Human extinction in the end of the world

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Meng Fan is a worker in a machine tool factory and lives a duplicate and boring life every day, but all of this changes with the arrival of a little asteroid.A diameter of about one -fifth of the lunar & ldquo; asteroid & rdquo; hit the earth at a very fast speed, so the large -scale tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and acid rain followed, nearly one billion people died in, nearly one billion people died in, and nearly one billion people died of nearly one billion people died.disaster.Humans who are wanting to smooth the wounds brought by the disaster, but find that this is just the beginning.The global plague broke out, 5 billion people became zombies, various animals mutated and evolved crazy, and unknown alien creatures appeared, and humans had reached the edge of extinction.Some people asserted that in ten years, there will be no more human existence on the earth.The original social order was completely disrupted, and the goodness and evil of human nature were manifested at this moment.Human beings fleeing mountain forests, and even the possibility of returning to primitive society.