Chapter 1 Wanted

Chapter 1 Wanted

In the eyes of his classmates, he is a tacito and a dull personality.

In the eyes of the boss, he is a temporary worker that is numb and obedient.

In the eyes of the police, he is a meticulous and cruel wanted criminal.

Fang Lin.


Han nationality.

Parents died.

On the evening of February 25, 2009, AD was found to be disappeared. Half a month later, his mother -in -law called the police and found that there were three highly rotten male corpses at home.Both are rich, He Kai, Zhou Dingli.After many investigations, the accidents that had been identified in Yuhong Township in the past two years should have been implicated with the suspects of the criminal.

This is the only information on his hand about him, and most of the information was found in the empty dilapidated house in Fang Lin's house.Too little.Value things have long been sold out by Fang Lin to pay back the foreign debt borrowed by his parents.The pile of piles of paper ashes in the corner seemed to symbolize the half of the teenager: the yin was astringent, and the wind was fragmented by the wind. Of course, there was death.

The motivation to commit crimes is clearly like a frame glass hanging in the middle of the house -there, Fang Lin's parents who have been dead for three years are on the photos.It is confirmed that there are six people who have been indirectly or died directly in the hands of Fang Lin in the past two years.

Five men and one woman, add up to six.

There are not many, one a lot.

These six people have relatives, wife (husband), children, and friends, and the relationship between adding up seems to be a net that can force the two ordinary people to live to the net/dead road network on the road/dead road.IntersectionOf course, maybe they do not want the two people to die, but instinctively build their happiness on the pain of others, or want to make some entertainment atmosphere and overestimate the ability of others to afford oppression.

So the tragedy happened.

These two people are Fang Lin's parents, but they also have another very secretive and very intimate identity.

Sister and brother.

Born sister and brother.

So after this amazing news was passed on, soon, a happy and happy family was in danger when public opinion and everyone splashed when they were playing mahjong.The most terrible thing is that Fang Lin's mother suddenly was raid by the five men on the way home, as well as ...

The reason why these people have always spared no effort to promote the ** of others.Individuals do so badly!

So in the summer night that was so stuffy, a couple with unbearable stress were taken with liberation, taking the buying mouse medicine, and when Fang Lin noticed it.The pupils have been magnified, and their heartbeat has stopped breathing for a long time.The original family of three was broken and collapsed.

He did not cry, nor did he make trouble, pale face, dullly sitting next to his parents' body for several days, only to drive mosquitoes and flies, so he could find that he was still alive. Finally, he was still alive. In the endWhen the neighbors couldn't stand the smell of bad smell emitted, Fang Lin called the funeral home calmly.

Until this time, the rumors that were passed on to be passed down suddenly went out. Everyone was pregnant with such a half -silk guilt, and it was no longer embarrassed to mention this.It was not spread at all, but the topic around Fang Lin gradually became more.

"I have seen this child a little dull since I was a child.
"His scores have always been not very good. Our big girl said that the teacher has the most trained, that is, this product."

"I don't live for a long time. "

" ... "

These people know what they know, but they doFor more than a dozen harmful hidden genes, close -up marriage will make these hidden such genes have more opportunities to encounter and produce genetic abnormalities.Half of the human nuclear group comes from his father, half of the mother. In the case of close relatives, the opportunity to combine the two genes of the same problem is far greater than those of non -pro -relatives.Study, deformities and patients with genetic diseases.

However, high risks will inevitably get high returns, but close relatives have a very small chance to produce a very outstanding genius in some aspects: in 1885, a German one called Allo called AlloThe people of Ises marry their uncle's niece. The name of their first son is:

-Autov Hitler!

The grandparents of Darwin, the founder of evolution, are brothers and sisters, which did not affect Darwin as a scientific giant.

The American giants DuPont family has been married for a hundred years, and there are many business wizards in the tribe!

The most typical is a pair of brothers and sisters of Jews. They gave birth to a recognized high IQ genius


Fang Lin, it is also one of this very small probability!

