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Tan Zhihai and Xu Jiyuan, who are sitting on the stage, change color. In fact, they have already expected what Liu Ziguang may make trouble, such as claiming that he is wronged, and the real murderer is another person.And they are also prepared, as long as Liu Ziguang does this, they will take out the iron -like evidence to show the friends of the media.

But Liu Ziguang ignored his life, and resolutely donated all his property to a charity. This was unexpected by Tan Zhihai.The microphone reached in front of Liu Ziguang.

Xu Jiyuan is a soldier, and the style of doing things is relatively direct. He is about to order Liu Ziguang, but was discouraged by Tan Zhihai: "No!"

! "Xu Jiyuan's neck was exposed.

"Now pulling him down, we will be more passive. So many foreign journalists are present and cannot be chaotic." Tan Zhihai gritted his teeth and his eyes were red.This time, he would definitely not move the sword soldiers to take the equity under Liu Ziguang's name. He did not want to succeed. Not only did he not get the shares, he was also put on Liu Ziguang and suffered a dumb loss.

"Do we play with him like this?" Xu Jiyuan was furious.

"What else can you do, destroy our international image, we can only accompany him to act." Tan Zhihai said.

On the stage, Liu Ziguang said a few words in the face of the reporters: "The Wood Iron Mine is located in Africa, which is a gift from the heavenly gift to the people of the Sadham.There is no right to own it. The iron ore belongs to the people of Sada Moia and belongs to Africa. That's it. "

A while of applause sounded, and the reporters were moved by Liu Ziguang's selfless spirit.

"What do you think of the verdict, have you appealed?" A Hong Kong female reporter asked in Mandarin who was not familiar with.

"This is not the content of this conference, but thank you for your attention." Liu Ziguang replied at a lot.

Sataya Ambassador to China, Santana, took out the authorized letter that has been prepared.

Tan Zhihai and Xu Jiyuan were shocked. It turned out that people had premeditated. Poorly, he also helped to arrange the venue to contact the media.

It is confusing that Liu Ziguang was locked in the detention center, and there was no possibility of contact with the outside world. How did he notify the transfer agreement of this professional lawyer drafted?The only possibility is that Liu Ziguang has premeditated today's affairs!

After doing it for a long time, I was the cicada caught by the mantis.

To this day, knowing that it has been hit by someone else's trap, you can't lift the table. You can only pinch your nose and cooperate with the signature ceremony, and by the way to promote the humanity of my country's legal system.

Ma Jingsheng and Ye Junsheng in front of the computer started to shoot the case, full of anger, scolding Tan Zhihai's poor work, originally wanted to use this opportunity to demonstrate the demonstration, and then use the Woodei Iron Mine that both parties can accept the price that both parties acceptable.Some of the equity in exchange for RMB has become an iron ore international settlement unit to achieve a win -win situation. Now it seems that this step is to lose.

Richard Sop in Australia also received text messages from reporters at the same time. The iPhone mobile phone showed that Liu Ziguang was signed the picture of the transfer file.With a little smile, a large fish jumped out of the water.

"They are hooking."


Liu Ziguang signed the document with unlimited scenery, transferred up to tens of billions of dollars under his name, in reportersThe applause was taken away by the police, and a prison car sent him back to the detention center.

Lawyer Hou Zhenye appeared, and he told Liu Ziguang that the appeal had been rejected by the Provincial High Court, because the crime was clear, no re -review was required, and the original sentence was maintained.

"You will be executed after three days, my work is completed, goodbye." After Hou Zhenye said this sentence, he lifted his leather bag, and his footsteps were very brisk.

Tan Zhihai and Xu Jiyuan have never appeared again.

The detention center sent two prisoners to accompany Liu Ziguang in order to prevent him from committing suicide before execution.

I can finally visit. The first one who came to visit Liu Ziguang turned out to be Hu Rong. She brought a package with Liu Ziguang's clothes and shoes.

"When you execute, wear your own clothes and shoes." Hu Rong's voice was a little hoarse, his eyes were red and swollen, and he was crying obviously.

"Unfortunately, I still haven't escaped the severe punishment of the law. I remember that you like to say this the most." At this moment, Liu Ziguang, the heartlessness, was joking.

Hu Rong's tears dripped down and fell on the table to form a lotus lotus.

Liu Ziguang stretched out his handcuffed hand and gently wiped the tears on her face.

"I will be fine."

Hu Rong turned his head and looked at elsewhere, forcing him to cry out. After a while, she said, "Your parents are going abroad,Fang Ye didn't leave, and was buckled in Xiyuan Hotel by Xu Jiyuan. They said that when you execute it, Fang Ye will be seen. "

Liu Ziguang was silent for a while, saying," Rongrong, thank you, thank you, thank youLook at me, I won't forget you. "

Hu Rong took out a bottle of wine:" This is the practice that the Korean brigade and colleagues entrust you to practice.. "

" Thank you for me. "Liu Ziguang took the bottle of Huaijiang special song.

