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Chapter 204 Finale
Chapter 203 Unexpected Wake up
Chapter 202 The distance of death (below)
Chapter 201 The distance of death (above)
Chapter 200 I want her
Chapter 199: Salin Poison Qi
Chapter 198 Stunning
Chapter 197
Chapter 196 Choice
Chapter 195 Pioneer Force (Part 2)
Chapter 194 The Pioneer Force (Part 1)
Chapter 1933 Apache
Chapter 192 The Password Bouncing
Chapter 191 Mix Water and Touch Fish
Chapter 190 Science Madman
Chapter One Eighty -199 Devils and Evil
Chapter 188 Breakthrough
Chapter One Eighty -seven Clever Thunder Area
Chapter One Eighty -sixth Secret Trail
Chapter 185
Chapter One Eighty -Fourth, the language is not amazing
Chapter 183 Each takes what you need
Chapter 182 Lao Zimeng's
Chapter 181 The first shot
Chapter One Eighty Eighty Terminals Out of Ghosts
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 Enemy Formation Crash
Chapter 177 Do not let the eyebrows
Chapter 176 The place where the soldiers must compete for
Chapter 175: Former enemy task
Chapter 174 Super Casting Big Cake
Chapter 173 The recognition of the strong
Chapter 172 Dragon Fighting Phoenix
Chapter 171 is bound to fight
Chapter 170 Paper Tiger
Chapter 169 Fighting Fighting
Chapter 168 The long -awaited challenge
Chapter 167 is not an enemy who does not gather together
Chapter 166 The opportunity to shame before the snow
Chapter 165 Summary and anxiety
Chapter 164 Insidist Attacking
Chapter 163 is too excessive
Chapter 162 Capture Captives
Chapter 161 The War Madman
Chapter 160 is in danger
Chapter 159 Cantile
Chapter 158 Chasing the Dark War
Chapter 157
Chapter 156 Time Scars
Chapter 155
Chapter 154 The List of List
Chapter 153: Blood Passionate Passionate
Chapter 152: Manager Qiao Baoan
Chapter 151 Give the Old Leader of Face
Chapter 150 The King of Specials
Chapter 149 Unbearable years
Chapter 148 The whole army is overwritten
Chapter 147
Chapter 146 Goodbye
Chapter 145 Mercenary and drug dealers
Chapter 144 Movie Recording
Chapter 143 Pride Grave
Chapter 142 A shot burst face
Chapter 141 Sniper Master
Chapter 140
Chapter 139 Battle Red Flag
Chapter 138 Waiting for Task
Chapter 137 Afraid
Chapter 136 Do not forget me
Chapter 135 Farewell to my lover
Chapter 134 Water and Creparaction Fusion
Chapter 133 No without discarding
Chapter 1322
Chapter 131 Recruiting Bee and Butterfly
Chapter 130
Chapter 129 She looks at you
Chapter 128 Cool Drop and Romantic Drop Boyfriend
Chapter 127
Chapter 126 007 Agent
Chapter 125 Women's Heart Sea Undercase
Chapter 124 This is very messy here
Chapter 123 Agent Agreement
Chapter 122: Baojia Wei Guo
Chapter 121: Pure Ruo Narcissus
Chapter Twenty -twentieth Love Love
Chapter 119 Waiter, order!
Chapter 118 The Conspiracy of Daughter -in -law
Chapter 117 Life Glory
Chapter 116 The hidden concerns of the light enemy
Chapter 115 Go Home
Chapter 114 Farewell, Comrades Comrades
Chapter 113 Green Army
Chapter 112
Chapter 111 All Wets the enemy forces
Chapter One Hall of Chapter 10
Chapter 109 Moon Heifeng High Killing Night
Chapter 108 Catch the Tuzhong
Chapter 107 The goal appears
Chapter 106 French Mercenary
1st morning Chapter 05 Island Review
Chapter 1004 Wolf Group Tactics
Chapter 103 is unfavorable to be a teacher
Chapter 1002 Demon Island
Chapter 1001 No Shang honor
Chapter 100 Black Directors
Chapter 53 This is not an exercise, but a battlefield
Chapter 52 Military Real Practice
Chapter 51 Your Life is only one piece of eight hair and three
Chapter 50 Dragon Sword Special Emergency Brigade
Chapter 49: Spring Night Cat Cry
Chapter 48 Extreme Evaluation (8)
Chapter 46 Extreme Evaluation (7)
Chapter 46 Extreme Evaluation (6)
Chapter 45 Extreme Evaluation (5)
Chapter 44 Extreme Evaluation (4)
Chapter 43 Extreme Evaluation (3)
