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The patrol speedboat went to check, and called the West Kowloon Region to verify...

Before the phone was turned on, the radio station of the Water Police Headquarters received an alarm. It was an alarm from the Maritime Office.The high -frequency radio station cannot be contacted. Now the sailor's ambulance boat has set off, hoping that the water police will cooperate.

The water police headquarters bombed the nest. At 5:30 in the morning, all the calls kept busy, notifying the superior, mobilizing the hands of the people, sending a speedboat, and allocating the helicopter of the rescue team, the things verified by the West KowloonIt's not important.

Hong Kong is a high incidence of typhoons. The sea refuge rescue mechanism is quite complete. The Water Police Region and the Maritime Division have launched an emergency plan. Rescue vessels and helicopters quickly rushed to the maritime location.On the surface of the Gonghai Sea, it was only twenty nautical miles away. The heavy rain last night had stopped. The sea conditions were ideal and the rescue was not difficult.

When the rescue staff arrived, there were more than a dozen lifeboats floating on the sea. The Oriental Empress had disappeared under the sea level., Hand over the hot coffee, soothe the reporters from several media in Hong Kong, and the news came from the news to interview the needle. The camera continued to shoot.A good opportunity to show his face, so he didn't care, but was even more busy.

There is a frightened female maritime survivor pointed at a comatose man and said, "Mr. Police, saving him, he saved my daughter.

: "Yes, he saved all of us, he was a hero!"

The water police immediately notified the helicopter with the intercom, let them put down the basket, and sent the serious injured to the hospital for emergency treatment.The dolphin helicopter put down the basket, and Zhongshui Police tied the coma to Liang Xiao in the hanging basket with seven -handed foot. The reporters loyally recorded this section with a camera, and the tears of the survivor. The little girl was innocent.Eyes, everyone knows that this will be a big news.

Just when the people of all parties were on the same stage, Zhang Baiqiang and others were already sitting on a Panama container freighter.They were all gone by mice, but sitting here have a rare sense of security.

What makes them feel at ease is the big pockets on the feet, all of which are large banknote, US dollar Hong Kong dollars, flowers and green, although not carefully counted, but this money is definitely more money than those gold.And it can be used directly, without having to convert.

The cabin door sounded, and Chu Xiangdong grabbed the shotgun and drank: "Who?"

Answer, it was the mysterious speedboat driver.This man drove the speedboat to send them to the freighter.

Zhang Baiqiang made a look. Lu Hai stood behind the door with a dagger, and the crow stepped forward to open the door.br> "Thank you, still." Zhang Baiqiang said salty and indifferently. For him for many years, this guy named Zhao is too mysterious, and mysterious means unknown and dangerous.Cash, he had to guard against.

Zhao Hui laughed: "Just get used to it, don't be nervous, anyway, we are the people on the same boat, go, I will take you to see something."

Chu Xiangdong uses itThe look of the search looked at Zhang Baiqiang, and the latter nodded slightly, and the bandits traveled around the world were not afraid of getting anywhere. Is it scared to get on this boat.

A group of people came to the deck, Zhao Hui made a noise. Some workers came to open the container, which was a brand new black BMW car.If you are full of a ship container, if you are equipped with such a luxurious car, how big it is to smuggle and sell.

Zhang Baiqiang and others exchanged their eyes. They were slightly fixed in their hearts. Compared with others, their small sale was really a small witch.

"I do n’t conceal you, I do n’t hide it. Brothers I do a big business. I do n’t look at the little money you grabbing the boat. I see the skills of several brothers.I have a suggestion, I have a suggestion, you start working with me, I will help you arrange a new identity to ensure that your safety is paid by the work. How do you be interested in a few good guys? "

Four FourA fierce bandit was gloomy and didn't speak, and he was thinking about gains and losses in his heart. Although he was alone, he did not know if it would be folded in one day. If you follow the strong boss, although he sacrificed a little freedom, in exchangeIt is peace of mind and stability.

Chu Xiangdong couldn't help it. He had long wanted to pick up his mother. This kind of fugitive career was enough for this fugitive career in a place, but the boss was still thinking.Dare to talk more, but the anxious eyes betrayed his mood.

"I want to ask one thing." Zhang Baiqiang finally spoke.


"What is the relationship between Liu Ziguang and you?"

"That's my buddy."

Zhang Baiqiang nodded and grinned:"Well, let's talk about our compensation problem."


Hong Kong, deep water involved in a mansion, Cheng Guoju wearing pajamas use his full strength to smash the remote control to the TVThe machine, after such a big thing, it turned out to know the TV. The Oriental Empress was inexplicably sinking on the Gonghai.I'm afraid I don't know until noon.

I was furious, and the telephone ringed. The bodyguard A Qiang answered the phone in the past and covered the microphone and said, "Koga, it was called by the water police. Please help the investigation."

