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Mr. Jiang said," This is also simple, then there is no complicated task. "

Liu Ziguang said," I don't mean this, I think if they really don't want to let letWhen things fall into our hands, there will be many means to destroy the cargo ship with others, but they give up, just make a step -by -step situation that makes us think that this thing is exhausted.There will be no fake. "

Jiang always smiled:" The institute has identified it, it is indeed used on the nuclear submarine. The reverse test is in progress.The dashboard is given to us by the initiative. I am afraid that we dare not have so many flowers, and the Japanese are also chased by the navy."Why do they do this, don't you know what the consequences of this thing will cause?" Liu Ziguang actually knew the answer, but he still had to ask.

"You know, the arms dealers do not care about national interests. What they want is only orders, a large number of continuous orders, and the huge amount of research funding approved by Congress.Foreign patients, although foreigners do not know this sentence, they are actually doing it. Those recorded and unscrupulous cases are not their acquiescence. They need a strong opponent.Make one out. "

" You mean, they deliberately leaked our secrets to us, enhancing our navy strength, and then they can ask for money to ask Congress? "Essence

“是这个道理,当然他们不会把最核心的机密抛给我们,tb23已经过时了,他们的研发中心里一定有了更先进的产品。”姜总话锋一转,举The wine glass said, "No matter what, the two of you were born and killed to get the goods.Is it a vacation? "

" Yes, in fact, we do not have business every day. Employees of Yongchang Company fully enjoy the various holidays stipulated by the state.,然后进入待命状态,一旦有事,要立即放下手上的任何事情奔赴现场。”

“大家都过来,照相了。”有人喊道,众人赶紧放下酒杯走到蛋糕旁,以Chen Jinlin's two sons put on various postures in the center. Zhao Hui pressed the camera shutter, and quickly ran over to stand in the pile of people and stretched out his fingers to make an old set of victory. Everyone shouted "eggplant" together.

With a "pop

Chen Jinlin's wife and birds snuggled in the arms of her husband like a person.What name is you going to give your son? "

" Think about it, called Chen Ziguang to commemorate the Philippines' trip to someone. "Chen Jinlin smiled maliciously.

"Chen Gong, I don't have a son yet!" Liu Ziguang threatened, and everyone laughed.

Cut the cake and open champagne. After a celebration, he finally recovered. The Chen Jinlin family left in advance and went to a happy little day. Zhao Hui also drove Liu Ziguang to leave.

There are some rain on the streets of the provincial capital. The impact of the typhoon has not passed. The traffic in the urban area is blocked and the car crawls slowly. Zhao Hui explained the discipline while driving.Hold your parents, conceal your wives and children, what you have done, where you have been, you must not disclose half a word. Your officer's certificate is stored in the company for the time being.They are all confidential, you just need to know that you are an active soldier in your heart. "

" So, which department do I belong to? Or, which department do we belong to and who leads to lead?But you don't want to be unknown to be pulled down by you. "Liu Ziguang said.

Zhao Hui laughed: "No one belongs to, we are an economic entity with ** legal person qualifications. If you have to trace back, then the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, but it's not now nowadaysIn 1998, the original department was changed to the General Equipment Department of the PLA in 1998, and then established a National Defense Science and Technology Industry Commission jointly led by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. Our unit was established in 1997 years., So these two units are our mother's house, do you understand? "

" I'm confused. "Liu Ziguang said.

"How can you understand it, anyway, you will never lose money at work anyway. If you have money to get a girl with a free ticket, you can travel around the world.Do you think? "

Liu Ziguang shrugged:" I have already experienced this kind of life, it is really exciting, but I accidentally die due to the public. By the way, do I have insurance? "

Zhao Hui laughed, suddenly calmed down, and said faintly: "The company's honor wall, there are photos of colleagues who sacrificed since the establishment, I have the opportunity to take you to see, talk about their history,You will understand what the dead is more important than Taishan. "

The rain outside the window was still smiling, the team's long dragon blocked, the opposite lane was empty, and the traffic police were closed from a distance.The news said that there was a major leader of the Central Committee to visit the city today. Probably the police sealing the road was for this matter.