Chapter 42 Extreme Evaluation (2)
Chapter 41 Extreme Evaluation (1)
Chapter 40: Suggesty Sports (10)
Chapter 39: Sports Situation (9)
Chapter 38: Sports Situation (8)
Chapter 37: Sports Situation (7)
Chapter 36: Sports Situation (6)
Chapter 35: Suggestion Sports (5)
Chapter 34: Suggestion Sports (4)
Chapter 33: Sports Situation (3)
Chapter 32: Suggestion Sports (2)
Chapter 31: Suggestion Sports (1)
Chapter Thirty Continue Sad Songs (5)
Chapter 29 Continue Sad Song (4)
Chapter 28 Continue Sad Song (3)
Chapter 27 Continue Sad Song (2)
Chapter 26 Continue Sad Songs (1)
Chapter 25 Military Camp Sad Song (5)
Chapter 24 Military Camp Sad Song (4)
Chapter Twenty -three Military Camp Sad Songs (3)
Chapter 22 Military Camp Sad Song (2)
Chapter 21 Military Camp Sad Song (1)
Chapter 20 Earth Purgatory (5)
Chapter 19 Earth Purgatory (4)
Chapter 18 Earth Purgatory (3)
Chapter 17 Earth Purgatory (2)
Chapter 16 Earth Purgatory (1)
Chapter 15 Unyielding Soul (5)
Chapter 14 Unyielding Soul (4)
Chapter 13 Unyielding Soul (3)
Chapter 12 Unyielding Soul (2)
Chapter 11 Unyielding Soul (1)
Chapter 10 Fighting Heart (5)
Chapter 9 of the Heart of Fight (4)
Chapter 8 The Heart of Fight (3)
Chapter 7 The Heart of Fight (2)
Chapter 6 The Heart of Fight (1)
Chapter 5 Jurassic Park (5)
Chapter 4 Jurassic Park (4)
Chapter 3 Jurassic Park (3)
Chapter 2 Jurassic Park (2)
Chapter 1 Jurassic Park (1)
Chapter 57 We who serve as soldiers (5)
Chapter 56: People who serve as soldiers (4)
Chapter 55: People who serve as soldiers (3)
Chapter 54 We who serve as soldiers (2)
Chapter 53: People who serve as soldiers (1)
Chapter 53 Who is fighting with each other
Chapter 52 Falling Pies in the Sky
Chapter 51 Boring Cheating
Chapter 50
Chapter 49: Strong
Chapter 48 A Requirement
Chapter 47 Stronger
Chapter 46 The Final Level of Fighting (2)
Chapter 45 The Ultimate Masaurus of Fighting (1)
Chapter 44 It is also a way to split bricks
Chapter 43 The Learning of Fighting Skills
Chapter 42: Laughing Face Devil and Iron Face Bodhisattva
Chapter 41 Smile Spurry (Seeking Favorites)
Chapter 40 Buy a piece of tofu to hit the wall
Chapter 39 Very, very insidious
Chapter 38 The opportunity for fair competition (Recommended)
Chapter 37 Master of Wulin
Chapter 36: A major responsibility
Chapter 35 The pressure of King Qiao Yan
Chapter 34 is too perverted
Chapter Thirty -Three Charity of him?
Chapter 32 Dignity and Rights
Chapter 31: Recruits Assessment
Chapter 30
Chapter 29 Crazy Chasing Fun War
Chapter 28 Gentle Demon
Chapter 27 The Demon of the Evil
Chapter 26 Making Miss Music
Chapter Twenty -five can be more wonderful
Chapter 24 Emergency Collection
Chapter Twenty -Three Causes of Love
Chapter 22
Chapter Twenty -one Splash (Recommended Recommended)
Chapter 20 Eighteenth Hell (Seeking Recommended Tickets)
Chapter 19
Chapter 18 Hong Apricot Out of the Wall
Chapter 17 I will teach you
Chapter 16 I don’t know the thickness of the sky
Chapter 15 The Special Investigation Brigade of the Military Region
Chapter 14 Self -esteem
Chapter Thirteen 400 -meter obstacles
Chapter 12 I want to head out of you
Chapter 11
Chapter 10
Chapter 9 Why Be a Soldier
Chapter 8 Team Essence
Chapter 7 A beautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 6 Questing and Interior Training
Chapter 5 Sparring
Chapter 4 New Soldiers
Chapter III Girlfriend
Chapter II NB's Bings Inspection
Chapter 1 The confused generation
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Chapter 8 Binghuo Two Sky
Trial: Chapter 8 S -Class task
Chapter 7 Two Life
Trial reading: Chapter 5 Dispel Disposal Renewal Plant
Trial: Chapter 4 Morgan Aranev
Trial: Chapter 3 Beauty Master
Trial: Chapter 2 Son of Qinglong
Chapter 1 Alaska Orion Knife
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