Bringing farm hybrid circles

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He crossed him, and I planted me. If I came to provoke me, I could not live next year.The otaku Zhao Hai has crossed the alien world with the QQ farm and possessed on an obsessive nobleman. His land seal is a black land that cannot be planted. The main thing is that he also has an extremely powerful fiancee.His fiancee turned out to be the heir of the Principality and the Female Grand Duke in the future!The most important thing is that he is still a magic martial arts waste material.I can't learn magic, but I have farms, dare you attack me?I put the bugs to eat your arms, eat your crops, and put your water from pesticides, herbicides, and plant weeds on the ground. I see you dare to attack me.What?Do you want to invite the killer to assassinate me?Hey, I hid in the hut of my own farm and see how you hit me. When you leave, I will let the food in your country be unique. At that time, everyone will get up.I.Looking at a otaku with a little black belly, how to use his QQ farm, in the world of swords and magic, became the existence of everyone in the world when he heard it.