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A genius A genius idiot who was born in close relatives!A young man with a murderer, a murderer, a triple identity of college students!Dinosaurs are fast, Three Kingdoms, KOF, round table samurai, turning into ninja, street overlord ... One by one you are familiar with arcade games, have switched to the prerequisite for survival!The eighth child was killed and did not know the fire dance, and the heaven and earth returned to kill Li Dian. Only those who had never thought of it and never thought of it!On the unknown day, when you step down the stairs, it is likely to accidentally enter this street machine nightmare!PS: 500 people in this book: 50088514 .... Recommend the following books: Ghost Dian Wei: The legend of the bull soldier wearing a mage robe in the Three Kingdoms.Peerless weapon: & ldquo; Human stick legend.& rdquo; violent method: The master of the mage is troubled by adults.Panlong: This ..... Unlimited disability says: a story of a despicable and insidious disabled in infinite space.Rebirth of Mixed Yuan Dao: The starting point of the newcomer Wang carefully created the first strange book.Warcraft fear demon king: fear spreads crazy bugs: bugs are crazy!Arcade Nights Fang Lin plus an unlimited survival