand years ago, the wicked and evil factions fought, which caused the three thousand princes to fight against the king of the king.All the monks claimed to be 'refining the qi ". At that time, although there were a few magic weapons, most of them changed their mysterious skills and loser to win -win.At the beginning of the world, the source of thousands of creatures, so refining qi is authentic."

" After that battle, several practice methods were lost, and many martial arts monks found that after having magic weapons, they could improve their attack power.EssenceIn the Tang Dynasty, the swordsman's strength was the world.Among them, Qinglian Jianxian Tai Bai Jushi praised ‘kill one person in ten steps, without staying for thousands of miles’."

Li Feng spit his tongue and exclaimed:" Good guy who can brag, mother, kill like him, what are the dynasties of the Tang Dynasty, how many people let him kill? ""

Xiao Longzi laughed:" Hehe, it's just a metaphor.If any sword fairy really kills, it will have been attacked by the world.However, a repairer reached the top sword fairy, and he went down with all his swords.Thousands of miles, just make a hundred swords, this is not bragging."

Xiao Longzi looked at the moon in the sky, frowned for a long time, and then said:" However, the defect of Jianxian is to enter the way with the sword, so the speed of cultivation is too fast.Some.As long as you find an ancient god soldier, you can immediately have the power that can be achieved for three or four hundred years.Therefore, it is easy to have a blast noise, the moral heart is unstable, either to go into the demon, or be seduced into the evil way by the demon outside the road.Do you still practice your own way with strong mana?"

Li Feng crooked his mouth for a long time, and said simply:" No, if you give me a "Xuanyuan Sword ',' Pangu Ax ',' Kyushu Ding ',' Nuwa Furnace'Magic weapons like, then I have been an emperor ... Hey, what do you do?"

Xiao Longzi was so angry that Yang facing Li Feng's head was two slaps:" Robber, nonsense, those legendary Kyushu artifacts can be controlled by manpower ... IFighting you this day to make a daydream mixed boy.Remember, you will not think about these things in the future. Thinking about the magic weapon to lose your magic weapon all day long, where do you still have your mind?"

Xiao Longzi's eyes almost stared out of the eyes. You can see that there is a trace of blood in it flashed, which is angry.The wind was easy to close his mouth, and he vomited a bite. He helplessly said: "As for other refined Dan, yin, yang, yang or yin, and yin, there is the kind of exorcism, catching evil, catching evilThe portal of red mercury and swallowing women's milk is the color of the evil door, and the master is too lazy to say here that the air of Qingyunping is filled with the air."

Li Feng's eyes were brightened, he stood up nervously, approaching Xiao Longzi, and asked with a smile:" Master, other evil door crooked road, don't introduce it.Then what is the method of using Yin to supplement the yang or yang to nourish yin, will you?Let's talk about it in detail."

Xiao Longzi's face suddenly became flushed, his eyes were full of blood, and his neck was thicker like buffalo. There was a series of strange sounds in his throat, his chestJust like a fan box, it was rolling up and down, and I almost rolled back to the lungs in one breath. Finally, Xiao Longzi jumped like a thunderous jump, and he scolded the water for a hundred years: "Just like a fan box, it was rolling up and down, and I almost rolled back to the lungs in one breath. Finally, Xiao Longzi jumped like a thunderous jump, and he scolded the water for a hundred years: "Fuck, you, you, youThis This bastard is sitting down for Daoye. I honestly listen to Dao Ye, I will talk to you, and dare to ask something bad. Dao Ye I split you alive."

Li Feng was frightened, sitting back on the bench honestly. Where does Xiao Longzi at this moment look like a full true?Like the boss of the tiger, even the tone was like a touch: "How about dare, I will split you alive."