About cooking.

This set of chefs' magic novels have actually been brewing for a long time, but they have always felt immature, and there is no writing. The airspace is about to end.This set of kitchen enamel masters is written, which may also be my last set of magic novels. Unlike the previous magic, the protagonist will follow the pure magic route.The weird content.

As for the cooking skills in the book, you don't have to worry, because many of them are born from the famous snacks across the country. It depends on whether everyone can watch it.Out. Hey. I am afraid that some of the previously circulated snacks, most of the book friends have never heard of it.

Some bookmates said that Xiao San wrote this set of books to ask his wife more opinions.One point, Primary Three has not got married yet. Secondly, my girlfriend was taught by me. Because Hou's parents were dual employees when I was young, I started cooking by myself at the age of nine.The problem is not big. Moreover, my mother has opened a middle restaurant. I often help some busy in my spare time. I have more understanding of cooking. Therefore, Xiaosan believes that I can write this book.It can be perfectly combined with magic and cooking skills to bring you a different feeling. Xiao San will work hard.

Some friends may feel that the airspace is short. Indeed, there are mistakes in some places in some places.This set of ice -fire kitchen will definitely surpass the airspace. The plan will write at least 2 million words. Please look at it patiently. Xiao San dare not say how fast your update is, but the stable update must be guaranteed. At least two chapters a day, at least two chapters a day.This is the promise of the Primary Three to everyone. Finally, thank you for your support.