Douro Continent

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Chapters 719
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Tang San, a disciple of the outside of Tangmen, was not allowed by Tangmen because he was studying in the inner door, but when he jumped into the cliff, he came to another world, a world belonging to the martial arts.The name is Douro Mainland.There are no magic, no fighting, no martial arts, but there are magical martial arts.Everyone here, when he is six years old, will awaken Wuhun in the Wuhun Hall.There are animals, plants, and utensils, which can help people's daily life.Some of the particularly excellent martial arts can be used for cultivation. This profession is the most powerful and most important occupation on the Douro continent, & mdash; & mdash; soul master.When the Tangmen hidden weapon came to the Douro continent, when the Tang Sanwu soul awakened, can he reshape Tangmen's glory in this world of martial arts?Title Dou Luo.