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It is just a coma caused by overly sadness, and there is no organic lesion.

Wen Xue, who woke up, grabbed the newspaper that had been wet by the rain, and still said nothing, and it was useless to persuade anyone, just staring at the ceiling stupidly.

Han Bing learned from Lu Jin that Wen Xue's sudden emotions were out of control. He had a tight heart and walked to the balcony silently. The rain was still down.

"Smoke?" Zhu Yufeng handed over a cigarette. Han Bing hesitated and took the cigarette. Zhu Yufeng helped him lit, smoked, and couldn't help but cough.

The former love rivals stood side by side on the balcony facing the pouring rain. For a long time, Han Bing said, "It's better to lose you today."
"Yes." Zhu Yufeng said, today his FJKuolu Ze did come in handy, and the skill of the off -road car was vividly played. If it was an ordinary car, I was afraid that it would be anchoring halfway.

"Wen Xue is a good girl, treat her well, if you have the next time, I will never spare you lightly." Zhu Yufeng said that the expression on his face was serious.

Han Bing smiled bitterly, it seemed that Zhu Yufeng made a mistake."It's not because of me, it's another person."

"Oh?" Zhu Yufeng looked at it in surprise.

"A person who was called her uncle ... was sentenced to death yesterday." Han Bing said bitterly.

Zhu Yufeng's bitter expression on his face was replaced by the same illness. He patted Han Bing's shoulder, which meant: "Brother."

Han Bing smiled bitterly, wanted toThe refutation was unable to speak, so I had to default this title.

A rushing footsteps came, Han Bing looked back, and it turned out that his mother Xue Danping came, and quickly greeted him, "Mom, how do you know I'm here?"

"How about Xiaoxue?" Xue Danping asked in a hurry. Although she is no longer the president of Huaxia Mining, she is still a celebrity. Some of the schools are her eyeliner, and nothing can be concealed.

Of course, Han Bing knew why his mother was so anxious, but Zhu Yufeng and Lu Jin were not so clear. She wondered that Han Bing's mother went to visit Wen Xue.

Xue Danping did not walk into the observation room, but looked at it across the glass for a while. The biological daughter was lying on the bed, hurting her mother's heart.

"What's going on?" Xue Danping asked.

Han Bing took out his mobile phone and handed it over. On the webpage, Liu Ziguang was sentenced to death. Xue Danping understood at a glance and sighed and shook his head.

"Mom, you must have a way. This kind of case can definitely appeal to the judgment." Han Bingdao.

"Mom has no ability, this person has offended very high -level officials, so there will be this end. You can enlighten Xiaoxue. Don't let her have hope.The results will come out. It must be rejected the appeal and maintain the original judgment. "

Han Bing is speechless, silently watching Xiaoxue in the ward, he really does not know how to persuade his sister.


Jiangbei City, Hu Rong just drove back from the airport. She went to Li Yan and Wei Ziyi back to Beijing.The lawyer in Beijing has hope that they have been there. Even if Hu Rong showed up his policeman status, Liu Ziguang is now a dead prisoner and is not allowed to meet anyone.

At the highway at the airport, Hu Rong received a call and asked her to return immediately. After returning to the criminal police team, it was the Li Political Commissioner of the Municipal Bureau.In a case a month ago, Hu Rong beat the prisoner.

Why do you have nothing to say about the sin, Hu Rong quickly handed over the gun and certificate, and went away.

Back home, the room was dark. Hu Rong turned on the electric light and found that his father was sitting on the sofa. The old face was particularly embarrassed. Since Secretary Qin went to the provincial party school party school to study class, there was a stall in Jiangbei City.All rest on Mayor Hu's shoulders. He often supports the disease all night, and the doctor has issued a notice several times.

"Dad, why don't you rest?" Hu Rong said.

"Rong Rong, you are here." Hu Yuejin pointed at the sofa.

Hu Rong sat down.

"Rong Rong, don't intervene in the case of Liu Ziguang anymore, that case has long been qualitative."

"But Liu Ziguang is not a real murderer at all, he is wronged." Hu Rong shoutedroad.

"Dad is an old criminal police, of course, knowing who the real murderer is, but this case has surpassed its own category, you can't help anything at all, it will only hurt yourself."

> Hu Rong calmed down and asked, "Dad, they put pressure on you, right?"

"Child, you don't understand a lot of things."
"I only know that Liu Ziguang did not kill Chen Ranin. I only knew that he had not violated the law. I only knew that Mu Lianheng was the real murderer. Why everyone knew that this was a case of injustice and the law was lonely.How do they want to come and do it? Do they still exist in this world? "

Hu Rong finished speaking, walked straight into the room, and closed the door with a bang.

Hu Yuejin sighed and dragged back to the house.


Beijing, Capital International Airport, after Li Yan and Wei Ziyi got off the plane, they found that the father and son were surprised to pick up the plane. Li Tianxiong drove an AudiA6, let her daughter sit on the co -pilot seat, Wei Ziyi and Xiaocheng sat in the back seat. Li Yan knew that his father had something to say to himself.

On the way back, Li Tianxiong said, "Well, if you are not my daughter, you won't come back this time."

Do you do the interception? "

Li Tianxiong said:" Not us, it's another department, but I got the news at the last moment and stopped their actions urgently, but I also guaranteed them to guarantee them, Ensure that you no longer participate in this matter. "

Li Yan is silent, and Wei Ziyi in the back seat is also silent.