Zhao Hui and others were impatient. Get off and pull the quarantine fences in the middle of the two lanes. When you get on the bus, you will go out in the steering wheel.Hui took out a special pass and put it under the windshield glass, and rushed to the police to make a gesture, and the police saluted them.

"Manager Zhao is very good." Liu Ziguang praised.

Zhao Hui shook his head and said, "They are not for me, but a pass to the provincial party committee's security bureau. This is a real car certificate.It doesn't matter if you violate the regulations. "

" Why don't you take it out earlier? "

" It is boring, the more such things, the more people who don't have the bottom in their hearts, the more people like the more like -minded people like the more likes to likeIt ’s really a certain point, but I want to be an ordinary person even more.” Zhao Hui said thoughtfully, driving a car all the way, and sent Liu Ziguang back to the first house in the military region.

"I won't go in, there is an umbrella in the trunk, you take it yourself." Zhao Hui said, stretched out his hand to hold Liu Ziguang.

Liu Ziguang got out of the car and opened the trunk to take out the umbrella, but was surprised to find that there were at least five sets of license plates in the trunk.The steel box with a password lock, I want to come in it may be a gadget such as miniature submachine guns.

Liu Ziguang did not have a fuss. He took the umbrella and put the trunk on the trunk. Zhao Hui put his hand out of the car window and put it.go.

Suddenly a reversing sound behind him, Zhao Hui fell back straight. This time, he stretched his head out of the window and shouted, "If you have a chance, let's go on a business trip together."
"! "Liu Ziguang waved with a smile.


Although Liu Ziguang disappeared for a week, the Guanshanhai family did not ask anything, but just told him that Lao Cheng returned to the countryside again.Guan Tao helped find a lawyer, and he was already dealing with the donation of the inheritance. Presumably there must be results in a few months.

Now that Lao Chengtou has already returned home, Liu Ziguang also resigned, driving his own car from the dry break, the first thing was to call the family, so that they don’t have to worry, no way, where is it?Knowing that my dad answered the phone and said that someone had come to the phone, saying that you were traveling on a business trip in the field, it was not convenient to call, let us rest assured.

I called Li Yan again, and I didn't expect it, and Li was very indifferent: "You still know back, I thought you forgot about our mother."

Liu Ziguang's heart in his heartI stunned, and said that President Li was full of grievances, but the situation was not wonderful.

I galloped all the way, and I returned to Jiangbei in less than three hours. Although the difference in this time is not long, the impression left is extremely deep. Liu Ziguang also has a little more in his heart.The sense of honor of the country is loyal.

I finally arrived at home. Liu Ziguang still returned to his parents' house first, because he knew that his son would arrive, and the hot rice hot soup was prepared at home. At this time, it was already at the end of August.For a long time, the dad, who hadn't seen his son, sat at the table at the table, saying the news that happened recently. After Xiaoxue's child became the college entrance examination, in Hong Kong, Singapore Nanyang University of Technology issued an admission notice, and and and of.It was a full scholarship, but Xiaoxue still chose her first volunteer, Beiqing University.

This is a news, and Lao Bei's family bought a new house. It is the high -rise Jiangjing house of Binjiang Community.The handsome child does not look at the usual children who do n’t have a positive shape, but they can actually do it.

Liu Ziguang suddenly flashed, saying, "This transition house in our family should also be eliminated. We also buy a new house, buy a villa, and bring the garage garage swimming pool."

MomPanic: "I dare not spend money, you haven't got married yet, first arrange the wedding room before saying anything else, you are the boss ..."

Liu Ziguang was stunned and pushedHe said that he was going to escape just after going to work. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. When he opened the door, he turned out to be Police Officer Hu Ronghu who hadn't seen him for a while.

"Police Officer Hu has nothing to set aside the Sanbao Hall, what can you help you?" Liu Ziguang leaned against the door and asked.

"Xiaoguang, Police Officer Hu has come to you two or three times, and he doesn't invite others to come in." His mother pushed Liu Ziguang away, and invited Hu Rong to sit in the house with a smile: "Xiaohu sitting insideThere are just cut watermelons.