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Liu Xiaozheng, an uncompromising guy, opened a company to do a local project for the Nantai Industrial Park with his friends. Friends pay money and equipment. He is skinny.Although Zhou Wen is disgusted, after all, this layer of relationship is not very obstructing, and Xiao Nu also has a lot of money in this business.

Last night, Liu Xiaozheng drove after drunk and ran on the road of the industrial park development zone at a speed of 150 kilometers.Escape, the county traffic police team caught him. When he wanted to test the alcohol content, the boy not only did not cooperate, but also said that he was the little sister -in -law of Zhou County. Who dared to catch me.

The traffic police did not dare to neglect, while controlling him while reporting to the leadership, Sun Jihai, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, first implemented the true identity of the perpetrator, and then reported it directly to the county magistrate.Zhou Wen immediately instructed that no matter who involved, it would be strictly handled and never tolerate!

Sun Jihai is the family of Zhou Wen, and there are naturally many in their hearts. On the one hand, the police officer buckled Liu Xiaozheng to wake up. On the other hand, he made a person in person, soothed the family members of the deceased, and gave the police officers.Relative relationship.

Drunk driving, killed people, and escaped. This sin was not small. Hearing that her husband had an accident.This matter must be found to be solved.

Seeing his wife and mother -in -law begging in front of herself, Zhou Wen did not have the kind of pleasant pleasure. This day was so boring.

"Mom, Xiao Jing, I know this, I will arrange in the county immediately, you can take care of your dad."

Listen to the son -in -law, the mother -in -law, where is there?Half of the words: "Okay, you can rest assured here, let's take care of it. You must save Xiao Yan out. He hasn't eaten hard, but he can't let him go."

"Mom, don't say it, Dad is not good yet." Liu Xiaojing blame.

The old man was not angry this time. This cerebral hemorrhage made him recognize the situation. His son was a prodigal son.Essence

"Zhou Wen, listen to me." The old man said straight.

"Dad, I listen."

"Xiao Yan, don't interfere, how to deal with it, you are still young, don't be caught."Said.

"Dad, I know, take a good rest." Zhou Wen took the leather bag, greeted Xiao Li downstairs, and walked to the stairs to hear someone behind him shouting him: "Zhou Wen."

BR> look back, Liu Xiaojing.

"Xiao Li, you go down the hot car first." He asked Xiao Li, Zhou Wen, and Yan Yuecai: "Xiao Jing, is there something wrong?"

Liu Xiaojing feels a bit blocked, Zhou Wen is right,She is very polite and polite to her family, but she knows that the more she is, the more she proves that Zhou Wen's heart is getting farther and farther. She would rather be angry with Zhou Wen and scold herself a meal. At least she can save her marriage.

When I came to my mouth thousands of words, I couldn't speak. After waiting for a long time, Liu Xiaojing said: "Bo Rui miss you."
"I know, I went back to pick him on the weekend,Is there anything else? "

" No. "

" Then I'm gone, see you. "Zhou Wen turned downstairs, Liu Xiaojing heard a sigh in his heart.

On the way back to the county, Zhou Wen started the morning newspaper and carefully looked at Liu Ziguang's case.Just, Zhou Wen is also a native of Erhai Sea, knowing that the case is very deep.

Blame if you blame your life, old classmates, you will have a fragrant in front of you after you die. Thank you for your help in the past few years, but I really can’t help youThere is no ability to help you, old classmates, go.


Not only the newspaper published the news that Liu Ziguang was sentenced to death, Jiangbei TV also broadcast related news on the noon news. On the TV screenThe verdict was very satisfied. Then I got on the luxury car and left. As soon as the camera turned, the guard's rigorous prisoner took the prisoner to leave the court. On -site reporter Barabara introduced the beginning and end of the case, characterized the case as a simple retaliation killing, and greatly rendered Liu Ziguang to Liu Ziguang.The triad background cloud.

Chengcheng Community, a group of retired old ladies sighed in a newspaper, wearing a flower mirror,

"Oh, the boy of the old Liu family is going to shoot, no wonder the two of them will not come out anymore. , I have no face to see people. "

" The president of Xuanwu Group was killed. I asked me to say that it should be killed and how miserable the Red Flag Steel Factory is. >
Zheng Qi said, a young man dressed as a young man passed by, and said, "The TV has been broadcast, Liu Ziguang is not a real murderer, Mu Lianheng who killed Chen Runing, I watched that video, I watched that video. I watched that video. I watched that video. Yes, alas, it's so awesome. "

A glasses riding an electric car passing by, I couldn't help but stop and said," It has long been rumored, the video is fake, Liu Ziguang couldn't escape this time. If he did not die, my country's legal system would be seriously questioned. "

" You have seen the video and said it is false, do you have brains! "The young man was angry.