"Take the car!" Cheng Guoju shouted angrily, went upstairs to change his clothes, and suddenly stopped when he walked to the stairs. A word flashed in his head: "That money does not belong to you.. "

Did they do it?It is impossible, they are just barking. How can there be such a large handwriting? The gambling boat is likely to be a fire in the cabin or a turbine failure, coupled with the crash caused by the complexity of the sea conditions.

After changing the suit and driving to the water police headquarters, the police introduced the incident to Cheng Guoju.Cheng Guoju will face huge compensation and civil prosecution. This is just the beginning. The ship sinks, and the trouble brought about will endlessly.

The place of the shipwreck is in the seas of Gonghai, not in the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong police, and the location of the ship's registration is Cyprus. Even if you know that there is a robbery on the ship, the Hong Kong police have no power to question. Fortunately, many of the victims are Hong Kong people.The police accepted their reports and began to investigate the matter, but the difficulties were heavy. First of all, the ship had sinking on the sea, and the evidence obtaining evidence became quite difficult. Even if you contacted the deep -sea diving equipment and personnel, all traces on the ship could not recover.

The only clue at present is that policeman, but unfortunately, the police have been injured in the head during the saving process, and it has not yet awakened.The question of the higher -level police officer said that he knew nothing about his subordinates.

Most of the guests on the gambling boat are mainland guests. After this calamity, I did not have the mood to stay in Hong Kong to play. They rushed back to the Mainland. After this incident, the business of other public sea gambling boats was also greatly affected.The wind and cranes are all soldiers, and the business has plummeted. There are only three or five guests in the whole ship.

The most uncomfortable thing is Cheng Guoju. He has a feeling of being overcast but without resistance. Komaya is also a person who has become famous for many years.The boat is gone, the tens of tens of the budgets, the income of millions of millions per day, the brothers have disappeared, and more importantly, the face of Kuye has been greatly injured, and the face is unable to resist.This makes him feel so embarrassed.

I was discussing insurance compensation with the lawyer at home. Suddenly, the phone bell in the corner was called again. Now Joho heard that the phone bell was trembling.After a while, he whispered a few words, covering the microphone and said, "Master Kom, the young master is in trouble."


"Tibetan poison, was caught by the mainland police."

" What! "Grandpa stood up suddenly and asked:" Isn't Allen going to school in the UK, how did you go to the Mainland! "

His son, Kuye mixed his life for a lifetime, didn't want to let his son take the old road, so he sent him to London to study, and expect his son to be a decent person in the future as a doctor lawyer.I love ghosts when I do n’t like to study, and now I finally make trouble.

Cheng Guoju only felt qi and blood, and he fell to the ground in front of him.> In the confused, I heard the alarm of the ambulance. When Komo woke up again, he was already lying in the hospital. Thinking about everything that happened these days, from Helian Sheng, he was rooted up, to the Queen of Oriental Queen to the Queen of EasternThe mysterious sink, and then the son was inexplicably detained. He felt a thorough cold. It seemed that there was a Tian Luo Diwang covering himself. If he wanted to resist, he could not find the enemy.If you can go, you can go. If you are mixed with rivers and lakes, you must be willing to bet.

"Well ..." John Lord sighed, seemed to be ten years old for a moment.

Aqiang stood beside him with a low say: "Kom, you have a phone call to you."

Cheng Guoju took the phone and listened calmly, and finally said, "I know, I willIf you do it, I hope that Director Song will not say a word. "Put down the phone and say to A Qiang:" Call the lawyer Zhang. "

Mr. Zhang is a lawyer who specializes in financial affairs for Cheng Guoju. After he came, he came.Cheng Guoju signed a document on the bed to concentrate on the 1.8 billion funds on several secret accounts to a mainland account.

At the same time, Cai Ziming, a staff member of a securities company in Hong Kong, was also arrested by the police for money laundering, and then found more than ten large non -name international bonds in his residence, with a total amount of up to 200 million.

12 hours later, the news from the Hong Kong person who was arrested for Tibetan poison was confirmed to be framed and innocently released for being suspected of Tibetan poison.

Akaka Kok International Airport, Liu Ziguang and Hu Rong sat side by side facing the floor -to -ceiling window. On the long runway, the plane rose and landed, and the flight information was rolled on the large screen. The English broadcast came from time to time.Essence

"Well, it's over." Hu Rong sucked the papaya milk in the cup and looked a little lonely.

"Do you miss Hong Kong, or do you miss my partner?" Liu Ziguang lay on his chair with his head and said.

"Beautiful you, you are too dangerous, too bold, and never partner with you in the future!" Hu Rong sucked a big mouthful of papaya milk again, hammering on Liu Ziguang's shoulder with a fist,, Break.

"By the way, do you say that Liang Xiao will be okay?"

"As long as he is smart, there will be no matter, and he will be promoted."

"But I amStill worrying, in case ... Liu Ziguang, what do you think? "
" I finally understand why you are so big, what to drink and make up, it is right. "Liu Ziguang pointed at Hu Rong's handsPapaya milk said.

"You! I ignore you!" Hu Rongqi turned his back, but still rang the papaya milk.