Chapter 143

Chapter 143 The White Rat Legion

It may be that the experiment is too much, or it may be swayed by the mouse, which makes Lu Xuyang ignore the silver light that the smart brain has always flashed on his wrist.And this neglect has led to the big outbreak of the entire world hacker.

Shan Yu wants to come to the wind full building

On this day, the hacker forum received another battle post.

The content is to overcome a game client and find out the company.

Strange !!!

This is the first feeling of everyone in the forum after seeing this content. Can those people can't find out the company's company?

Although I am not happy, they still have to admit that those people's technology is still very superb. Can they even find out what they can't find out?

Soon, everyone saw the name of that game.

If Lu Xuyang is here, he will find that it is exactly what he has done, but unfortunately he is not there.

If everyone knows that the game's belonging is the last time the hacker who helped them challenge them, they will definitely not promise this challenge, but unfortunately, they don't know.

So, the comparison test started ...

Speaking of this comparison content, the original creator is Lu Xuyang himself.

At the beginning, when I was advertising by Zhizhi, the advertisement popped up on the George computer who was surprised to send a surprise for the forum. In addition, he was unable to turn off the animation, so heThen I have the idea of verifying the source of the game.So there was this challenge.

Challenge the two sides began to overcome the "Xianxia" client, but the initiator was still teasing his little white mouse happily.Essence

The day passed day by day. At the beginning, the dormitory Wang Tian was the first to return to school.certainly.What he did not expect was the first one to welcome him, and he was actually a group of little white mice.

Wang Tian, the most afraid of his life is the mouse. It seems that when he was a child, he was bitten by his grandmother's house and was bitten by a mouse. He has never recovered since then.I usually see one of them. At all of my mouse, he was not crazy.Holding the broom and starting to catch up.

The white rats were shocked by him, and began to mess around. Several of them passed from his feet, scaring Wang Tian to jump on a small bench in the dormitory.As soon as the bench was crooked, Wang Tian fell to the ground.The little white mouse squeaked, and several particularly human nature even rolled on the ground.

Wang Tian is not moving.The little white mouse does not move.In this way, a group of mice alone.Big eyes stared at that dazzling for more than an hour.Until Lu Xuyang came back.Wang Tian was relieved.

Seeing the embarrassment of Wang Sirius, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but feel funny.Such a big person is actually afraid of mice. It is estimated that no one will believe it.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's luck in the disaster, Wang Tianbai gave him a glance and gave the broom to Lu Xuyang.

"What do you do?" Lu Xuyang, who received a broom, was puzzled.It's quite clean on the ground!

When he heard Lu Xuyang's pretending to be stupid, Wang Tian's heart was aggrieved, and he pointed at the little white rat and yelled at him, "Don't you help drive the mouse out?"

Lu Xuyang has only reacted, and it was a laugh at Wang Tian's fear.Until the eyes of Wang Tianyou's grievances.He resisted the smile on his stomach and recruited the mice back.

The little white rat who got the instruction quickly turned around Lu Xuyang.The well -behaved look looked at Wang Tian for a while.

"Don't get up yet?" Lu Xuyang looked at Wang Tian who stayed on the ground and said.

"Oh!" Wang Tian returned to God and got up from the ground.However, looking at Lu Xuyang's well -behaved mice, he felt a little incredible.For a long time, as if thinking of something, he trembled and pointed at Lu Xuyang and asked: "These ... willn't it be you raised?"

"Uh ..." Lu Xuyang touched his nose for a long time, only for a long time, only for a long time.Nodded slowly.

In other words, the big man's cute little white mouse feels so wrong. He began to consider whether people sent the mice to give people.

Looking at Wang Tian, who is far away, Lu Xuyang's eyes turned around, and he picked up a little white rat with a smile and smiled: "Wang Tian, you see how cute them, or send you a one of them.Raise it! Also treat you for the sake of fear of mice? "

Lu Xuyang's movement attracted Wang Tian's shrinking, he jumped to Lu Xuyang said:" Don't want to stuff to me for me, I don't need to treat the disease! "

Lu Xuyang's face changed, and he was seriously rushing to the king:" Don't you want to find a wife? "" This ... what does the rats have to do with his wife? "Wang Tian doubtedEssence

Lu Xuyang smiled again. Chong Wang Tian explained: "You see, you are so afraid of mice now, what if you are in a dating with a mouse when you are dating with a girl?I am also afraid of mice, let you help him catch it, then you are afraid that the mouse will definitely be discovered by her. At that time, she will definitely feel that you can’t give her a sense of security. In this case, which girl you think will find a sense of insecurity, you do n’t feel insecure.Men? "

" How can you meet the mice just? "Wang Tian whispered.However, the confidence is obviously a bit insufficient, and it is obviously that it has begun to agree with Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang is not in a hurry, and the pig will also struggle when he is killed.He is confident that Wang Tian will definitely agree, which is a major event that is related to life.

Looking at Lu Xuyang's eyes, Wang Tian was aggrieved: "Then ... that ... you give one ... I will raise, but ... as long as one!"
"Bin GuoJust one! "Loving Wang Tian's consent, Lu Xuyang made a finger.By the way, the little white mouse at the feet, the most humane commanded one of the mice slowly climbed to Wang Tian.

Looking at the mice who slowly crawled over, Wang Tian had all the hearts that he wanted to die. Why did he be fooled by Lu Xuyang accidentally?He wanted to regret it, and looked at Lu Xuyang for help, but Lu Xuyang's expression of "small" made him really difficult to speak.

Forget it, let's die. Looking at the mouse who slowly approaches, Wang Tian slowly squatted down.The little white mouse climbed on Wang Tian as a acceleration.Suddenly, Wang Tian only felt that his whole body was straight and cold.He didn't want to stay more for a moment in this dormitory. Thinking of this, Wang Tian quickly picked up the basketball and ran out.When I came to the door, Lu Xuyang said: "You can raise it by yourself, my brother, I played."


Seeing Wang Tian's movement, Lu Xuyang was speechless.I murmured in my mouth: "Is there such a terrible? I feel very cute?" Then I laughed: "What is the thing to get out, how can it be so easy to recover?"

Unfortunately, it is a pity,Wang Tian, who had already went out, couldn't hear him.