Chapter 189 mysterious fragrance

There is a black casual suit hanging on the thin body, and the thin face is paired with a pair of black -frame glasses.This is what Lu Xuyang saw after that person approached.

"Sir, hello!"

After the man found Lu Xuyang, he quickly walked over to say hello to him.


Lu Xuyang nodded at him in doubt. He did not understand that the apartment had been broken.Essence

"Is you Mr. Lu Xuyang?" The man continued to ask Lu Xuyang, and the slightly trembling voice showed that he seemed a little nervous.

"I am, are you ...?" Lu Xuyang nodded and asked him.

"Great! Mr. Lu, I can find you." Hearing Lu Xuyang's answer, the man held Lu Xuyang's right hand with both hands.

Maybe I felt Lu Xuyang's doubts. The man immediately patted his cheek and took a smile.Name news reporters, I want to interview your events about the past animal groups, I wonder if you are convenient? "

In fact, since that animal incident, Huang Xiaobing has always paid attention to the follow -up report of this incident.He interviewed Lu's father and mother, and even Hai Ye, but their answers were not very satisfied with Huang Xiaobing.Because they don't understand how the fragrance came.

So, Lu Xuyang, the only one who had not been interviewed in their family, became the greatest hope of Huang Xiaobing.

But because Lu Xuyang had set off to Shennongjia before that, Huang Xiaobing failed to find Lu Xuyang's information through various channels.As a result, Lu Xuyang's unknownase also made him look more mysterious.And the more mysterious he is, the more Huang Xiaobing looks forward to it!

In order to get first -hand news, Huang Xiaobing directly squatted here, so many days have passed.He finally looked forward to Lu Xuyang.The joy in my heart is not for a while and a while.Although he had worked very hard, the corner of his mouth that had been upturned from time to time still betrayed him and had a discount for his serious image.

When he heard Huang Xiaobing asking, Lu Xuyang immediately reacted: "Do you want to interview me about the animal group that was attracted to the temple street?"

Ah, is the animal group be caused by that fragrance? What did the fragrance send out? Where did you go before that? "The excitement that had been suppressed before began to emerge again.

When he heard Huang Xiaobing's question, Lu Xuyang began to ponder.If he said before, Lu Xuyang really didn't know the reason for the matter, and couldn't tell him; but now he knows that it was made by the fairy grass he planted.He didn't dare to say it.However, he still needs to answer the question of Huang Xiaobing.

Thinking of this Lu Xuyang's eyes sinking, he shook his head in the eyes he was looking forward to seriously, and said, "Unfortunately, I have gone out when the incident.When I came back, I found out that the house fell.Xiaobing News, like your name, is it ... did you build that website? "Lu Xuyang suddenly realized that he suddenly thought of asking.

"Ah? Yes!" Huang Xiaobing nodded, and continued to ask Lu Xuyang and asked, "Think about it again. Is there nothing wrong with it?"

Lu Xuyang thought about thinking. About a few minutes later, Yong Huang Xiaobing said: "Sorry, I really can't think of it. I didn't feel anything wrong. As for that fragrance, did you say what perfume bottle was broken?" Lu XuyangGuess.

After hearing Lu Xuyang's answer, Huang Xiaobing was stunned.As for the perfume bottle, it is simply a shrimp tortured. Can the perfume smell attract such farmons?What perfume will be so powerful?

Besides, if this is the case, then the perfume factory is famous for a long time, so this kind of wonders will not occur until now?

Huang Xiaobing was unwilling for a while, did you work hard for so long, would you give up like this? You know, friends on the Internet are still waiting for his follow -up report!If the source of this fragrance cannot be found, it may be that his news network can still open quietly.

Is his news network that can only get here?Huang Xiaobing had a frustration in his heart.

But then think about it, anyway, his news is just because of this news, because this news disappears is nothing wrong. Anyway, you can build it again. You can find other news without this news.Thinking of this, Huang Xiaobing quickly sorted out his mood.

"Mr. Lu, thank you! If you think of something, I hope you can contact me as soon as possible!" Huang Xiaobing said that Lu Xuyang had handed his business card.

"Okay!" Lu Xuyang took the business card of Huang Xiaobing in one hand.

Seeing that Huang Xiaobing could clean up his mood so soon, Lu Xuyang also had a little admiration in his heart.If possible, he certainly happy to help him.

After Huang Xiaobing left, Lu Xuyang found a place where no one was, and quickly returned to the farm with Fu Yan.

When he was watching the mouse just now, he discovered that the father and son he had brought out of Shennongjia had stayed in his space.Now that the farm is not built, he dare not put them out, otherwise it will be bad to hurt people.

Lu Xuyang, who returned to the farm, quickly found Zhuang Jianguo. Under his guidance, Lu Xuyang found a more hidden place to prepare to broadcast the spirit grass seeds.But a problem that he thought of immediately splashed him a pot of cold water.

What if the seed grows up and is the same as before, what should he do if he attracts many animals?

"Xiaoxu, what's wrong? Is there any problem?" When he saw Lu Xuyang frowned, Zhuang Jianguo asked in doubt.

"Oh, Brother Zhuang, do you know what can be isolated from the smell?" Lu Xuyang, who reacted, asked.

"Glass!" Zhuang Jianguo replied without hesitation.

"Yeah, really, why didn't I think of it?" Lu Xuyang suddenly realized.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's appearance, Zhuang Jianguo grinned and said, "You are a fan of the authorities!"

Hearing the words of Zhuang Jianguo, Lu Xuyang also smiled: "I need one to isolate one to isolateI want to do some experiments in any taste. I don't know how long this sealing room takes? "

" This? "Zhuang Jianguo thought.

"Forget it, don't think about it, use the fastest speed, I'm a bit hurry!" Lu Xuyang interrupted Zhuang Jianguo's thoughts a little anxious.

Zhuang Jianguo said nothing, nodded and left!(To be continued..)