Binghuo Kitchen

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[Starting point first editorial group signing work] Seven -handed god blades.The sigh of the ice and snow goddess & mdash; & mdash; morning dew knife.The roar of the god of flames & mdash; & mdash; Zhengyang knife.The groaning of freedom & mdash; & mdash; Ao Tian Dao.The melody of the earth & mdash; & mdash;Six Mang & mdash; & mdash; Xuan Yuan knife.The dawn of the world & mdash; & mdash; Shengyao Dao.The curse of Yongshi Hell & mdash; & mdash; magic sword.This is the seven -handed sword, and the seven -handle has the magic wand with ice, fire, wind, earth, space, light, light, and dark.The most important thing is that they are the protagonist's & mdash; & mdash; kitchen knife.------------------------------------------------ Very good thriller novel, think of guts to see it.Book number: 63011 Plant -based power novels, with novel ideas, compact plots, worth seeing.Book Number: 81798 [Happy Reading Promotion] ★ Resisting bad works ★ Refuse to browse the stolen stickers ★ Pay attention to self -judgment ★ Do not imitate the protagonist ★ ★ Appropriate reading benefits brain ★ Dalvation online injury ★ Reasonable arrangement ★ Enjoy health reading ★ NBSP ★ nbsp ★ nbsp ★ nbsp ★ nbsp