"Hey, you are still young, Xiaocheng has not been in elementary school, you must not have a mother. You have been smart children since childhood.Mobils wear it and concentrate on driving.

Li Yan stared at the front, a drop of tears slipped silently.

She knows that no one can see that person in this life.


The Ministry of the Central Ministry of the Ministry, Shangguan is sitting opposite to Director Xie.

"Director Xie, you also watched the video information just now. Liu Ziguang is not a real murderer at all. I have done in -depth research on his character, tenacious, perseverance, superman, in other wordsHis head, what he recognized, will definitely go to the dark. Director Tan uses the means of planning and marrying him to force him to fight. Not only can he not succeed, but he will also arouse his strong rebound. At that time, a series of series will be caused.The serious consequences, Tan Zhihai does not need to take responsibility as a temporary borrowing personnel, and the board will only hit us. "

After listening to Shangguan's words, Director Xie had to pay attention.Many of the business are not familiar with, but I have also heard of the reason why the former steps down. Tan Zhihai, Feng Ying, has no principles, and is well -known. Is Liu Ziguang unjust?If there is serious consequences, the responsibility is carried by himself.

"Little king, what you said is very important, I will report to the leader." Director Xie said seriously.

Director Xie did do this. He made a memorandum to present the prime minister. The deputy prime minister was also copied. This memorandum was quickly reposted to the main responsible persons.After getting this information, the two of them were almost a response, and they laughed and scolded Lao Xie.

"Liu Ziguang has been controlled, just like Sun Wukong was pinched in the five finger mountains of the Buddha. What kind of tricks can let him make anymore?" Ye Junsheng laughed.

"This Xie Zhangjun is afraid of responsibility. When this matter has passed, simply adjust him and let Lao Tan continue to be responsible for this. I think Lao Ting can do it, what do you say?" Ma Jingshenggive suggestions.

Ye Junsheng is unsatisfactory and vaguely said: "Let's talk about it, isn't this not over yet? Let's talk about the transfer agreement."

Ma Jingsheng said: "In fact, the opinions of the old Xie also also saidTo consider, this Liu Ziguang has always been rebellious. In case of doing things, how can we explain to the Prime Minister. "

Ye Junsheng said:" Although Liu Ziguang is a bit of temper, he is also very emotional.We squeezed his fiancee, he didn't dare to mess around anyway. "


Jiangbei Detention Center, Lawyer Hou met Liu Ziguang with the company's company, he told Liu Ziguang,The protest has been submitted to the Provincial High Court. If it goes well, there will be a reply within ten days. The second instance may change the sentence. This is the best result. If the original judgment is maintained, there is no need to be disappointed.Not painful.

"Roll." This is Liu Ziguang's only answer.

Hou Zhenye hurriedly left, Xu Jiye came in, holding a carton in his hand, saying to Liu Ziguang, "There is a suit in it, do you try to fit?There will be many reporters present. I want to remind you that don't play any tricks, otherwise the provincial high court will reject your appeal and maintain the original judgment. You will be executed in the shortest time. By the wayWhen you don't want to perform the death penalty, your girlfriend Fang Yan will see you breathlessly. "

Liu Ziguang glanced at Xu Jiyuan, his sharp eyes made him shudder.

"If you cooperate with the country, the country will not treat you. I promise you that as long as you dedicate your shares to the country, you will be pardoned. From then on, no one will stop where you want to go.In fact, freedom is very close to you. "Xu Jiyuan finally said.

The next day, the Jiangbei Municipal Government's Publication Center Hall, the Ambassador to China in China and the lawyers hired by China, several staff members of Pricewater -Yongdao Accounting Firm, amnesty international special personnelThe Associated Press, BBC, Agence France -Presse, Kyodo Japan, as well as reporters from many international and domestic media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Jiangbei Television, and other international and domestic media gathered to witness a major event that a dead prisoner donated property to the country.

The protagonist Liu Ziguang was brought up. As we all know, the former entrepreneur has become a dead prisoner today, and the first instance was sentenced to death.There is no suspense, Liu Ziguang's property is the problem that everyone cares about. The death prisoner has a 35%shares of West Africa's largest Wood Iron Mine.The direction of the price, so where this property has attracted the attention of the media around the world.

The authorities are not allowed to live broadcast on the spot, but reporters continue to report the situation to the country with mobile phones and satellite telephones. It can be imagined that the world's three major mine giants must be concerned about this matter.Essence

Similarly, Ma Jingsheng and Ye Junsheng also sat in front of the computer watching the live broadcast of the press conference. Of course, their live broadcast came from the secret communication of the relevant departments, which was not as good as the normal TV signal.

"It is the most appropriate to convey this signal to Lei Tuo through Liu Ziguang's mouth. We got this card and grasped the initiative." Ma Jingsheng said.

The reporters have received some gossip. It is said that Liu Ziguang held a press conference today to publicize the property to the country.

Liu Ziguang was wearing a suit, iron under his feet, and handcuffs on his hands. He took the front desk under the police's escort, and suddenly a flash.

After a foreign lawyer introduced the situation, Liu Ziguang took the microphone and started his speech: "I voluntarily donated 35%of the equity of Wood Iron Mine and I had all property in Sadama in Sadama to establishOne is to rescue the charity fund of African victims. After that, thank you all. "

suddenly an uproar.