"I watched, the level of fraud is poor, the primary PS, the whole video is PS." The males said disdain.

"PS, you are paralyzed, the video can be like that, you can show me!" The young man went up with an old fist.


Huaqingchi, employees are cicadas. Everyone knows that Boss Zhuo has a bad temper today and smashed the office's computers in order to be Liu Ziguang's case.

The name of Gao Tupo Liu Brother, the brothers on the Tao naturally know it. This time, Liu Ge folded in and sentenced to death. It is estimated that the second trial was also maintained.In three months, the former Liu Brother, who was in Fengyun, was about to be pulled to the Jiangtan execution ground to eat an iron peanut. Thinking of this, everyone was all emotional, and always had to pay back. This old saying was right at all.

Zhuo Li walked irritating in the room. Liu Ziguang was suddenly arrested and suddenly sentenced to death.Later, he found several lawyers to appeal to Liu Ziguang, but the other party euphemistically stated that he would not accept the case for more money.

Not good, Zhuoli is also a member of the District CPPCC. It is very keenly aware of the taste in it. Chen Runing is a relative of the provincial leaders. Presumably, it must be killed by Liu Ziguang, but this matterThere are weirdness, there are rumors that the true murderer is Mu Lianheng, but some people say that it is a rumor. It is unpredictable that the true and false changes are unpredictable, but a little bit of power is clear.The people who could not speak were not able to speak. In this case, I depended on Liu Ziguang.

In ancient times, Zhuoli might have thought that the idea of robbery or the field of robbery, but today's society and national machines do not succeed.Looking at the south to read, "photons, we are afraid that you can only see you in your life."


Beiqing University campus, it is gloomy, it will rain, warm, warm, warmSnow fed the cat back from the garden and walked briskly. Suddenly, he saw Lu Jin hurriedly running, looking strange.

"Xiaoxue, something happened."

"What's wrong?"
"You can see it yourself." Lu Jin handed a newspaper.Essence

Wen Xue took the newspaper at a glance. Several shocking black words on the layout: Murderer Liu Ziguang was sentenced to death in the first instance!

Thunderbolt!Wen Xue stood dumbly, and the whole person was stupid. There was a scene of the scene in his mind. It was warm, touching, sad, and joyful.The shadow of his uncle tied the roots at the deepest part of the girl's heart.

Wen Xue looks innocent and weak on the surface. In fact, the characteristics of some mothers in inherit the characteristics of the bones, that is, perseverance and perseverance. After entering Beiqing University, there are many young and promising boys' pursuit, including it also includes the pursuit of young and promising boys.The pride of Tianzhufeng and Han Bing, although Wen Xue is naive, but she is not a fool. She understands everything, but she also understands that she can no longer be in the heart in her heart.

If you can't marry him in this life, then you will be alone.

But all of this has become the flower in the moon in the mirror. The uncle was sentenced to death. Even if he could change the sentence in the second instance, he could not escape the death.

Tears slowly came out of the girl's eyes, a drop of drops, a thunder in the sky, and it rained.

The rain came quickly, and the sky was dark in an instant, and the heavy rain poured down. All pedestrians hid in the building to avoid the rain.Instantly, it became a falling chicken.

"Look, who is that?" The students from the rain from the gallery pointed at the distance.

I saw a girl's mechanical step, walking slowly in the heavy rain, and the rain wet her hair and clothes.Walking like this.

Everyone is stunned. The girl in the rain is so gentle, just like a proud rain, her eyes and pace are so heartbreaking, and people have no reason to give birth to a kind of care for care.a feeling of.

Suddenly, the girl fell weakly, just like the flowers of the wind and rain, it was slowly and slowly falling.

Dozens of boys rushed out of the corridor.

Wen Xue was sent to the medical room. After the diagnosis of the school doctor, the patient's condition was unknown. If it was just raining, it would not be so serious, so far he was unconscious.

Han Bing and Zhu Yufeng, who hadn't seen each other for a long time, rushed to the rain. Looking at the sleeping Wen Xue, the two were silent.

"The school's medical room has limited conditions. Do not delay the condition. Go to the big hospital. I drive." Zhu Yufeng said.

Han Bing nodded, Lu Jin and the helpless school doctors started, lifting Wen Xue, Zhu Yufeng poured the car into the corridor. Everyone lifted Wenxue into the back seat.Han Bing got on the seat of the co -pilot.

"Go to Beijing Union, I know the brain experts there." Han Bing said.

Zhu Yufeng nodded, stepped on the accelerator, and FJ Cool Luze galloped like a heavy rain.