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, Perform us a program...

Martin said: "I can dance, can I?"

"Yes, come one."

Don't sell it, twist with a slap, and hum in the language of his hometown in his mouth. A black head shakes with joy.He didn't change his face and didn't jump. In the face of stunned people, he bowed and tried, saying, "I'm sorry, be ugly and ugly."

"What dance is this?"It's right.

"Our tribe lasted for hundreds of years of people's war dance, captured the enemy and danced when the enemy beheaded the meat under the host of the sacrifice."Silence, Bei Xiaoshuai looked at everyone, swallowing his mouthful, and everyone looked at him, blinked, and suddenly laughed.

When everyone laughed enough, Liu Ziguang asked: "Say something serious, why steal things."

Martin took out two pentagram coins from the pocket of Nike's big pants and said: "Just money, it is not enough to buy a barbecued pork. I am hungry."

Everyone is silent, and there are many guys with music and dance cells. Unfortunately, they actually embarked on the road of crime.

Liu Ziguang took out a RMB from a portable bag and lost it.It was extremely solid, like a hard brick, Martin's pupils suddenly enlarged, and it was obvious that his throat was squirming, and he was swallowing.

If you want to get it, you dare not take it. Martin is a little overwhelmed and his eyes are blurred. Liu Ziguang said, "Look at you a bit, give you a way to live?"

MartinAs soon as the eyes were on, asked, "What kind of work?"

"Bar singer, 800 yuan per month, control and control, what do you think?"
It is not enough for me to drink beer, no, it wo n’t work. "Martin's big black head shook like a wave drum.

Liu Ziguang's face sank, Bei Xiaoshuai immediately shouted: "Tied, send the police station, the black households without a visa dare to ask for the price, but the opposite!"

Liu Ziguang and Yan Yue said: "Okay, I add another, the beer tube is enough."

"Okay, turn it!" Martin stretched out his hand, and Liu Ziguang also stretched out his right hand to swear with him.This illegal worker.

"Beckham, give him beer." Liu Ziguang spoke counting, and fulfilled his promise on the spot. Bei Xiaoshuai took two cans of Baili from the refrigerator and threw it to him, and he ordered someone to go outside to buy a large arrangement.A piece of river noodles, a few skewers of roasted scorpion, and grilled crickets, Martin sat on the carpet to eat and drink.The deliciousness of roasted monkeys, saying that they are ritual, the audience is nauseous.

All the private property of Mr. Martin Obama is brought on the body, an expired passport, a group of rental keys, a cottage mobile phone, and two pentagram coins.One month, so there is no need to go back. Open a room directly. He has a lot of taste. No one wants to live with him. Liu Ziguang does not worry about him running away, but just said, "This guy's mind is very bright, knowAnyway, you will definitely not go. "

Sure enough, the next morning, when eating free buffets, Martin was earlier than anyone else.There are more than anyone else. After eating people in front of people, the light white water eggs ate fifteen, and the waiters who watched their eyes rolled their eyes.

After breakfast, Hu Guang also returned, and he also brought a pure girl with a slim figure and a small bird standing on the bald Hu Guang on his horses.Strong, everyone laughed: "Is it the lady you grabbed?"

The girl's face suddenly became red, and she was obviously a little scared to see such a group of young people, and went straight toHu Guang hid behind him, and Hu Guang said, "Don't talk about it. She is named Li Wei. It is my former colleague. I went to the factory to play in the factory yesterday. I happened to be bullied by the line commander, so I brought her back."

Everyone also understands Hu Guang's temper, and there must be a story between the line -long bullying people and" bringing her back Long is either a fracture or a head break, which is almost sure.

There are three more people. Fortunately, Iveco is relatively large and can sit down. Cayenne continues to stay in Guangzhou for repair. The group went straight to Shenzhen from the Guangzhou -Shenzhen high speed.

When I arrived at the SAR, a group of people quickly invested in the auction. Of course, those people were working on the scene. Most people came to the town.Advertising, the pilot had gone to go again, and only some aviation equipment was sold, including a well -colored Mi Eight, a transportation of the old dragon bell, and a 6.5 tons of Dongfeng, which was worth more than 100,000 tons of Dongfeng.car.

Most companies coming to the auction are running for the Mi 8, but have no interest in transportation five, so the auction process is quite smooth. In the endReserve and spare parts repair tools are all won.

After the auction, Liu Ziguang quickly paid the money with the exchange bill, and then was told that in the room, you need to pay a 10,000 yuan hangar occupation fee every day. Do you want to fly away directly?Of course, but this aircraft has been canceled, and there are no supporting pilots. If you want to apply for a temporary route, you need to go to the General Administration of Aviation.Only pilots hired a flight license can leave. These costs are scattered together without one hundred thousands of unstoppable.