He still remembers clearly that the first person to kill is the boss of the Diao!She wondered that her parents had no intention of leaking the secrets on the phone, and they would be a wonderful talk, and they spared no effort to preach everywhere. If it wasn't for her, her life would not be as lonely as now, and she would live a lifetime!

On the night of the day three years ago, he waited for three hours, forty -two -second, 37 seconds on the quiet long street, and finally waited for this fat woman to be addicted, so he left behindSecretly cover it, raise the brick in your hand, suddenly force, and hit the back of the head fiercely!

……………… ..


Blood and water splattered!

"Fang Lin, how did you do things! Make a pier (that is, the restaurant in the middle of the restaurant, cut the meat, cut the meat, side dishes) for half a year, but I still can't even chop the bones!"

The sound of this ranging gong, the people in the kitchen of the entire "strange fragrance" did not need to listen to the content, so they knew that Wan Qiang was angry with the new guy again.It is also a bit strange. When I came to the application half a year ago, the guy called Fang Lin was really sparse. He told him to show his hands and made it for a long time.There is also the thickness of the candle. Finally, the chef who was crying and crying asked him to cut the radish skin. The radish was cut, but the two pounds of radish was cut and left two or two.

However, the natural material is useful. After listening to the waiter outside the outside, the savvy boss rushed to the kitchen as a joke, but looked at the calm young man in front of him.In front of the case board, I lost a thick back kitchen knife., The thin body is wrapped in a wide apron, and it looks even thinner. He then said concisely:


The cloud smoke was dragged out of the ping -pong ping -pong from the cold cabinet next to the cold cabinet, and it was afraid that there were no one hundred pounds of pounds.These ribs are chopped by me, so stay. "

Fang Lin didn't speak, but silently held the thick knife handle cutting on the board.

In fact, it is probably because the so -called heaven is fair to people. Genius often adds an idiot's suffix. Some people are particularly prominent in some ways.It's like Chen Jingrun's dazzling housework. The life of a piano genius cannot take care of himself. The consequences of Ainantan's kitchen are caused by fire, as well as Fang Lin. He has not been able to cut pencils since he was a child.Work.However, there is a ruthlessness in his bones. The more he is not good at, the more he wants to exercise.

Before entering the door, Fang Lin observed the hot pot restaurant named "Strange Fragrance" for two hours.It is likely to be a man with a bitter pork ribs that can take up the pork ribs, so they came in to apply so that everyone did not notice that before the boss did not speak, the teenager had put on the thick apron in advance to avoid cutting the pork ribs hard to cut the pork ribs.Blood and water splashed on the body.

So he held back Fang Lin, who was sore arms, and successfully got this high -intensity, low return work.To be precise, it is part -time.

He now has a triple identity. He is an employee with a strange fragrance. He is an adult college student at Nanchuan University. In the end, he was a priority of the Ministry of Public Security's online wanted!

No one will make the wanted order slightly fatter. The thick young man with a round face is linked with the thin, tall, indifferent, and wooden people. In fact, even if Fang Lin at this time, Fang LinParents will not be able to recognize their sons!

This is not cosmetic.

Fang Lin set a determination to revenge since he saw his parents' body.And he has not intended to do with his enemies, so the first thing he imagined is the retreat!

In order to quickly change to the current appearance, Fang Lin began to take the last three people on the last three people on the revenge list, and began to take the pre -prepared special weight loss drugs on the road, and then used stones to use stones and then stones.Rest -knocking the left and right canine teeth of the upper jaw!

This is a disgusting and painful process, because weight loss drugs plus diet, and the weight began to drop rapidly. The removal of canine teeth began to appear local atrophy.These two clever and cruel methods have caused Fang Lin's appearance extremely rapidly!Coupled with the photos on the wanted order, he deliberately put it in the old house to the police -Fang Lin calculated that they would never find the rest of their recent photos!Although he didn't even change his name, no one would think of him with the murderer!