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The international peak of bartending masters and wine tasting masters, known as the alcoholic god, thawed, drunk in the year of taste the unearthed Han Dynasty wine.When he woke up, he found that he came to a world named Five Elements, and became a little beggar named Ji Shi.Here, there is an extremely special occupation, named Yin and Yang Lord, and the strange ten series magic skills are amazing.Each Yin and Yang Lord has a yin -yang crowns that belong to their own attributes.And see how a generation of wine gods who are fire reappear in this magical world.[Primary Three products, must be boutiques, new settings, pay for books and friends] Yin Yang Lord Category: Kimu, Oki, Binghuo, Dinghuo, Wutu Department, Ji Tu Department, Gengjin Department, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin, Xinjin Jin, Xinjin Jin, Xinjin,Department, Renshui system, Guishui system.Occupational level: apprentice, bachelor, master, master, master, master, Tsito, Tianshi, Tianzun, exclusive title