And Liu Ziguang also heard a message. In fact, this transportation five is not the first auction. It was shot once half a year ago. This time, I just pulled out the foil of Mi 8.There are really grievances to buy, and the auction house laughed very much.

I didn't expect to surprise them. After the ownership of the aircraft was officially obtained, Liu Ziguang drove to the glory.Bai white and pioneering eyes, whatever he said with the guy, dismantled it. These old experts have been dismantled and transported out. Liu Ziguang planned ahead, and sent them to Hong Kong for a week in advance for a week.Come to demolish parts.

At the same time, Xuanzi's container vehicle is also in place, and drove directly to the airport to stop the garage. In the eyes of the staff's surprise, a group of people with large waist and round waist were just moved to the dismantling aircraft components to move up the disassembly aircraft components on the manpower.The car took away the gas car.

Bei Xiaoshuai also contacted the training of the aviation club. As it was introduced online, the driving license of civilian light aircraft is about 100,000 yuan tuition, which has certain requirements for students' physical fitness, butIt is not harsh. It is much lower than the national selection of fighter pilots, so Bei Xiaoshuai, full of scars, can be selected. As for the future cultural courses, it depends on his creation. In shortThe words are also here, don't go back if you can't learn the diploma.

At the same time, there are three well -selected brothers who enrolled with Bei Xiaoshuai. They are all physical quality and high cultural foundation. Among them, two of them are also from Air Force Diligers.

This tuition, coupled with the cost of eating and accommodation in the local area, is 500,000 yuan. Even Bei Xiaoshuai scratched his head and said he didn't understand: "Brother, do you really want to open an airline?"

Liu Ziguang smiled and said, "Plan ahead."

Great merit, Liu Ziguang led everyone to return to Jiangbei City, first went to Guangzhou to raise the repair Cayenne, and all the way to the north to go north to the north., I did n’t encounter a porcelain on this way. I Xiaoxing all the way to the night, returned to Jiangbei every day, and began to improve my Hongyu Company.

First of all, the two planes painted the same color. The same logo, anyway, is a deck aircraft. As long as it does not appear in the same field, others must think that there is only one transportation of the red company.

Jiangbei Taolin Airport is a medium -sized domestic airport. There are not many flights, the facilities are relatively old, but the bid is very high. If it is in it, it will be thousands of yuan a day.A cluster plant of the grass is rented in the development zone on the south bank, and the sign of the Red Antrocyan Company was hung. The two planes and a refueling vehicle were placed in the workshop.Maintenance, two big wolf dogs guarding day and night.

In the random attachment of this transportation, there are two sets of 3514 -produced 59 -style summer flight uniforms. Although it was produced in 1976, it has never been worn through. The skin is well maintained well., Put on absolute wind, and match the leather flying cap and the glass wind mirror during World War II. That effect is simply not to say.

Hu Guang has had several cases in the city, and with irritability, it is easy to cause trouble. He was arranged in Hongyan Company as the defender chief and usually lived in the development zone.As a means of transportation, the Woman woman brought from the south was arranged to be a clerk in the company. It was 2,000 yuan per month.Its fun.

Black Martin was arranged in the bar as a singer. Both advertised at the JBTV and Jiangbei Evening News beforehand, claiming that the famous American black singer Martin was about to land in Jiangbei.On the day of debut, Martin wore purple shirts, black trousers, white sock patent leather shoes, and white square glasses shocked. With the shocking African head dance and hissing, he sang the natives of Jiangbei City. Everyone was admired.In the end, it is an American singer, and the row is different.

It was when the spring flowers bloomed, Liu Ziguang opened the long -sealed Yangtze River 750, TDE fast -drying army green round neck T -shirt, flight hat, mirror, 59 summer flying, khaki pants, OakliSand boots, wearing this head, and then sitting on the cross, the prestigious style, imposing, and slamming, the exhaust tube of the Yangtze River 750 made a unique roar, whistling away.

When I came to the high soil slope, I found that the demolition work has been progressing. The dormitory area of the original Chenuang Machinery Factory and the Red Flag Steel Factory has been relocated.They are all, the dismantling door panels and windows are piled on the side of the road. The blindfold of the headscarf squatted on the ruins and smashed the cement attached to the steel bars with a small hammer.

In the past, the big courtyard full of humanity. At this time, people have gone to the room.In childhood, teenagers, and youth, eyes were about to become ruins under the land, and my heart was still a little reluctant.

But the times are changing. The neighbors live in houses that have been in disrepair for a long time. It is cold in summer and cold in summer.The water -free water faucet and line up in the public toilet. In this kind of day, you only need to stay in the memory.