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"Ghost Stocks" (formerly known as "Stock Affairs") I wrote a series of novels.From the subject matter, it can be regarded as spiritual literature, or it can be regarded as financial or urban literature.In this series of works, I don't want to surpass my life to make an illusory world out of thin air.So most of the stories I write occur in reality or may occur in some form.The "Ghost Stock" series includes a number of novels. There are plot clues between each novel, but they can also be relatively independent.The spiritual literature looks absurd, but these are not my purpose. Each of us will have emotions that cannot be expressed or difficult to tell in reality.The protagonist of each novel is & ldquo; The gentleman & rdquo;, I want to describe the national scholars in the dust, the hidden man who does not bring the sword.This book is updated daily.You are also welcome to click on the new work "God You" (book number 65875).

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