"You take care, if you have a fate, see you in your life." Hu Rong got up and left, and when he went out of tears, he poured down, and sadness flowed into the river.


Xiyuan Hotel, where the project team is located, Fang Ye has been under house arrest. Except for personal freedom, the conditions are not bad.The accommodation and diet of five -star hotels are first -class.

In the past two days, Fang Ye has been paying attention to the TV show. Jiangbei News reported that Liu Ziguang's appeal was rejected. After the news of the death penalty, she silently walked into the bathroom and smashed the mirror with the ashtray.I came back the most sharp.

"I can't bear the pain of walking and me, so my parents are sorry, my daughter is gone first."Lie on the bed.

"Stinky eggs, I am waiting for you on Naiheqiao, we will be husband and wife in the next life." Fang Yan slowly closed his eyes.


The detention center, full of wine and vegetables, two prisoners serving Liu Ziguang to drink and eat meat.

"You two drink too." Liu Ziguang called.

Two prisoners are difficult to show: "Brother Guang, this is a broken wine. Only the good man who is about to go to the execution ground is qualified to drink, and our qualifications are shallow."

Liu Ziguang is not reluctant to force it, Said: "Give me up."

While the two did not pay attention, Liu Ziguang reached out and scratched under the armpit. A tiny particle fell into the wine glass and instantly melted.

"Walk." Liu Ziguang raised his neck, dried the wine, the wine glass fell to the ground, and people lay on it.

"Brother Guang, don't scare us your elderly." The two prisoners were shocked and called the guards hurriedly: "The government, something happened, come, come!"
The police quickly hurriedWhen, with a pulse, no, open the eyelids, the pupils are distributed, and people are no longer good.

"Hurry up to the hospital!" The policemen were anxious, who Liu Ziguang was, but it was the heavy crime that he had to strictly take care of him. Not only could he not let him run, but he could not let him die.The prisoner of death was died sooner or later, but the two concepts were died in the detention center and died on the execution ground. The leaders could not resist this charges.

Too long to report, the conditions of the detention center are limited. The leadership ordered that Liu Ziguang was pulled directly to the hospital for emergency treatment. The three police cars whistled out of the detention center.Personnel is not saved.

Suddenly, his eyes opened.


Xiyuan Hotel, the members of the task force patrolled at the door of the Fang Ye's room with a routine patrol, and the air seemed to be filled with an disturbing taste.The room card opened the door, and the shocking scene appeared in front of her eyes. Fang Yan lay quietly on the bed, just like falling asleep, a Manjusha Hua that was made of blood on the smooth floor.

Manjushahua, also known as the other side of the flower, is said to bloom a large number of flowers on Huangquan Road. It looks like a carpet paved by blood.

"Call the ambulance!" The members of the task shouted sharply.


"Sixty blood pressure, forty pulse."

"Upper cardiac pacemaker!"

"Entomyal adrenaline."

"Strong heart needle."

The highlight of the ECG monitor gradually jumped up again.

Fang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and it seemed to be hazy in front of his eyes. It seemed that Zhang Ziguang's face was saying something at himself.

Suddenly the face was hot, Fang Yan raised his hand and touched his face, put his fingers into his mouth, salty, he cried.

"Are we dead?" Fang Ye asked.

"Silly girl, we are not dead, we will not die, I will take you away." He said that the person who was very like Liu Ziguang picked her up and walked out of the rescue room.

Fang Yanzhong saw that he was lying in the corridor and lying on a lot of uniforms.


"What! Jailbreak! How do you do it, I want a detailed written report!"The call from the coming was furious, hysteria.

Liu Ziguang ran away, and Fang Ye was gone. The whole thing was extremely strange. You must know that the case was handled by the two departments. Tan Zhihai represented the interests of Ma Jingsheng., The two sides monitor each other and compare each other. Everyone wants to get higher than the other party. Now it is good to have a good accident. There is no way to explain to it at all.

In the same way, Tan Zhihai and Xu Jiyuan found the other party to discuss countermeasures.

"What to do now?"

"Hacquent! Even if you escape to the moon, you have to catch him back.Trial! "

" Lao Xu, you calm down, this person's anti -reconnaissance ability is very strong, we must not prepare for him. "

" You mean ... you mean ...… "

" In a legal sense, he is already a dead person, have you seen "Let the Bullets Fly"? "

Let ’s.

" Let ’s suppress the message first, do n’t bother the leaders, it’ s best to catch people. If we ca n’t catch it, we will find it for a replacement. Liu Ziguang has disappeared from then on."